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Good evening(^-^)


I’m sorry for not updating the blog in a short while…! (>_<)




I was overseas for several days

in private




And my destination was……




It was my first time going to South Korea!!!



On top of that……


I went by myself( ´ ▽ ` )ノ!!!! laughs




…Though, if I only said that

Because of the lack of information, I think there are a lot of people who will be surprised…laughs


This trip, I could fulfill it under various circumstances


First, the reason why I decided to go to South Korea……

It started about half a year ago(^-^)


In a class I took at college

There was a girl who happened to sit next to me

And that girl, she was an exchange student from South Korea, who happened to take the same class…

She took the courage to try to talk to me, who sat next to her(^-^)


And of course because she’s Korean,

she knew nothing about my job and just simply wanted to become friends and talked to me…!


After that, we ate lunch together

And when we talked about various things

I thought that she’s a really good girl, and we thought that we could get along well…

And we hit it off with each other immediately


From there, we often discussed about our classes together,

I taught her a lot about things in Japan, we also talked about the differences of our cultures…

We get along better and better,

and when we realized it, we became an irreplaceable friend to each other


But, that friend

Because she took a year for exchange,

so it was decided that she would come back home in February…!


We met and got along during the second half of the semester,

so I could say it was half a year

Although it feels so fast, we were able to eat meals together, talked about various things, and made a lot of memories…


That friend, before she came back home

she went to the live by my invitation…(YuiKaori Yoyogi 1st Gymnasium)




Next day, she immediately came back home,

I managed to rush before work, and I was able to send her off

At that time, I gave her a board full of our memories together which I made by myself as a surprise…




I was happy that she’s really glad with it…


And at that time as well, I made a promise that next time I’ll go to South Korea! to her

When I asked my manager, about the timing of my schedule,

He made sure that I could go in-between my busy period… I thought that I must go now no matter what! And so it’s decided



That’s why, even though I said it was a trip

I actually went to meet my friend, and I felt anxious because I had to take the airplane all by myself and such…


But when I arrived there, right after I left the airport

My friend and her father

came to pick me up


The place I’m staying over, too, it was my friend’s house, so rather than a trip,

it felt more like a petit petit mini home stay (my naming sense…laughs) or so I thought…laughs


The family over there,

they really welcomed me warmly…

Her mother treated me to a lot of delicious Korean home cooking, her father also picked me up from airport, I’m really indebted to them…I can’t thank them enough…(>_<)!


I was able to experience

a truly valuable and precious time which I won’t ever forget for the rest of my life!!




(On this photo, if you look at it properly…you can also see me in the live goods calendar which I gave her as a presentlaughs She decorated it in her house…!)


My friend who came for exchange,

she really is surprisingly good in JapaneseI can talk to her like I talk to my Japanese friends


But, as for her parents, we had a language barrier, so I studied from book on the plane, I did my best and able to communicate in an awkward Koreanニコニコ




Kamsahamnida (Thank you)


This feeling of gratitude, I hope it would reach them



Somehow today, it became really long

only with the explanations…

So I’ll tell you about the place I went to in South Korea, the food, the things I bought and such little by little from now on


First, before I forget I’ll put this one…




The Korean ice cream which we ate after dinner on the day I arrived




I thought that we have a really similar ice cream in Japan as well, but the part around the cone is softer than the one in Japan…!

It was delicious~


Especially the flavor I ate,

it’s refreshing, like the mix of yogurt and cheese, but also has a rich flavor, you can rarely find this in Japan~ or so I thought(^O^)


The package

also has a character on it, it’s cute isn’t it







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