Radio Garden Translations website open!

OPEN okay? not OEPN, I still pity poor staff-san. Nanjolno must’ve laughed at his face. Nonetheless, in celebration to Nontan’s birthday, the website will be opened today! Although there aren’t much content yet, please feel free to visit us whenever you can! Of course, don’t neglect Seiyuuri too for other related news are still going to be here!

A short Q/A!

What’s this new site?
Visit Here!

What’s it for?
It’s for our subtitled Radio Garden releases.

Why does it have to be separated?
Because satsunyan plans to release an influx of videos in the next three months, and she doesn’t want to fill up the whole seiyuuri website with Love Live! Only content, when there are others as well.

Will the video links be public?
. Although Lantis has nothing against about Radio Garden episodes uploaded in YT, we might still get caught because Music START and other songs will still be playing in the episodes. We’re going to be uploading them and unlist them.

Can I donate?
Of course! Although, that doesn’t mean that we would be releasing faster. We’re only two people after all, with a few other hands to help left and right. However, we can assure you that donations will be put to good use!

Are you looking for help?
Subtitle Timers are welcome at the moment! Radio Garden website will be posting a listing on how to apply. (THIS ONE WOULD HELP US RELEASE FASTER huehuehue).

If you have any other questions, comment below!

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