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Good evening(^-^)



Recently, I’ve been busy

with work and school

so I couldn’t update the blog, I’m sorry…



Today, I finished my work

without a hitch(^-^)





Well then, today was Mother’s Day, right♪



Everyone, were you able to convey your gratitude

to your mother??


I believe that no matter how it is,

we become the way we are now because there is an existence such as a mother.


I think even though we know that we’re indebted to our parents, we don’t usually convey our gratitude.



So the days such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

is a wonderful and important day(^-^)


I think that the person and history behind

this day is really amazing.



Also, as I get older

I feel that the feelings of respect and gratitude towards my mother has been increasing day by day


To raise me up until now, support me,

and always taking care of me,

I’m filled with the feelings more than I can appreciate.



During my junior high and senior high,

I was really busy balancing my work and school, I’m worried and troubled a lot…I cried and got angry, and it often hit Mama…

I think that my troubled feelings got to Mama as well…


But now,


How I could become myself, as Ogura Yui



It’s thanks to Mama who was always by my side the most, think about me, love me,

and raised me like this.



Maybe, if Mama wasn’t here

I think I wouldn’t become the way I am now.



That time, if Mama didn’t say those words.


The one who cheered me up, encouraged me, gave me advice, because she is my mother she could  firmly speak up to me.


If I didn’t have a mother like her,

I thought that I’d stop doing this job since a long time ago.




Before, since I was a child

Everyday I was stuffed with training and cram school, so I wish I could play more. I often wish that I could be more like a normal kid…


But now, all of the things I was able to experience when I was a child, it’s also a fact that all of it is connected to my current self.


My mother, she looked at my potential since I was a child, and she kept supporting me more than anyone else.



Even though it’s obvious,

no matter how sleepy she is, she wakes up earlier than me

she makes me breakfast

she wakes me up, who can’t wake up by myself


When I get back, I have meals,

I could take a bath…



When I’m troubled and have a painful time,

even though I couldn’t take

my mother’s words at that time…

There are a lot of words which came across my mind and saved me

whenever I’m in an important scene after that.



I would rely on Mama,

only when I have a problem which no matter how I think, I could do nothing about it…


To me who always acts strong,

I don’t even show my weakness to my mother, I usually strain myself from her. So I won’t make her worry.


That’s why even now, it’s embarrassing to convey my gratitude face to face

Because I can’t usually tell her about this

I always put it in my blog like this…


But I’m really grateful to Mama.

I can’t thank you enough.


Up to now and starting from now as well,

as my mother, as a human, as a senior of life,

I will always be respecting Mama, I love you!


She’s cute and pretty, even though she’s an airhead

but Mama who I could rely on more than anyone and so dependable is really cool.



From now on,

not only depending on Mama,

but bit by bit as an adult


I’ll be myself, and work hard

for my work and school, okay!






It became so long…


But, to keep reading

about my composed feelings on my blog like this, everyone, thank you very much(>_<)




Starting from tomorrow for a week

I’ll do my best without pushing myself too hard,

but I’ll work hard on everything(^-^)!



I hope everyone

will also have fulfilling days everyday as well…



I’ll cheer you on!



Well then, oyasumeatball(´-`).。oO







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