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Today is warm, isn’t it?

Recently the weather has been unclear by being warm and sometimes cold…


I’ve been going out lightly dressed during cold days, and dressing warmly during warm days

Even though I always check the weather forecast properly~


Well then, I have information for you!


It’s been decided that I’ll appear on China Guangzhou event “MOTTO Anime-Manga-Game-Movie Carnival” in July 28th


Event period: July 28th-29th, 2017 (09:30-17:00)

Venue: Guangzhou Stadium 2nd Gymnasium (China, Guangdong Sheng, Guangzhou Shi, Baiyun Qu)


Homepage (Chinese): http://www.imoduo.com

Advance ticket purchase site (Chinese): https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=550522943779

Inquiry (accepting Japanese): 46436355@qq.com



It’s been a while for an overseas event since the one in Taiwan

It makes me happy~


Recently, I haven’t been going overseas even in private, so I’m really looking forward to it

I want to meet the fans as soon as possible

Everyone, by all means please do come by, okay~



Source: お知らせです♡


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