How to Play: Pretty Plant (Mobile Game) Updated: 6/18/2017

Game Update 6/18/2017:
The game server is currently having problems in regards to new player installations and updates. They are currently implementing new elements to the game. If you have updated the game before the problem, you will be able to get into the game just fine, but you still cannot play the game. The download problem only applies to new player installations. This will be fixed in a patch around next week.

Pretty Plant is a mobile game produced by Tomobako last April 30th for the iOS and May 2nd for Android. In order to download the games, you may follow this android tutorial for QooApp or simply register a Japanese email with your country settings set to Japan for iOS to access the Japanese App Store.

Get the games now! iOS / Android

Pretty Plant is about growing Cocone into Taneco (seedlings) into Conei (buddlings) then into Ohana (Flowers).  You have to grow them into beautiful flowers so you can make them come in contact with each other (fureai) in order to unlock the Ohanas bonds with each other. And in this post, as we stated in this poll, we will be making a tutorial on how to play this cute game that’s simply just relaxing.

Pretty Plant Voice Cast

Churi (CV: Ogura Yui) / Cryuri (CV: Hidaka Rina)
Chidori (CV: Hanamori Yumiri)
Raran (CV: Fujita Saki) / Roses (CV: Ootsubo Yuka)
Anene (CV: Aisaka Yuuka) / Monene (CV: Igarashi Hiromi)
Croa (CV: Uesaka Sumire) / Crim (CV: Misawa Sachika)


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After downloading the game data, it will immediately ask you for your name. It’s changeable so don’t worry about it much.


This is the seed-plot and this is where you plant your taneco.

You will have to indicate the amount of coconectar you’d like to use as formula to create the taneco you will raise. Something like Kancolle’s ship making function.

Once you have planted the Cocone to grow into Taneco, you just simply have to wait for them to finish growing, or you can use the shower to instantly grow them.

You can use them 3 times a day in 30 mins interval so grow as much as you can!

After you have grown the Cocone, they will become those cute Tanecos as you can see there ^ You can tap them and they will immediately be placed into the Planter.


This is the planter menu. In this menu you can change the Temperature Setting, Water Setting and Plant Land Type. Select Confirm on the specific type you want adjusted and wait for the cute animation to see how your Taneco will react to it. You can view the Cultivation History to check which makes them happy.

Make sure to experiment! Sometimes some taneco will grow into a different conei depending on the temperature and water given! Once the heart reaches 100% just long-press the heart and it should grow your taneco into a conei! (Yay!)

However, at this point, you may not have anymore stamina to continue playing. Worry not, there is a way to restore them!

Coco-chan will give you some valuable information.

It’s really useful to replenish every time so you can grow more Cocone! Now that we have a Conei we need to grow them into an Ohana! However, in this stage, you can’t change the plot land anymore, and you will have to entirely rely on changing the temperature and amount of water you give them. And don’t forget skinship!


When you double tap a Conei or an Ohana, they will notice you and let you pat their heads. Make sure to do the amount of pats that will make them happy or you’ll make them sad! Doing skinship spends 1 stamina.


Once you’ve reached 100% Heart to a Conei, you can long-press the heart again to watch them grow into Ohana!

An Ohana is a Flower. This is the last form of your seedling. An Ohana is now ready to go into Storage or in order to increase their Memorial you can fill-up their hearts to 100% and do Heart Share!

Heart Share

Heart Share is where you play with the Ohana as you get closer to them, they show more of their Memorial! To initiate this, at 100% Heart, you long-press it again and it will automatically begin.


Now that we’ve acquainted ourselves on how things generally go from planting to growing them, let’s explore more of the game.



You already know about the Seed-plot and the Planter so let’s head over on to Storage.


Storage is where you can view the Ohana that you currently have in storage. You can tap one of them and return them into the planter or send them out, or do Fureai (Getting Close With Each Other). 

When you tap the “Fureai” button after choosing one Ohana, it shows you two boxes that allows you to choose two to pair with each other.


Doing Fureai lets you view yuri scenarios with the Ohana, that unlocks more for their Memorial. Mix and Pair Ohana to get different scenes! With the mention of Memorial, let’s head next to Memorial. 


The Memorial is where you can see the amount of Taneco, Conei and Ohana you have collected. Tapping on each one also reveals that particular Taneco/Conei/Ohana’s details like what they like and don’t like.

Memorial is where you can view your collection. Next we’ll head over to Coconet.


Coconet is where you can see the current players of Pretty Plant and which Flowers they are currently taking care of.

There is no way to manually find a friend at the moment but we’ll keep you updated! Next, let’s head to the Shop!


The shop has 3 tabs as shown. The items list lets you buy different kinds of items from coconectars to heart gummies, cocotans and stamina drinks etc. The SOL tab is where you pay for real money to get coins in-game. The ‘Others‘ tab lets you view the upgrades. We will try to make a list of the shop items and its effects in the future.

Seed-plot Upgrade – This upgrade lets you multiply how many Cocone you can plant in your seed-plot. Level 15 allows you to plant 12.

Planter Upgrade – This lets you upgrade how many planters you can use. Level 4 lets you use up to 4 planters.

Planter Land Upgrade – This lets you upgrade on how short is the timer until you can change the Plant Land Type for a taneco that’s currently in the planter. Level 4 lets you wait for 10-minutes.

Now that we’re done with the Shop. Let’s go to Profile. 


This is where you can change your name and view your legacy collections! Up next is Achievements!

There are Daily Achievements and Main Achievements. Daily Achievements are something you can do daily to get items, while Main achievements are permanent achievements that can only be done once. We will make a list of achievements in the near future.

And now that we’re done with playing the game, let’s talk about what to do if you have too many cocone. 

Sending Out Cocone

Tap Send Out. 

Once the screen has darken, you can tap to check the Cocone you want removed.

Make sure that you really want to do this cause this is irreversible. 

Now that we’ve covered all of the important parts. Be on your way and cultivate those cute lilies 😉

If you want to post about the game in social media, please use the #プリプラ hashtag to let the developers know how you love their game! Also, don’t forget to follow Tomobako on Twitter and like their Facebook page!

Source: Pretty Plant

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