How To Play “Project Tokyo Dolls”

Update – 7/5/2017 – Added about Class!

Special Note: We will not be translating per chapter mission as to the reddit community ( already has everything covered from here on. We will be leaving the rest of the translations to them, like events and etc.

Project Tokyo Dolls released last June 22nd, 2017. A full-voiced, 3D, Tap Action Mobile Game developed and published by Square Enix in Japan. The game is packed with well-known female seiyuu, an in-depth story and a fun tap action battle system.

DOLLS, is an idol group in Tokyo, Japan. However, unknown to most people, there are monsters that lie between dimensions called “Pygmalion” that haunt the world. These idols, turn into DOLLS, and battle these pygmalion to save the world. DOLLS are girls who sacrificed their memories and expressions of before they become DOLLS to wield the key to their hearts and be able to wear the ‘gear’ to battle pygmalion.

The story starts with DOLLS fan ‘Sakura’ who went to a live performance. Suddenly, the fragments of a butterfly appears before her and the concert was attacked by pygmalions! Attacking Sakura, she was dying as she uttered her final words. “I don’t want to die.”

Exclaiming that she has yet to do anything about her life, a mysterious voice gives her a second chance in life as she becomes DOLL alongside other DOLLS to fight the pygmalion. Weird enough, she is the only DOLL who lost only her memories and not her expressions.

As the game begins, before all of these happened, Sakura bumps into the player (a male by default). You, the player is also going to the DOLLS concert, but you were also attacked by the pygmalion but was saved. In the end you can see the pygmalion and was taken in to act as the ‘Commanding Officer,’ of the DOLLS, the ‘Master’ of the Dolls House (Dormitory) and the ‘Manager’ of the idols.

We will be providing a short tutorial on how to play the game, click that Read More to continue on! Please be warned that the content below contains a lot of images so it may load slowly for some!

The tap action game is simple. As you tap on enemies, the attack prompt appears and the player simple needs to tap it in time with the circle. While the “tutorial” box is on the screen you can practice the timing of each weapon all you want until you get used to it. Take note that the timing for each weapons are different! Default Weapons come with the default card equipped to each doll. 

To use the hammer you have to tap on the enemy then immediately tap and hold until the bar fills in.

As for the Gun the bar moves quickly and at the end of the circle you have to tap multiple times in order for the indicator to reset. It can be difficult at the start but practice makes perfect!

In order to Guard you have to tap your character in time to reduce the damage. The timing differs from each enemies so observe carefully!

You can set out to missions with 3 party members. Two attackers and One support. Role wise, the Support sets up the ‘barrier’ the DOLLS fight in to avoid injuring people. You can Switch with the 1st and 2nd by pressing the lower left button. Be warned that once you press it the attack prompt will immediately appear. You can have a max of 3 switch!! count. You can switch mid combos, so make sure to chain them in order to increase your Burst! 

Burst accumulates faster if you chain more combos. Tapping the burst at the top makes the support summon the keys to unlock the DOLL powers of the 1st and 2nd as they do gay moaning thing and put each other’s keys as they power up.

As specified in the tutorial, while the burst is active, go ham on the screen and tap as much as you can to deal higher damage!

After tutorial you will be made to choose a main girl. Choosing the main girl gives you a free SSR Gacha ticket to this character so choose your main!

After you have chosen your DOLL.

The SSR Ticket will be put into your Present Box so make sure to take it from there! Go to Gacha (ガチャ) and tap to Gacha Ticket (ガチャチケットへ)  The menu will change.

And here you can claim your selected main gril!

With the battle tutorial and main gril selection done, let’s get more into the basic functions of the game! The game collects Memoria (the rainbow crystal thing) this is what a player can collect and save to draw for the gacha box. You need 3000 Memoria for a 10-draw and 300 Memoria for a yolo draw. VP is consumed every time you head out to quests/event quests. Level is for Player Level, and Coins for Leveling your characters.

Present Box  – is where all your login rewards and other rewards go.

Trophy  – Trophy contains Weekly, Daily and Normal quests. If someone still has a complete list of all the trophies, you may send it to us and we can attempt to translate it if no one has yet!

Daily Trophies – The ones you can do everyday and always get rewards for. Click the gallery to view!

Weekly Trophies – Weekly trophies are the ones you can do within the week. They reset on Monday. Click the gallery to view!

Normal Trophies – Normal trophies are trophies you can only clear once. Click the gallery to view!


Shop – Where you can purchase Memoria using real life hard earned money (you can also tap the + button near it at the upper right corner) and other stuff, such as schedule instant finish items, VP restore, feels (to be explained later) etc

Information – contains the game’s latest info.

