[Blog] Announcement for Blog Migration☆

Good evening!



There is an announcement

for everyone who has been reading

this blog(^-^)


Actually, at this moment, I, Ogura Yui’s official blog has moved…!


To everyone who has been reading this blog with pleasure

up until now, thank you very much♪


With Ameba Blog-san,

since I first started using a blog when I was in middle school, I kept writing and put a lot of memories, things, experiences and such

That’s why I feel that they have been looking after me,

as how I grew up…


That’s why, when I look back at that past for a little

I could feel how I grew up

alongside the blog…


I have my gratitude to Ameba Blog-san

which told me the joy and how precious it is to have a blog♪


From now on as well, while being myself like always

So that I could make everyone who read my blog feel happy, enjoy it, or laugh even though just a little, sometimes to overcome the painful things and sad feelings, also difficulties together…


Even though it’s a bit selfishness of mine…laughs,

I hope I can write that kind of blog

while being in my pace from now on as well


I’d like to write

while cherishing each entries(^-^)


Also, with this kind of writing

it’d look like that my blog will end just like this…laughs


To me who spend such hectic days,

the words and messages, also the supports from everyone who stick through this blog has encouraged me,

and became my strength!


To everyone who keep checking without fail, who always put comments, give a lot of likes,

to everyone who visit when they feel like it, to everyone who by chance stumbled upon this blog,

to everyone who only come to see the photos without reading the entries, and such…


People have their own circumstances

And I think this blog exists with those various ways to enjoy it

Whichever the form is, I have my gratitude to everyone who came to this blog even if just a little(^-^)


That’s why from now on as well,

so I can keep writing a blog which everyone could enjoy in your own way,

I need to do my best to update it!!


The address for the new blog

will be this




Please add me as a friend as well♪


Well then, it became quite long

but please look after me from now on as well!




Source: ブログ移行のお知らせ☆ 

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