Welcome to Seiyuuri 3.0 (We Have More Gay)

Yearly, around the time of our anniversary, we change the site’s layout and change a few things. Here is the one for this year! Sorry it was a bit late. Together with the site’s new layout, we also fixed our navigation panel and simplified everything for everyone to see. It’s been cluttered for the past 2 years and hopefully the new navigation will work better.

Everything is sorted by key categories on the top, and in order to explore series, just click ‘Continue Reading’ on any entry and search through posts via tags!

Together with the new layout, we have also combined the YuiKaori Blog Translations site (MTT) with Seiyuuri. All blogs will be labeled [Blog] in-front of it to discern it from other posts! Meanwhile, we’re looking for contributors who would like to translate other female seiyuu’s blog. Feel free to reach out to us via satsunyan@seiyuuri.com!

We decided to combine the two to make seiyuuri more active with posts and updates. We also have a blog calendar, where all the blogs are plotted on dates they were posted in. Neat, right? 😉 And don’t worry! Old links redirect to their current posts via seiyuuri, so feel free to click them and you’d still arrive to the post you wanted to see.

Since we had to migrate some stuff from another site, some images/links might be broken, so if you find any of them, please do tell us so we can have them fixed!

That’s it for this month’s site update! We hope that you like our new layout. <3

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