[Blog] Premium…?☆

Good evening!



It seems that today,

The world has implemented something like a “Premium Friday”



Somehow just by listening to the name, it really feels special, doesn’t it~?


As for the grown-ups, how have you been spending the day~?


As for me, today I had a recording, an interview and such,

but I was able to finish them a bit earlier than usual

So once I got back home, I organized and tidied up my cosmetics which I’ve always been wanting to do~

I managed to store them thoroughly

I’m satisfied by it

You know, cosmetics, no matter of how many of them you have

you keep wanting to have another one and it keeps increasing, isn’t it~? What a mystery…


My physical condition has also recovered considerably,

that’s why I’ll be more careful than usual

so it won’t turn out like before(^-^)!


And then~ I have a lot of

information for you…



The airing date for “Hinako Matsuri,” a special program for everyone to know more about “Hinako Note,” will be on March 3rd, the same day as Hinamatsuri!

The cast are M・A・O, Ogura Yui, Tojo Hisako, the three of us Not only that, after the special program, it seems there will be an advance airing for the 1st episode~(^O^)! Please watch it by all means♪



Currently, in the popular games titled “Granblue Fantasy” and “Shadowverse” by Cygames, there’s a collaboration event titled “Shadowverse Duelist of Eternity”~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I’m there voicing Luna, so

Everyone, please try to play it, okay~♪ Will you become…Luna’s friends…? laughs


And then,

The information for “KING SUPER LIVE 2017 TRINITY” live goods has been announced~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ The tickets general distribution will start on February 25!!



The live goods mail order for YuiKaori LIVE TOUR “Starlight Link” supported by JOYSOUND has been started~

Because it’s a time-limited order sale, please be careful with the deadline~

The deadline is on February 27, 11:59 JST in the morning(^O^)


It’s quite plenty of information,

were you able to follow all of them~?


There are still some info that I haven’t put in the blog, so please do your best as well to gather the information…(>_<)! laughs


Well then,

good work for today as well(^-^)







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[Blog] Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 4♡

I have an announcement for you

I think there are some people who already know about this, in the movie “Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 4 ‘Shoushitsu’” which will start showing on the  25th, I voiced Bakumon


To be able to take part in Digimon which I love since I was in kindergarten, it feels like a dream for me, and the first time I knew about this, I got panicked, surprised and excited, that I experienced how I couldn’t sleep at all at night laughs


To me who just really reall really really loves Digimon, it’s such a wonderful present, thank you very much! I’m really blessed

In those days where I watched Digimon, I didn’t even think this day would ever come


Also, I’m really happy that I could tell everyone who happily listened to me, when I was talking excitedly by myself about Digimon on the radio and live performances


It’ll start showing tomorrow

Please watch it in the theaters by all means


Okay! I’ll do my best on my work after this, okay


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[Blog] School Girl Strikers Niconama☆

Good evening(^O^)






To everyone who watched tonight’s School Girl Strikers niconama,

thank you very much


Although an hour passed by so quickly,

we were able to talk about the characters and the work also about afureko and such, it was fun~



Because it’s niconama,

I think we were able to deliver it in a slightly different atmosphere from the usual radio show…



Even so, I won’t ever forget about having permed bangs…laughs



To everyone who couldn’t watch it in real time,

please try to use the timeshift, okay


Also, there are a lot of new information

announced for School Girl Strikers!



There are the announcement of the package and collaboration campaign, goods and such, it’s really progressing widely so please support the animation and the game and also the works and the characters from now on as well~









ChanRina~(^ ^)




Thank you for everything, today as well~♪







Well then,







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[Blog] (>_<)☆

Good evening!

Recently, I haven’t been able

to update my blog, I’m really sorry…(>_<)

Although it’s pathetic…

Actually I’ve gotten a bit sick
It was when I had work so I missed my timing to update my blog

Maybe it’s because I let my guard down after the tour has ended… Even though I kept saying “I really need to be more consistent on managing my physical condition…!” I’m really pathetic…

To everyone who was worried about me, and also to everyone who kept on waiting for my update and such, I’m sorry…

But, I’ve been recovering steadily, so please don’t worry about it too much, okay

Also, although it’s a bit late for this,

I’ll upload the photo of everyone

who participated in Onsen’s event several days ago~!

As for myself, I participated

for the new web radio program “Radio Hitotose”

from the TV Animation “Hinako Note

which will start airing in April(^-^)

The afureko for the animation

has already started,

but for the radio program, the corners and recordings are still in the planning phase,

so I’m getting excited of how this radio will be…

Together with Tomita Miyu-chan who voiced Kuina, we will be hosting “Radio Hitotose”

Everyone, by all means

Please look forward

to the airing of the animation as well, okay(^O^)

Also, it’s been announced

on this event as well though…

Actually, on “Hinako Note” stage for Anime Japan this time,

In honor of Hiiragi Mayuki-chan which I’m voicing on…

Surprisingly, it’s been announced that I’ll be wearing a maid uniform~laughs

Actually, it’s my first time

challenging to wear a maid uniform for work…

(I once wore it as a costume together with my friend during Halloween♪ Do you remember about it? Zombie Maid~)

To get it announced like this,

Even I get nervous now, but…

Several days ago I took a measurement for it

and it seems they will make an original design, so I’ll do my best to look cute without breaking the image of Mayuki!

