[Blog] I visited!

Today, I was able to visit Pyxis’s event “Pyxis 2nd Anniversary Party 2017 ~2-sai ni narimashita~”

It was my first time seeing them together, so I was really nervous~ laughs

But the two of them were so cute, they have this pure feeling to them it was wonderful~

I want to meet the two of them again soon~!!

These cuties gave me a lot of energy  (translation 101) (can do =)))

I need to do my best too

…as I said that, it was warm today too, right

Do you all make sure to keep hydrated?

Make sure to take care as to not get sick okay~

It’s our first time to take a photo with all three of us together~

But it was really dark with this lighting… laughs

I’m sorry laughs

Source: 遊びに行ってきました!

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