The Wheel of Seiyuu #3: 50 Questions for Nanjou Yoshino


First of all, Happy Birthday, Nanchan! Today, in Japan it’s already 7/12! Nanchan has turned 31 17! Please wish her a happy birthday (お誕生日おめでとう!) over at twitter! Although she’s definitely at her birthday live right now.

The Wheel of Seiyuu is a series of 50-questions by DDNavi for different male and female seiyuu. So far, our friend/s has been translating the other female seiyuu interviews! Visit them for more 50 Questions! If you know someone translates the male seiyuu 50Qs please do send us a message so we can add them here for everyone who would be interested!

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After literal months of procrastinating, I was finally able to finish this 50 Questions for Nanjolno! It was a perfect opportunity to post it today!

Well then, without further ado… off towards the interview!

P.S. I had actually omitted the original Nanjolno photo used for the interview because it’s too small (or I just can’t save the original size/quality rofl)

P.P.S. We also used the template questions already translated by My Story Your Beats, hope you don’t mind!

A 50 question relay series to popular seiyuu, from work related questions to private questions called, “The Wheel of Seiyuu.” The second person we interviewed was Murakawa Rie-san, it was a wild, all over the place, talk, “as expected.” It also received a lot of response.

The third person, as introduced by Murakawa Rie-san, is the voice of Ayase Eri from Love Live, and the vocalist of fripSide, Nanjou Yoshino-san!


01. Please tell us why you decided to become a seiyuu.
I went to training school, then once presented an opportunity for a certain work, I took it.

02. What was your first anime role?
Soul Link’s Sugimoto Aya.

03. Among the many roles you have done so far, is there any character which leaves behind a particularly strong impression?
In terms of character, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes’ Akechi Kokoro, I guess. It was the first time I have ever played such a character that makes a fuss out of everything. (laughs)

04. The character you voice right now and yourself, please tell us similar things between you two.
Right now, it’s Senki Zesshou Symphogear G’s Tsukuyomi Shirabe-chan, our similarities… “Her way of speaking is like of an adult female, and not like of a young girl, but she can say right away what’s on her mind, a straight to the point girl.” At first, I thought that I didn’t have this kind of image, but Symphogear’s original creator Agematsu-san said, “Shirabe fits your image well, Nanjou-san, keep it up!” so I thought, “So I had that kind of image!” It made me happy. (laughs)

05. Of all the characters you’ve voiced up to present, please tell us one scene that is the most impressive for you.
The Love Live character I played, Ayase Eri, had a scene in episode 8 where her motive and complaints were revealed. It was an impressive scene. Upon the start of the anime, the staff-san told me that “The direction of the planning are settled with Nanjou-san’s acting together with the character’s expression.” It left an impression on me.

06. Do you have a seiyuu-san who influenced you to become one?
A seiyuu who affected my job as a seiyuu, in that sense, the person to be up to that level, a person who affected my life would be, Kumai Motoko-san.

07. Do you have a fellow seiyuu who you look up to as a rival or as a goal?
Hm~~~~~ I do have a goal… but it’s a secret!

08. What do you think you would have become if you had not become a seiyuu?
Before I started aiming to become a seiyuu, I’ve always loved to draw, if possible, something related to drawing. Get a part-time in my home town, and then draw as a hobby… or something like that. (laughs)

09. What has been the toughest part about being a seiyuu?
Hm~ the tough things that I recall is… sometimes there are things that are dependent on the schedule. Game recording, live, voice acting, and it continued for a few days. I come home from work, which is the evening and I have to check the lyrics and the script. There were also times when I didn’t have time to memorize the lyrics before recording a song, I had to check it, but if I didn’t sleep well my voice wouldn’t come out. Because I didn’t sleep, my throat wasn’t warmed up properly, however I still had to use it until it became painful, but if I relaxed it, my voice would change then it wouldn’t match the song. I check scripts at night and end up not getting some sleep. Something like that, I wonder, I guess the management of my health? There was a time where it was really difficult.