To everyone who will come,

please warmly watch over me and cheer me on, okay~(>_<)!


During the event, when I was taking a selfie…

A suspicious hand appeared…!

“I wonder who it is~?” as I thought that…!


The culprit is…!!

It was Ede-chan~( ´ ▽ ` )ノlaughs

What a mischievious girl

“Ogu-san, Ogu-san”

She kept calling me like that, she’s so cute~, I’m so happy~

It heals me~laughs

I miss the time during Regalia…

Let’s go to eat

Mouko Tanmen again, together with Ayaneru, okay(^O^)laughs


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[Blog] Completely❤︎

I’m sorry I made all of you worry


Thanks to you I’ve completely gotten better, and I’ve started working again since a couple days ago


For plenty of comments, thank you very much

I was a bit down because I couldn’t participate in the niconama, but I get encouraged by everyone’s kindness

Everyone, are your conditions okay~?

Please be careful not to get sick, okay



Even so, today was really warm, wasn’t it?

Somehow, it made me remember of my college’s graduation ceremony.

If I’m not mistaken, the temperature that day was similar to today

It’s been a year, huh… I’m surprised of how time flies by so fast.



The daytime is also getting longer, it makes me really excited as someone who really loves Summer. laughs

I want it to be Spring soon~

Back to topic again, I really wanted to dance “Aozora no Rhapsody” together with the Chorogons~ laughs


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YuiKaori Live Tour 2017 Starlight Link Live Goods Online Order

As per usual, after a live, there is the online live goods ordering for the YuiKaori live. Here it is for this year’s Starlight Link live tour! The site does not deliver overseas, however your next-door proxy service should be able to import these items if you are from overseas. Click read more to find out more about the goods!

If you are already a pro at this, head over to the King shop right away to order!

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Welcome to Seiyuuri 3.0 (We Have More Gay)

Yearly, around the time of our anniversary, we change the site’s layout and change a few things. Here is the one for this year! Sorry it was a bit late. Together with the site’s new layout, we also fixed our navigation panel and simplified everything for everyone to see. It’s been cluttered for the past 2 years and hopefully the new navigation will work better.

Everything is sorted by key categories on the top, and in order to explore series, just click ‘Continue Reading’ on any entry and search through posts via tags!

Together with the new layout, we have also combined the YuiKaori Blog Translations site (MTT) with Seiyuuri. All blogs will be labeled [Blog] in-front of it to discern it from other posts! Meanwhile, we’re looking for contributors who would like to translate other female seiyuu’s blog. Feel free to reach out to us via satsunyan@seiyuuri.com!

We decided to combine the two to make seiyuuri more active with posts and updates. We also have a blog calendar, where all the blogs are plotted on dates they were posted in. Neat, right? 😉 And don’t worry! Old links redirect to their current posts via seiyuuri, so feel free to click them and you’d still arrive to the post you wanted to see.

Since we had to migrate some stuff from another site, some images/links might be broken, so if you find any of them, please do tell us so we can have them fixed!

That’s it for this month’s site update! We hope that you like our new layout. <3

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[Release] What if hearts started popping out behind you?

Finally! We’ve finished this and now we are bringing to you Kumichou’s popular KotoUmi doujin. Sorry to have kept you all waiting (maybe just one year ha ha ha). We hope that you will enjoy this work as much as we enjoyed doing it!

Sorry it’s a bit late, but happy valentines to everyone~

MEGA | Dynasty | Rexbandit | Direct 

This series has a continuation in Kumichou’s pixiv… But we’re contemplating whether if we will do them or not. For now there are no plans of doing them, so if anyone else wants to step up and do it, by all means please do! Do inform us if you do so we can promote it! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

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[Blog] I’m Sorry

Due to bad health, I needed to take a break from the niconama “Chorogons’s Live Broadcasting” episode 4.

I’m sorry to everyone who looked forward to itショボーン


I myself was also looking forward to have a niconama together with the Chorogons, so I’m disappointed that I couldn’t goアセアセ

So today I’ll watch the show at home and cheer them on爆  笑ラブラブ


Everyone, please support “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” broadcast and niconama “Chorogons’s Live Broadcasting” as well, okay爆  笑キラキラキラキラ


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[Blog] Miss Kobayashi❤︎

Tomorrow on the 15th I’ll be appearing on “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” niconama “Chorogons’s Live Broadcasting” episode 4ハートハート

It’ll start broadcasting at 22:00 JST!

Everyone, please watch it by all means, okayラブラブラブ


I love Maid Dragon’s recording site, so I always look forward to the recordingラブラブ

I’m really happy that I could have a niconama together with the people I love!

I’ll be happier if everyone is looking forward to it laughsチョキ

Well then, let’s do our best today as well!



Also, I totally forgot about it though laughs

Everyone, Happy Valentinesハートハート


Source: 小林さん❤︎

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