To the Fans, and to the Staff [YuiKaori Announcement]


To the fans, and to the staff


In order for the further growth of their individual activities, starting from June 30th, 2017, YuiKaori’s musical activities will be on suspension.


7 years since their debut, both of YuiKaori has been getting a lot of support and had a significant growth.

To every fan who has always been supporting us, we are full of gratitude to you.


From now on as well, Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori will continue to devote their selves in their individual activities.

We would be pleased if you could continue to support each of their activities.


From now on as well, please look after Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori.


March 31st, 2017

YuiKaori (Ogura Yui – Ishihara Kaori), King Records


It’s been 7 years since our debut, and 9 years since we first met, YuiKaori has been supported with love, at the same time we have been overcame a lot of hardships together while encouraging each other.
To every fan who has been supporting us up until now, and to the staff from various places, my gratitude is not enough to express my feelings.
This time, starting from June 30th, 2017 YuiKaori will be suspending its musical activities, but from now on as well YuiKaori’s relationships won’t ever change, and I sincerely hope everyone could engrave the existence of “YuiKaori” in your heart.
From now on, we will work harder and take more effort in order to achieve further development as an individual.
I would be glad if everyone could support us from now on as well.

March 31st, 2017 Ogura Yui


Thank you for always supporting us. I apologize for the sudden announcement. YuiKaori will be suspending the musical activities starting from June 30th. To everyone who have been supporting us up until now, please have my gratitude.
It’s been 7 years since YuiKaori has started its activities. There were a lot of happy times, sad times but because of of everyone’s love and support, the two of us were able to continue pushing forward. All of it is an irreplaceable time for me.
I am very happy that I was able to spend my youth as YuiKaori.
I will continue to work harder with my voice acting activities starting from now, moving forward.
I look forward to your continued support.

March 31st, 2017 Ishihara Kaori

Source: YuiKaori Info

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[Release] Aimi and Her Rounded Beloved One

As Seiyuuri celebrates Valentine’s in pure Seiyuu and Yuri style (pun very intended!) We bring you a special video from this year’s Poppin’Radio Special Episode! A cut of the first half’s 10mins telling about Poppin’Party’s aims in 2018 privately, as well as Nishimoto Rimi’s radio corner about her beloved chocolate bread!

But what’s with the title? Well then, you will just have to find out how Aimi shows her love for her rounded Beloved!

Watch the video now!

If you’re more of a youtube person you can catch this video here as well! The youtube video will be available at 22:00JST!

Want more? You may go to BanG Dream!’s Official Youtube Channel and watch the whole video!

Poppin’Party will also be releasing their 9th single “CIRCLiNG” on March 21st, don’t miss the opportunity to grab it off CD Japan and support Seiyuuri!

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[Release] GetsuBushi with BanG Dream! Valentine’s Day!

“I want to have a nice Valentine’s Day too!”

With JJ approaching me for a collab with Popipa’s GetsuBushi, we’ve come to release this first video for Valentine’s Day! You can also come visit JJ Channel for the YT version of this video. Or you may stay and scroll a liiiittle bit lower to check the video on our site! We intend to release more Poppin’Party videos so please stay tuned!

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Aisaka Yuuka to release 1st Album “Okujo no Mannaka de Kimi no Kokoro wa Aoku Kaoru Mama” and 1st One-man Live announced!

With the recent release of her 3rd Single “Hikari, Hikari” that was used as ED song for the TV anime ‘Net-juu no Susume,’ it was quickly that Aisaka Yuuka will be releasing her very first album! The album will have 3 different version releases and will include all her past 3 singles’s A-sides and B-sides! The album will be released on January 31st, 2018!

Limited Edition A
will include all album tracks as well as a Blu-ray CD that contains the full PV for the title song “Shunkan Saidai Me” as well as blu-ray HD release of all her past PVs!

Limited Edition B
will include a photo collection as well as a photobook!

The Regular Edition
will only include the CD and the lyrics booklet.

The title of her album is “Okujo no Mannaka de Kimi no Kokoro wa Aoku Kaoru Mama,” (Lit. In the middle of the rooftop  your heart is fragrant as blue). The space in between ‘Mannaka  de’ notes its English definition of ‘In the middle’ and there having a space in between.


・Shunkan Saidei Me (Lit. Instant Maximum Me) (※Album Title Song)
Lyrics/Composition: Oomori Seiko  Arrangement: Okubo Kaoru
・Toumei na Yozora (Lit. Transparent Night Sky))(※TV Anime Active Raid ED)
Lyrics: Yamamoto Meco Composition/Arrangement: Tokisawa Nao
・ Cerulean Squash(※TV Anime Active Raid Season 2 OP)
Lyrics: Aisaka Yuuka Composition/Arrangement: Tokisawa Nao
Lyrics: Yamamoto Meco Composition/Arrangement: Takumi Masanori
・ Ima wa Koko ni (Lit. Right now, Right here) (※TV Anime Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch II (Handou) Insert Song)
Lyrics: Taniguchi Gorou & Okino Shuntarou  Composition/Arrangement: Okino Shuntaro
・Hisuichou no Sumu Sho (Lit. The Jade Butterfly’s Inhabitants)
Lyrics: Takarano Arika (ALI PROJECT) Composition/Arrangement: Katakura Mikiya (ALI PROJECT)
・Look back
Lyrics: Aisaka Yuuka Composition/Arrangement: Tokisawa Nao
Lyrics: Aisaka Yuuka Composition/Arrangement: Tokisawa Nao
Lyrics: Aisaka Yuuka Composition/Arrangement: Tokisawa Nao
・Anti Geometry
Lyrics: Morinaga Mayumi Composition/Arrangement: Another Infinity
・Prime Point
yrics: Misao Yuki Composition: Shunryuu  Arrangement: Sizuk
・ひかり、ひかり Hikari, Hikari(※TV Anime Net-juu no Susume ED)
Lyrics/Composition: Ozaki Sekaikan (Creepyhyp, Vocalist)