10. On the other hand, what has been the most satisfying part about being a seiyuu?
“I was able to take part in a wonderful work! I was part of it!” that’s what I thought at the moment. Also “This character, and that character, I didn’t expect them to be voiced by the same person!” It makes me happy when I do characters that have [character] gaps. (laughs)

11. As fripSide’s vocalist and
as a solo singer, please tell us a memory that has left an impression on you.
My in-store performance for the release of my solo album “Katarumoa,” last year, left the most impression in me. For fripSide, it’s the complete opposite. Being comfortable with the audience at the same time, like a team work. It was the best.

12. Do you love to singing?

May it be good or bad, it doesn’t matter! I love it!

13. In the radio programs you have been in, were there any things sent in that left behind an impression?

For topics of mails, there is none. Every time, there are people who send topics to the “(Radio) Personality” corner, and these are easy to discuss. There was one time I absentmindedly chose a mail that I should read. The people doing the radio with me also picked the same mail. “Whoa, this person is amazing!” Such things have happened before.

14. During an act, is there anything which you take particular note about?

There are characters with a similar visual, but have different ways of living. I always try to pull out the differences, even if it’s just a little. Though to some extent, it will only be me who understands these differences (because something like “the characters with a similar visual will have the same voice” often happens…). Like, the way they end their speech, although maybe it’s just for my self-satisfactory. (laughs)

15. Is there a certain type of character that you are better at voicing?

I used to think that I’m good at voicing obedient characters, but lately, I feel like it’s easier for me to voice idiotic little girls instead. I was given the opportunity to play as Hourou Musuko’s Sasa-chan, and I thought that it was really easy to voice her. So those kinds of characters may be my specialty!

16. Please tell us about your goals and dreams as a seiyuu.

Since my activities in the seiyuu industry has become wider recently, to be asked only on what I aim for by just being a seiyuu is a difficult question for me. I think that as long as I’m able to use my voice, and then the people who hears it become happy and energetic, I’ll be happy. Although singing and doing radio activities are okay too… I want to work hard so that more people would say “When I heard Nanjou-san’s voice during that time, I could feel my energy coming up!” and the like.

17. What advice would you give to someone who’s aiming to be a voice actor?

This is the kind of occupation that will use everything in your life as a nourishment. It’s not just the fun things to experience, but also the bad things. You must experience them all.

18. Besides the shows you appear in, are there any other anime you fre
quently watch?
It’s a work from before I made my debut, the anime that made me aim to become a seiyuu is “Card Captor Sakura” I suppose! And then there are many others…

19. With reference to the question above, are there any roles you adore or want to voice?

Well, because of all those characters in that work (and with all of those seniors who voiced them) that’s why it exists, so I don’t have any characters I would like to voice. Instead, as someone who gets a lot of power from those characters and that work, I’d like to say, “Thank you for voicing them!!!” That’s how I feel.

20. As a viewer, what kind of anime do  you like?

Although it’s a genre that I haven’t been able to watch lately, I may like the fantasy ones with a hero, a magician and then they go on an adventure. With a nice story, and the characters are very alive, with a background story that I would yet to see. I love those kinds of works.

21. How were you like as a kid?

I’m a very indoor person, doing nothing else but draw a lot.

22. Please tell us about your favorite book (including manga).
The one that I was given that had a lot of impact in me is the book, “Little Tree.

23. Please tell us about your favorite game.

It’s Final Fantasy IX!

24. Please tell us about your favorite music (album, musicians, etc).

Hmm~~ I can’t choose……!!

27. Please tell us about your favorite movie.

It’s “How to Train Your Dragon!”

26. Please tell us your personal motto.

“God never gives us more than we can handle.”

27. Please tell us about your experiences in sports thus far.

Eh….? Spor… Physical Education, Kaatsu Training, Love Live!

28. Please tell us about the songs you usually sing at karaoke.

I guess Oku Hanako-san’s songs, and w-inds-san’s too.

