[Blog] Day 1☆

Good evening(^O^)



thank you for all of the comments yesterday


Well then! It’s already late today,

so I’ll be careful not to make it too long…



Continuing from yesterday, I’ll write about

the circumstances since I arrived


First, I’ve already written

about how I arrived, yesterday…


I had dinner

at my friend’s house where I’ll be staying at


To be able to eat Korean home cooking

which my friend’s mother has made,

I’m very impressed…!


It was really delicious~


It was a bit early

when we had dinner,


so we rested up for a while

and after that, I went shopping to the supermarket together with my friend(^O^)



This one in my hand,

it’s a delicious corn tea?

which I drank over there(^O^)



The supermarket over there,

doesn’t provide plastic bags like in Japan…


The style is that they put the groceries into a cardboard box and take it home…! The state of the cashier is also different with Japan, I could feel the difference in culture~


I bought a lot of things at the supermarket, but I’ll talk about it later if I can write about souvenirs(^-^)


When we got back, we ate the snack we bought from the supermarket while having a chat in my friend’s room~



It’s such a rare opportunity,

so I had some sake

(※Even if I look like this, I’m turning 22 this yearlaughs)


It’s sweet and tasted like normal pineapple juice~ It was delicious!


Also, one thing that made me happy when I found it at the supermarket, it’s this cheese



This one, I bought and ate one back in Guam

and it was really delicious!!

That’s why this time, I’m really glad that by chance I could find it again…!!


I wonder if it’s an American product…

I don’t know which product it was, but I haven’t found one in Japan~(>_<)


And then, my friend and I

have a lot of resemblance, both in hobbies and personalities…


but the one in particular

is that we love cosmetics


Such as the brands we like and color preferences, we’re very similar! At the point where we could talk about cosmetics and make-up nonstop…


When she was in Japan,

We even put our own make up to each other and played together~


There’s that…

And as someone who likes cosmetics, this time my friend arranged me a lot of cosmetic goods as a gift for me~( ;  ; )



Eyeshadow, lip gloss,

hand cream, soap and such


On top of that, the colors

for the eye shadow and lip gloss are really cute…

I really liked it



I’m so happy~



Also… Even after that

there’s another miracle!


Surprisingly, when we talked about cosmetics

The favorite foundation which we recently use…


is the same thing!!!



Lasting Silk UV Foundation No.2 from GIORGIO ARMANI


This is, even the type and color are exactly the same…!


Is there such a thing like this~!?

It’s too amazing……


First of all, this foundation

was a great find even for myself,


And to think we have the same choice from all of the foundation like this…!!


Miracle, fate, coincidence…

I was surprised and a bit scared of it(>_<)laughs




And thus…

Day 1 had ended


Somehow when I wrote it, it ended up becoming long, so I’ll write about Day 2 later!


If I’m too slow on it, it’ll become long and it’s not good, so next time I’ll do my best and try to write it more straightforwardly


Well then, everyone

thank you for reading this long blog until the end


Tomorrow, let’s do our best for the whole day( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Well then,






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