With the release of her 1st album, the lottery code for her 1st one-man live is also included in this album. It will be held on April 5th, 2018 in Zepp DiverCity Tokyo! There are tons of store bonuses from all the usual stores, come check them out here and here!

Source: Flying Dog Inc

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Seiyuuri 4th Anniversary!

With our 4th Anniversary happening last January 14th, we want to lay out what we want to accomplish this year! In 2017, we managed to form a lot of connections, such as the seiyuu fansubbing community. We weren’t able to release a lot of videos last year due to YuiKaori being on hiatus and all staff being down in the dumps, but with a lot of good news and other things coming to us in 2018, please expect more updates this year!

Projects/Things we will be focusing/still focusin on the year 2018!

  • Ogura Yui & Ishihara Kaori (News/Releases/Anime&Game Appearances/Blogs)
  • Revue Starlight Media (Stage Play/Manga/4-Koma/Anime)
  • BanG Dream! Media (Manga/Getsubushi/Seiyuu Interviews (mainly Poppin’ Party)/4-Koma)

With a lot of new addition of seiyuus for us to post updates of, we will be listing our current list. We will still tweet information about them so don’t forget to follow us on twitter!

    • Ogura Yui & Ishihara Kaori
  • Kusuda Aina
  • Nanjou Yoshino
  • Anzai Chika
  • Kurosawa Tomoyo
  • Itou Ayasa
  • Oohashi Ayaka

And the seiyuu we will try to add updates on for this year!

  • Imamura Ayaka
  • Aimi
  • Otsuka Sae
  • Nishimoto Rimi
  • Poppin’Party

And with those layouted for this year. We would also like to mention that we are accepting donations once again with a target of 500USD to be able to renew our website by next year as well as to be able to secure a TLS for a more secured website! Up until now, thank you very much who has continued to support us. Please continue to take care of us in 2018 as well!

With all the news on the side, it’s time for the messages from the Staff who keeps Seiyuuri running.

Hello Everyone, This is Satsunyan.

To think that I would be running a website and to think that it would even reach four years… this is unbelievable! I usually just go into a fandom and lose interest after 1 or 2 years… but with Seiyuuri being 4 years old… that means I’ve been a YuiKaori fan for 4 years (and a Bandori/Popipa fan for 2 years!) Ah… I hope things would continue like this from now on and moving forward. Thank you very much for supporting Seiyuuri, please take care of us in 2018 too!

To Rurei-chan, Thank you very much for always going along with whatever thing I want to do with the site. We are currently both drowning in Princess Principal (You) and BanG Dream! But we still work well together. I’ve said this before, and I will say it again, I’m really glad to have met you 4 years ago and make Seiyuuri together. Let’s have a wonderful 2018 as well! Also, of course, if you want to translate/release anything, don’t hesitate to tell me okay~

To Nick-kun, Thank you very much as well for being willing to work on things that we need help on, like Timing videos, or even typesetting manga. I know I’m very lazy, but I’m trying my best to not be anymore. For following me, and Ojitan, and Seiyuuri up until now, thank you so much!

To our new staff, nacatfan, and our new collaborators, Digiroko and Haxton Fale (from Bunny Scans), thank you very much for agreeing to work with Seiyuu! The year has only started, and I aim to be able to release a lot of things this year in regards to both BanG Dream and Revue Starlight as well as more yuri manga to dish out in the future. Let’s have a great 2018!

I really enjoy doing these things, and albeit I do not get paid to write/translate/post/tweet, just the idea that my words and work goes around (with proper credits please!) and convinces more people to become fans, that is worth all the time given to create things.

Let’s have a blast in 2018!


Hello, Rurei here!

I can’t believe that we actually turn 4. It feels like yesterday we just turned 3. I don’t know what to write so maybe I’ll just turn back to 2017 for a bit.