Friends – is where you add your friends, of course! You can input the ID here and add Satsunyan!

Here is a sample “Pending Friend” Request menu. Don’t accidentally reject your friends~

Schedule – is like what other game’s have as ‘Training’ You can add something to your favorite DOLL’s schedule to increase their ‘Feel’ meter. Each activity increases different meters, so make sure to do which one you want. At the bottom near the ‘Clock’ icon is how long until the specific menu ends. Don’t forget to schedule some activities for when you’re not playing!

Room – Button immediately takes you to your favorite (the girl on the screen) Doll’s Room. Otherwise in order to go to another Doll’s Room…


You have to tap Dolls and choose Girls’ Dormitory.

Don’t let the beautiful art mesmerize you. Tap on the girl’s room you’d like to visit. 

This is the default menu for the Doll’s Room. The heart indicator on the lower right means she is your currently selected Favorite and will be the one appearing on your main menu. You can just tap it again to unfavorite and set someone else. You can also use the Doll Change button on the lower left to change DOLLS easily from this menu. You will also end up on this menu if you change Dolls from here on.

Sub-story consists of the stories you have unlocked about that Specific Doll.

There is a lot to cover! By leveling the character’s “Feel” you regain some of their “Emotions” that they lost upon becoming a DOLL. Meanwhile Memory Recovery is more of a story related unlocking. Cards is when you despair with your Gacha draws by not drawing your favorite girl, the specific card’s story upon level max!

Dress-up is where you can change the outward appearance of your favorite DOLL. Go set your hard-earned cosmetics!

Profile – Let’s you view how much information you have unlocked for your favorite girl. This is also where you can change that DOLL’s title if you have earned more than one through substories!

Class – You can earn a class by leveling a Doll’s feel to level 15 ~ 20. You can change the effect by tapping Change (変更) and choosing the class skill effect you’d like to use. To view the current Class skill equipped, press and hold the blue circle on the lower left to see it.


Feel Injection – This is where you can use the ‘Feel’ you earn every battle end. You use them to level the DOLL’s emotions and earn them little by little. There are four types of Feels. Yellow Feel, Magenta Feel, Cyan Feel and Purple Feel. Each girl has different stats for each color so make sure you want to increase what you want! In addition to that, each substory is unlocked by specific levels of emotions so aim for those! The gallery below has all the description for all the other DOLLS’s Feel so come view it!

Memory Unlock – Memory Unlock is unlocked after clearing the Main Story’s Chapter 3 and Sakura’s First Memory. In order to get a key to unlock your favorite DOLLS Memory. You have to increase their main Emotion (the top most Emotion in their Feel Injection Menu) and get a key to unlock their memories.

Present – This is where you can give presents to your desired DOLLS. Presents increase some emotion meter so use them to increase the emotion you want. Tapping the box on the upper left corner will show you the Rewards List for increasing each Emotion.

Going Back To The Main Menu 

Here are the rest of the translated menu! They are very self explanatory and ran through the main game’s tutorials so we would not expand on them.


Most people here would inquire about Data Transfer. In order to back up your data, you will have to have a Square-Enix Bridge account. You can login on it using a normal Square Enix account if you own one yet. If not, the game will prompt you to register one to backup this game into so you can follow the instructions from there. It becomes English if it detects that you’re in a region that speaks English so don’t worry!

With that, it seems that we have completely covered everything basic about the game. Now go ahead and play! If you have any other questions, come tweet us @seiyuuri in twitter or comment on this blog post!

Have fun~

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  1. Hello! Thank you so much to creating this detailed guide! 🙂

    But I had a problem when logging into the game today. Some error pops up saying the date changed or something and the game would restart. But even after it restarts, it shows the same error. Help please??

    1. Hello there, thanks for enjoying our guide! It’s possible that the game is currently confused as to what current timezone you are residing in. It usually happens to people who is a few hours behind Japan. When it reaches midnight, the game gets confused of the date if it is still yesterday when the game time is supposed to be already the date for tomorrow. You would be unable to login for an hour until the ‘midnight’ passes. To fix this you would have to set your mobile to Japan time (GMT+9:00) or simply wait for your own timezone’s midnight to pass by. Hope this helps!

  2. Is it possible to restart the tutorial? Cause I was doing the tutorial when my friend gave me his account. But his account didn’t finish his tutorial. But when I log into his account, there wasn’t any tutorial.

    1. If you tap the 遊び方 at the right side (below schedules and trophies) you should be able to see the tutorial again.

      1. But is there any way to regain the access of having a SSR of my choice? Cause since the tutorial doesn’t want to activate itself, that would mean I’ve skipped it, right?

