CompKuji presents “YuiKaori Kuji”

Lottery, or Kuji (written as 籤 but more commonly just くじ), is now a Japanese norm to leaving the fate of what their customers will get through pure RNG (and frustrations.) Similar to drawing lots, you ‘draw’ and get an item in random, and partnered with the lottery site ‘CompKuji’ a YuiKaori Kuji has been introduced!

It costs 600yen (648yen, if with tax), per draw, costing one 10-draw to be approximately around 6000yen (6480yen), and only 10,100 prizes will be shelled out! The campaign started last January 10th, 2017 (12:00 JST) and will be ending on January 24th, 2017 (17:00JST). Prizes will be shipped around mid-March!

What are the prizes?

Prize A: (1pc) B2 Tapestry that you can hang into your shrines~ ♡
Prize B: (2pc) Acrylic stands to decorate your table with gays!
Prize C: (5 Kinds) Can Badges with different expressions and gays!

Price: 600yen/draw (648yen, with tax)
Duration: January 10th (12:00JST) ~ January 24th (17:00JST)
Delivery: Free shipping, mid-March 2017
Total Prizes: 10,100
※ Product design may change without notice.
※ Images and real items may differ slightly.
※ You cannot choose prizes.


Source: compkuji

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