Compkuji presents “Ogura Yui Kuji”

Following their YuiKaori Campaign that ended roughly in 24-hours, compkuji now has announced an Ogura Yui kuji. Similar to the YuiKaori Campaign, the rules and how tos are the same. There are also only 10,100 prizes. Will this kuji end within 24-hours as well?

Price: 600yen/draw (without tax)
Duration: January 25th (12:00JST) ~ February 13th (17:00JST)
Delivery: Free shipping, late-March 2017
Total Prizes: 10,100
※ You may draw lots as long as there are remaining stocks.
※ Product design may change without notice.
※ Images and real items may differ slightly.
※ You cannot choose prizes.

What are the prizes?

Prize A: A cute B2 Tapestry♪


Prize B: A really nice acrylic stand for your tables and decorations ♡
Prize C: Different expressions for different small poster tapestries! Size: 100×240mm (Including pipe)

The same as the YuiKaori one, if you win a particular set, you win everything in that particular prize set. We wish the best of luck to all participants!

Source: compkuji

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