Ogura Yui to release 2nd Album “Cherry Passport” CD Jacket and Tracklist + Store Bonuses

Following the tie-up ending song with the summer anime “Tsurezure Children,” Ogura Yui’s 2nd Album has been announced to be released on July 26th, 2017! We will be updating this page as more news on the tracklist, cover and bonuses are announced. Please check back often!

Cherry Passport

Product Number:KIZC-386~7
*First Press-only Mini Photobook [A] and Three-sided case

Product Number:KIZC-388~9
*First Press-only Mini Photobook [B] and Three-sided case

Product Number:KICS-3496


【CD Content】
01. Platinum Passport
02. High-Touch☆Memory
*TV Anime “Card Fight!! Vanguard G” ED Theme
03. Baby Baby Baby
04. Honey♥Come!!
*TV Anime “Joukamachi no Dandelion” ED Theme
05. Akogare Collection!
06. Enjoy!
07. Dear
*T V Anime “Tsurezure Children” ED Theme
08. Tomorrow
09. Future Strike
*TV Anime “ViVid Strike!” OP Theme
10. Doki Doki Labyrinth
11. Merry de Cherry
12. Everyday☆Happy Day


【BD・DVD Content】

01. Honey♥Come!! (MUSIC VIDEO)
02. High-Touch☆Memory (MUSIC VIDEO)
03. Future Strike (MUSIC VIDEO)
04. Platinum Passport (MUSIC VIDEO)
05. Enjoy! (MUSIC VIDEO “Mobile Phone View”)
06. Happy Strawberry (Dance ver.)
07. Honey♥Come!! (Dance ver.)
08. High-Touch☆Memory (Dance ver.)
09. Future Strike (Lip ver.)
10. Platinum Passport (Dance ver.)

▶Making of Cherry Passport

【Store Bonuses】

Source: Ogura Yui JP

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