29. Please tell us about the food you like.

Ramen, Curry.

30. Please tell us about the food you dislike.

Entrails, except Hormon, lamb meat, Escargot…. Although I don’t have a lot of opportunities to eat it, peaches.

31. Please tell us
about the shops you frequent.
Hmm~ The A-net System (Note: Stores such as the clothing stores ZUCCa, TSUMORI CHISATO and others.) types of stores are the ones I probably often go to.

32. Do you have any favorite snacks?

I love baked sweets. Like “financier” for example! Also ROYCE’s chocolate potato chips….! I like dark chocolates as well.

33. Do you drink alcohol? If so, what are your favorite varieties?

I certainly do. I like Umeshu, Makgeolli and cocktails… I’m into sake lately, I hope that I don’t get too into it. (Laughs)

34. What did you do on your latest day off?

It was today (the day this interview was written), I slept until noon, submitted papers, wrote lyrics, ate a meal, then I played with my cat. Later, do the laundry.

35. If you had a weeklong break, what would you do?

I guess I’ll travel, or I’ll go home to my parents’ house!

36. Do you have a hobby you’ve been hooked on to
Recently, I’m into the “Road Movies” application that lets you take videos.

37. Please tell us about the qualif
ications that you possess.
Personal Computer Certificate Rank 1, Kanji Test… I forgot what rank it was already! I’m sure that there are others I have, but right now I can’t remember any! (laughs)

38. What are the things you would like to challenge yourself to do over the next 10 years?

I guess it’s to increase my activities as a solo…

39. What type of men do you like?

Medium build, a cheerful, but also a diligent person, would be great. Also, it would be nice if we had common interests~

40. Which part of the opposite gender’s body catches your eye the most?

Hm….!? Eyes…. No, Arms…. Wrist…?

41. Out of the things you have bought recently, please tell us the most expensive one.

A camera’s lens, I guess?

42. What do you want the most right now?

A lot of time I can spend on traveling!

43. If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only bring one item, what would you bring along?

A ship that would immediately take me back.

44. If you could spend 1 million yen freely, how would you spend it?

I’ll save it for moving houses, then I’ll move! The rest would be spent on coming back to my parent’s house…

45. Do you normally use Twitter? How often do you use it?

I use it. I use it so much that people tell me, “Nanjolno, you can’t live without twitter, huh www” Is that so~? (laughs).

46. Please tell us about the websites you definitely take a look at everyday.

There’s none specifically, I guess.

47. Please say something for your fans.

For always supporting me, thank you very much! In summer, I’ll be in the animes, “Futari wa Milky Holmes” as Akechi Kokoro, “Senki Zesshou Symphogear G” as Tsukuyomi Shirabe, “Recorder and Randsell” as Tetsuya and “Card Fight!! Vanguard” as Tatsunagi Rekka. It would be nice if you could see them~!

48. A question from Murakawa Rie-san, “Even though I’m always so high-tension and not very good at finishing my sentences, if it’s okay with you, will you continue to look after me?”

To actually still be high-tension even in an article–!! (laughs) If you’re alright with me, then by all means set up a plan with me~! (laughs) Let’s have tea again sometime~**

49. Please tell us about the other seiyuu that
you are close to for the next interview.
Next time, to be able to work together in “Hourou Musuko,” we were able to talk a lot and get along better! I would like to pass the baton to “Nanri Yuuka-chan!”

50. Please leave a question behind for the next seiyuu guest.

As you are singing and voice acting, when are the times you feel “Ah, I feel so blessed now”??


That’s it for Nanchan’s 50 Questions! Luckily for everyone curious… Nanri Yuuka’s interview has also been translated here!

It was a nice ride to know more about Nanjolno, she really is an interesting person huh? We’ve actually expressed interest in translating Ookubo Rumi’s 50Qs and Sakura Ayane’s 50Qs! But when will they be done… I wonder!

Until next!

Sources: DDnavi, Nanjou Yoshino’s Official Site (Image)

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