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Good evening(^O^)



Yesterday, I already informed you on Instagram

That this time, I, Ogura Yui, will do a collaboration with Kentucky Fried Chicken-san…

It was my first time challenging on mini dramas!



 Appearance in “Kentucky What if Theater ‘What if Ogura Yui…'”

★ Will start airing on AbemaTV on April 13!

22:57~ every week

on AbemaTV Channel Anime24



★Check here for more information!






On the mini drama,

I, myself, acted as various characters

with various situations and setting…(>_<)!


To be honest, when I was told about this collaboration,

I thought that it’ll be embarrassing to do a play and to see myself on the screen… and I was worried whether I could really do it or not,


But it’s a collaboration with Kentucky-san which I’ve always liked since a long time And as a mission for my new self… I was delighted and honored to get this chance as a way to open a new path for myself…!


That’s why, although it’s also for myself…

I did my best to try it,

so I’ll be glad if everyone could also look after me warmly and enjoy it


Not only that, there are a lot of media

that published the interview and articles for this collaboration, so please check it as well, okay(^O^)


During the shoot, I was able to wear a lot of costumes…It’s been a while since the last time I wore a uniform and a suit!

Thus, I’ll put the off-shots and such later on


With this collaboration, I hope your Kentucky Life will be even more wonderful…



Please treat me well!






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