        1. Sorry for the late reply! I’m not quite sure. You could go check in the Gacha Ticket section if you have a ticket or not. I’ll try that and see and have an answer for you hopefully within the day.

          1. Hello SantaDes, sorry for getting late to you. I tried ‘not finishing’ the tutorial but every time I log back in it returns me to the last window that I was at so even if I close it on the SSR screen, it brings me back there. Your friend definitely chose an SSR already and it should be in your box. Unfortunately, the only thing to restart it is to uninstall the game and install it again. Hopefully this helps!

    1. We don’t have time to translate the dailies and other trophies as of the moment so please wait a while.

  3. Hello,
    Does this Game appears in a English version ?
    Or only in Japanese ?
    I wanna badly play this Game with Story and all.
    If you don’t know, it’s K.



  4. Thanks for the guide, if there are a second post would you please include this ?
    1.The star rating card system
    2.The things needed to complete the stage, not clearing the stage (can you translate it?)

  5. Hi! Thanks for this guide this helps me a lot

    are you using an emulator ? which one ? the game doesnt seem to work in Memu and Nox so i have to use bluestacks, which freezes the game making it difficult to attack.


    1. Hello, for the tutorial gifs, I did use bluestacks. I played it for a while and didn’t experience any freezing. It might be related to your computers graphics cards and RAM.

  6. Hey thanks for the awesome guide! Really helped me figure out the menu. Appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into it.

    I’ll just second izusa’s request for the ‘completion’ requirements for a stage. Can’t quite figure them out.

    1. Thank you! We’ll try our best to finish the list within the weekend, or until early weekend.

  7. Thank you so much for this detailed guide , it really help me alot , but can you translate the mission 3 star condition.

    1. oh wait , i realised someone asked this question , ill just wait for the update , thanks 🙂

      1. We’ll do our best to complete the requirements per stage within the week. Thanks for waiting!

  8. I am very curious about this, at the shop there is a cart containing weapon and there two item which show three cards and a sword I use my rainbow egg to buy them because it is sort of like upgrade but I didnt notice any difference, can you tell me what the three cards and sword are?

    1. Sorry for the late reply!
      The three cards is to increase your cards inventory, while the sword is to increase your weapons inventory. You have limits for invetories, 200 for cards and 200 for weapons. Please check your Item List to see if the limit has increased from 200 after you purchased.

  9. Just saying, you can change class by leveling up the feel up to I think past 15/16. If you need screenshots just tell me.

    1. We’re glad that you enjoy the guide!
      You can get the presents from monster drops. I haven’t checked which quest usually drop presents, but I did get some from the quests before.

    2. I just checked and you can get the presents by clearing the EX Battle Simulators. It’s on the event page, the pink banner with Pygmalions picture. Check the reward list for the presents you will get! (such as nikuman, dorayaki, parfait, etc)

  10. Thank you so much for this guide
    However, there is still one thing I don’t understand is that my DOLLs look tired after some quest recently and the happy-yellow icons have changed into the sad-green icons.
    What does it mean and how can I change them back?

    1. Thank you for enjoying the guide!
      You can change it by giving them presents. Before, you can get presents from EX-battle but now you can get them from the “Girls Labyrinth” (少女迷宮 on the game). How fast their mood change depends on what items you give them.

      1. Thanks again
        By the way can you make a guide about the DOLLs’ skills someday cuz I don’t understand some of them much.

  11. Thanks again
    Also, what’s a daily quest and how can I do it?
    I saw the trophy that requires completing a daily quest upper grade but I don’t know how

    1. The daily quest is
      – Touch the girl on home screen 10 times
      – Go to My Room
      – Synthesis once
      – Play any quest 3 times

  12. Does anyone know the difference between sword and gun? i know that hammer is for breaking but don’t know what the other 2 does.

    1. Thanks for answering Dawnchaser72’s question!
      afaik, gun gives you more skill SP than hammer and sword, since you can shoot 3 times per turn. Sword has in-between effect from hammer and gun.

  13. Thank you Kiefer for answering my question.
    However, from the information I’ve found on the Internet, the ‘quest’ that u said is called the daily mission trophy, not a quest. The daily quest I’m talking about is said to have its own chapters and can also drop weapons (not the story mode). So if anyone knows where to find the daily quests, plz tell me, I’ll be very appreciated

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I think it’s the daily quest on the Quest page. Click the Quest button and you have Story, Events, and Girls’ Labyrinth. Click the Events, and play whichever you want (You have Feel and Level pot daily), clear the quests until Hard mode (You have Easy, Normal, and Hard Mode).

    1. Sorry for the late reply!
      You can get them via drop. Before, we have a limited time-quest to get stronger weapon, but now we can only get weapons via story and event drops until the next weapon quest.