[Blog] The Joy of Spring

I finally got some free time.

I’m sorry.


It sure is already Spring.

The past two days has had good weather, it was warm too, finally my season has come, it really made me happy laughs!

I love day time and cheerful warm weather, so no matter what happens it’ll be exciting!

Today at my workplace, my bag got stuck in the door and I couldn’t move. I thought about going home with my slippers, a lot of things happened laughs laughs

And with thanks to the Spring as well, I was able to do my work with a lot of vigor today too~

I look forward to tomorrow too~~


How about everyone, have you gotten accustomed to your new lives?


Oh yeah, also!

Today, it was announced, that our live that occurred last February 11th in Yoyogi National Gymnasium, First Gymnasium, “YuiKaori Live Tour “Starlight Link” has announced it’s BD/DVD release and a Best Album “Y&K” has been announced to be on sale on June 21st!

By all means, everyone, please do look forward to it okay?


Source: 春の陽気♡

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