[Blog] Girlfriend(♪)☆

Good evening!




Today, I had Girlfriend(♪)

DVD release commemoration event!


To everyone who supported me,

also to everyone who came

Thank you very much(^O^)


As for the host, it was my favorite Gibu-san~




Gibu-san, she’ll have a baby soon

Even though it might have been difficult because her stomach has been so big, she still became a host for this event…

When it was being talked about, and she heard that I’ll be appearing in it, it seems that she asked to do this work by all means…! 



I’m so happy and moved by it…( ;  ; )


Previously, when I had a meal together with Gibu-san and Asumi-san, I thought that the birth was still ahead…

But now, she’s already at the point where it won’t be surprising if the baby was born at any time…Time really flies by fast, doesn’t it?


Anyway, I’m glad that we could finish the event without a hitch today~

For Gibu-san, I hope her baby will be born healthy…

I’m looking forward to it~


As for the event, I was able to talk about myself,

also about Girlfriend, Momoko-chan and such, I’m really happy♪


It was a fun event and everyone get liven up, such a short moment of my life…!!

To everyone who attended the event, did you enjoy it?(^-^)



As for the story on this DVD,

Momoko-chan was chosen as Cinderella and had a big role…It was certainly a Cinderella story, I’m also really happy for it


For Momoko-chan to have a big role like this, it’s also thanks to everyone’s support♪


From now on as well,

please support Girlfriend, also Asahina Momoko-chan, okay(^O^)







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