Regarding her knee injury – Nanjolno’s Blog Post (2015-04-28)

As we all know, Nanjou Yoshino, was unable to attend all of the overseas live performances of µ’s for Lantis Festival, due to her internal derangement of the knee. However, on a recent blog post, she has given us information on how she’s doing!

Good day, it’s Nanjou!

I assume that everyone already knows already.
Due to my knee injury’s symptoms, I was asked to abstain from doing any vigorous activities in April.
I was asked to take a rest from doing events as well.
Although my knee is not completely healed yet, I am very well in the inside, please don’t worry. (laughs)

I’ve been drinking my medicine, and doing exercises, I am not forcing myself as well,
even though I’m still in the state where I still can’t go out without someone assisting me.

I have already taken a break during April and from hereon, I’ll be doing different events again.
Although I won’t be able to do vigorous performances yet, however, I will be back into doing lives.

First is, fripSide in AFA Thailand, right?
Although NBC-san was anxious about the symptoms as well. Please don’t worry!

I look forward to meeting everyone in various places, once again!

My single goes on sale tomorrow!

Please look at the leaflets as well!

Well then, until next!!!

Welcome back, Nanchan! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Let’s all hope for a quick and a stable completely recovery!

Source: jugem

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