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The truth is…..
















Cut my bangs (laughs laughs)










How is it? 



I’ve somewhat had no bangs for about 2 years,

I was shaken by my unfamiliar self right after I cut my bangs at the beauty parlor laughs

And I get embarrassed at myself who looks younger than before it made me uneasy laughs laughs



but I got tired of long bangs laughs

I’ve pondered it over and over again, do I cut it or do not as I cut it, I don’t regret it laughs!!


Well, I was frightened of myself as I saw my reflection in a shop’s window or a mirror…





But that truth is, I’ve cut it a long time ago, I was excited as I thought of when I would tell all of you, and before I noticed it time has passed already laughs


but thanks to that I’m familiar to how I look now laughs!!




I wonder which one do you all like?




It would be nice if you like both of them~ laughs

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