[Blog] The Season of Cherry Blossoms☆


Good evening(^O^)


On the metropolitan area, it’s already the best timing to see the cherry blossoms

We could finally feel the sign of Spring, couldn’t we



Recently I’ve been so busy, I’m sorry for not updating the blog and Instagram for a while…!


Not only that, it’s also overlapped with the announcement of  the hiatus of YuiKaori’s musical activities, so I might have made the fans worried(>_<) In such condition, thank you to everyone who gave us a lot of warm words, supporting messages and such!


Regarding of the hiatus,

Honestly, I was really confused myself and even I was bewildered by this… But just like before, it’s not like our relationship will change , and I respected Kaori-chan’s decision, so in the end we took it in a positive way(^-^)


As for me, I will face it earnestly little by little.

So I can face various difficulties and straightly accept it,

try hard and devote myself

to each of my experiences and works

Now I feel that I need to to my best even more!


That’s why, from now on as well

I hope you will keep supporting us just like before! Please treat us well(>_<)!


Also, it’s already April…

I’ve finally became a 4th year in college


This year, if everything goes well, it’ll be my last year as a student!

So I won’t regret it, I’ll devote myself both in my work and studies properly, until the very end(^-^)


And, there are TV animation and radio shows which will start in April one after another!

April 7th (Fri)~ “Hinako Note” as Hiiragi Mayuki

April 14th (Fri)~ “sin Nanatsu no Taizai” as Beelzebub

April 6th (Thu)~ “Hinako Note Radio Hitotose” airing on Thursday every week



There are also TV animation which has been airing since January and reached the last episode, to everyone who have been checking the works which I was in, thank you very much!!(^O^)


Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!2

ハートSchool Girl Strikers AnimationChannel (Namori Mana)

ハートMasamune-kun’s Revenge (Hayase Kinue)

I also appreciate your support for the works and characters from now on as well





Source: 桜の季節☆ 

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