2017… Many things happened. Going to YuiKaori Live, where you couldn’t actually believe it was the last live before their hiatus. Since then I’ve been in a YuiKaori loss condition for months, while helping Onee-san with the Bandori projects (I’m sorry if I’m kinda slow-responded), throwing my unused money for yuri manga, and basically just…staring at my room’s ceiling. While I know that Yui-chan and Kaori-chan are doing their best on solo works, I really feel bad that for me it feels a bit off. Thanks to the JP fans who said it’s okay to feel like that and welcome me any time when I finally want to go to their concerts and events ;_;

Princess Principal has my biggest gratitude by making me to feel alive once more; I want to say this to the staff if I could. You see, it isn’t easy to make me to buy anime goods up to the Blu-rays, and since I couldn’t go to the events last year, at least I want to support them by buying the goods I could afford. The real event will be held on April 29th, and they might or might not announce something. So until then, please support them by buying the Blu-Rays and DVDs, don’t forget to throw your money for the smartphone game as well! (Direct marketing).

Also thanks to PriPri, I’m currently having my eyes on Imamu a.k.a. Imamura Ayaka, who voiced Ange. This girl needs to appear more. Her voice and acting skill is nice, not to mention her, um, low budget radio program (lol). Sometimes I tweet about it so don’t hesitate to check it. This year, we have Kaori-chan’s solo debut so it seems we will be busy again! I’m looking forward to how it’ll be!


Onee-san, thanks for keeping up with this lazy Ojitan until now! please bear with me this year as well!

Nick, thanks for bearing with us until now. I’m looking forward to work with you this year as well, and please have a nice year (go jump to the Mecca and feel the new world ASAP!).

To all new staff, welcome and let’s have a nice year!

To everyone who has been following us up until now, thank you and please take care of us from now on as well!

Now then, I need to up my game since I’ve been procrastinating on translating blogs… (and sorry for the PriPri rant instead of anniversary talk)


Ah, another year down. Last time I wrote one of these I was still exclusively neck deep in µ’s hell. Since then, I’ve been drowning in their kouhai in Bandori hell. I’m involved in more than just the grunt work of radio garden, now it includes the grunt work of scanlation. We began work on the Bandori 4koma, with the cutest artwork you’ll ever see. In the future, we’ll be continuing with Bandori things and expanding further into Revue Starlight. As always, we’ll be creating another gay-filled year for Seiyuuri.


Hi there!
I’m Alex will be joining Seiyuuri starting this year as Translator and Raw Provider, mainly focusing in material from the Revue Starlight franchise. I’ve been a big fan since attending the first musical, and hope to be able to get a lot of people around the world know about how amazing it is!
I’ve also been a long time follower of Seiyuuri and it’s an honor to be able to join them now.
Happy fourth anniversary!


Please continue to follow us this year as well!

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[Double Release] Happy New Year from Seiyuuri! Please Have a Wanderful Year~

Happy New Year! 2018 is the year of the Dog! I hope everyone has a good and happy year this 2018!

Chapter 6

Direct | Dynasty

Chapter 7

Direct | Dynasty



Toyama Kasumi
Guitarist and vocalist. First year in high school. A girl with an optimistic and positive personality.
Ushigome Rimi
Bassist. She wants to change her timid and shy self.
Ichigaya Arisa
Keyboardist. The pawnshop owner’s granddaughter. She is good at dealing with things, her grades in school are excellent, but, basically, she has a troublesome personality.
Hanazono Tae
Guitarist. A talented guitarist since a young age. She looks cool but also hates to lose.
Yamabuki Saaya
Drummer. While attending school she also helps at her house’s bakery. A loyal daughter with a kind heart.
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Itou Ayasa’s Appearance Schedule Due to Injury

2017, November, 24th

It has been decided that Itou Ayasa will not appear as part of Revue Starlight for the P’s Live! 05 Go! Love&Passion !! event due to the condition of her ankle injury. The other day she had injured her ankle due to a fall. They have planned to adjust the performance to her injury while receiving treatment, however, the doctor deemed the performance to be too difficult and may strain her injury. It was decided that her recovery will be top priority and her appearance for this event has been cancelled.

While watching the status of her ankle’s recovery, her appearances in the following events is now currently tentative

  • December 9th, 2017 – Milky Holmes Concert
  • January 1st ~ 8th, 2018 – Revue Starlight THE LIVE #1 revival
  • January 13th ~14th, 2018 – Garupa Live & Garuparty! in Tokyo!

We sincerely apologize for causing everyone an inconvenience and concern. We appreciate your understanding, thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts.

– Hibiki Corporation


A Message from Itou Ayasa for the P’s Live Concert

I was scheduled to appear for “P’s LIVE! 05 Go! Love&Passion !!” as part of Revue Starlight, but we have decided to cancel it due to my ankle injury.

I’m really sorry for causing trouble for my fans and everyone else involved.

I was really looking forward to this live, but unfortunately I won’t be able to go anymore. I’ll do my best to get well quickly and reappear to everyone at my 100% Starlight.

Please continue to support everyone in Revue Starlight.

– Itou Ayasa


Source: Hibiki, Revue Starlight

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About Cheery Amnesia

Hello everyone, Satsunyan here. As you have noticed, we haven’t been updating about Cheery Amnesia at all but have been posting about 4-Koma BanG Dream. The truth is a lot of things happened so we are handing over the scanlating to Stan Miller They will be able to update everyone faster than we could do with this project. Thank you very much for reading our translations. We enjoyed translating it and hopefully the playful translations would continue with it.


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