A Notice – Nanjolno’s Blog Post (2015-08-31)

With her agency posting a notice, Nanchan has broken her silence about her true status as well.

It’s been a while. It’s me.

This is about my knee.

Although personally, I really don’t want to disclose it.
Everyone has been worried as to why I won’t take the stage, in order to not let meaningless rumors float, I’d like to talk about the situation now.

The diagnoses is “Partially dislocated kneecap, torn meniscus.” (kneecap subluxation, meniscular tear) Well to put it simply, my kneecap won’t fit and in turn it has damaged my meniscus. This is the status.

A while ago, my knee hurt and I went to the hospital and they told me that my meniscus is damaged. From there, they gave me a supporter, and I’ve started using painkillers and they I asked when I can schedule a surgery.

And then when I went back, they told me to go to a bigger hospital, then from there on, we figured out the source of the damaged meniscus.

The origin is the “partially dislocated kneecap.”
And the most troublesome is that… It’s hereditary. Basically, I was born with it.

I could spend my daily life and do other things normally (now that I think about it again, there were times when it hurt so much…) I thought that my own knee is a bit weird, in a way.
Without knowing it, the situation continued to get worse.

In short, I was born with it, that is the situation.
With that, by the continuous jumping and dancing, and twisting the knee, the kneecap and the meniscus bump into each other, and that’s where the pain starts from.
Upon checking the X-ray the bones have been getting damaged as well.

With that, since I’m born with this. So even if I get a surgery, it won’t completely heal.

For it to not happen again… I need to make changes to the things I do now. I can only do things where my knee won’t be disturbed. It will take a lot of time and effort, basically I need to build up muscle on my waist and ankles, in order to support my knees.

In order for my knees to not get damaged, and for it to not hurt again, I started consulting in a rehabilitation center for a training that I can do. It’s starting to really feel like a real rehabilitation.

I’ve told various places that are related to my job, regarding this.
To everyone who are worried, I’m sorry for all the trouble that I’ve caused.
Especially to NBC-san who assisted me in what to do for the staging and the costume makers as well. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you, you are all very kind…

That’s all I have to say.
With that said, it isn’t something self-healing can cure.

If I keep on pushing myself too hard, it will get worse and the pain will affect my daily life, in the future.

I had to give up stages where I wanted to go on or can’t move as much as I want and anything else, but I will bear all these pain and frustrastions. I am currently in the middle of doing my best to come back.

Soon I will meet everyone in a hall again, since I have a live performance. With there, I want everyone and myself to have fun together. I will do my best everyday.

Little by little, I’ll be able to move on stage again… When I think about it (Personally, my activities weren’t this extreme back then…) I’ll do my best to go to the hospital regularly, as long as you watch over me, I will be happy.

Although, “I can’t take even one step!” That’s not the kind of situation I’m in, so please don’t worry. Although in lives, I can’t run around, and jump if I were to participate in one.

Although I can’t participate in a few ones, if I can participate in one, I will give my all, so please come see me.

My solo live and the fS tour are starting soon as well and I’m looking forward to them.

At any rate, my voice is, without a doubt, in perfect condition.

Well then, that’s it for the situation report.
Let’s meet again~

Source: 今日も良い天気だよ Nanjou Yoshino’s Official Blog

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