[Blog] Day 2☆

Good evening(^-^)



Today I also finished my work without a hitch~



it’s already late night though…


But today I’m going to continue

the blog I wrote the other day


The petit petit mini home stay

when I went to South Korea to meet my friend

Day 2( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


I stayed for 2 nights and 3 days,

so Day 2 was a special day where I could enjoy the whole day.


We woke up early,

ate my friend’s mother’s breakfast at home…


First, we went to

the Girls College where my friend has been studying at~


Ah, before that

we got tapioca drink which my friend recommended




My friend, she said that she wanted me to see where she has been studying at no matter what, so I came along and looked around a little, I’m surprised of how spacious it was!

It’s currently spring break so no one was there, but how my friend was being proud of the college where she has been studying at, I feel like she’s such a good example as a student or something…

In Japan, I feel like there are some students like her but only a few of them, I received a cultural stimulation!


After that, she brought me

to a town where, in Japan,

the atmosphere is similar to Harajuku or Shibuya,

and ate a food called Carbonara Chicken, which my friend recommended~




It looks like karaage

entangled in the carbonara sauce,

it was a bit spicy

but also really delicious


After we filled our stomachs…

We went back to the town,

and went to a big shopping mall


I was able to shop a lot of things,

my favorite cosmetic goods, clothes and such♪


After a lot of walking we got a bit hungry…

We went to a cafe, and ate cute cakes




These cakes

they’re really cute, aren’t they~

There were plenty of colorful and cute cakes, it made it difficult to choose one~!


It seems, just by choosing a cake

I spent more than 10 minutes, troubled by it…laughs

(I over think it, don’t I)


Not only the appearance,

but it’s also really delicious, you know~♪


With this…

After we went here and there,

Day 2 ended in a flash…!


I ate too much

I felt like my stomach was always about to burst…laughs


Also, during Day 2

We used public buses and subways for the transportation!


Each of them, I thought the system is

really similar to the ones in Japan


But the bus system and operations,

also the manner inside the trains is a bit different, so I also felt some gaps with when I’m in Japan, I felt that it was such a very valuable social experience!




And somehow, on the comments and such,

there are a lot of people

who said that my friend looks like Carrie-san…

Certainly, when I put the heart stamp

their eyebrows and hairstyle really looks alike, don’t they…!! (>_<)laughs



When you told me that, it’s true…!

And I got surprised by itlaughs

But if you put away the heart stamp, they don’t really look alike though~( ´ ▽ ` )ノlaughs


Last is Day 3…!


I only went home on Day 3,

but I’ll write about it on the blog later when I have time(^-^)


Today I’ll end it here~


By the way…

Due to my job, I didn’t realize about it at all

But today was a public holiday, wasn’t it~


How did you spend your holiday?


I think you’ll have to go to school, work, and such starting from tomorrow as well, please do your best~(^O^)







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