Nanjou Yoshino releases 3rd Album “Santorowa ∴” Tracklist + CD Jacket

Nanjou Yoshino released her 3rd album today, July 12th, titled “Santorowa∴” The album is titled Santorowa∴ because it is her 3rd album on her 33rd birthday. The title corresponds to the Japanese 三 (san/three), the French Trois (Three) and three dots (∴). Similar to her 2nd album, the album will come with footage of her solo live tour and a special song cover disc. The single will be released in three versions. CD+BD(2-discs), CD+DVD(2-discs) and CD-only.

<First-Press Limited>

(CD+ Special Bonus Cover CD+ Special Bonus Blu-ray×2+32P Photobook)
¥6,000(without tax)





<First-Press Limited>

(CD+ Special Bonus Cover CD+ Special Bonus DVD×2+32P Photobook)
¥5,500(without tax)






<Regular Edition(CD only)>

¥3,000(without tax)








CD Content

01. It’ll be dawn soon.【New Song】
Lyrics・Composition:Kawada Mami Arrangement:Anze Hijiri
02. Hokori no Hana (lit. Flower of Pride)【New Song】
Lyrics:Nanjou Yoshino  Composition・Arrangement:Maruyama Mayuko
03. Your World【New Song】
Lyrics:Nanjou Yoshino  Composition:Shihori  Arrangement:Anze Hijiri
04. Aenakute mo (lit. Even If I Can’t See You)【New Song】
Lyrics・Composition・Arrangement:Oku Hanako
05. Rasen no Haru (lit. Spiral of Spring)【New Song】
Lyrics・Composition・Arrangement:Hashimoto Yukari
06. pledge【New Song】
Lyrics・Composition:Kawada Mami  Arrangement:Iuchi Maiko
07. Zerii na Onna (lit. Jelly Girl)【New Song】
Lyrics:KOTOKO  Composition・Arrangement:Iuchi Maiko
08. OTO【New Song】
Lyrics:Yamamoto Meco Composition・Arrangement:MICHIRU
09. Skip Travel【New Song】
Lyrics:Hata Aki Composition・Arrangement:Kawada Ruka
10. Hikari no Hajimari lit. The Light’s Beginning (TV Anime “Atom the Beginning” Ending Theme)
Lyrics:Nanjou Yoshino  Composition・Arrangement:MICHIRU
11. Latest Page【New Song】
Lyrics・Composition:Shihori  Arrangement:Iuchi Maiko
12. ・R・i・n・g・【New Song】
Lyrics:Nanjou Yoshino  Composition・Arrangement:Maruyama Mayuko

【First Press Limited Content】
● Special Bonus CD:4-track Cover Songs
01. Mirai Yousouzu (Dreams Come True)
 Lyrics・Composition:Yoshida Miwa Arrangement:Osada Naoyuki
02. TRIAL (w-inds)
 Lyrics:shungo.  Composition:Yamaguchi Hiroo  Arrangement:Osada Naoyuki
03. Sora no Shita no Soukanzu (Itou Kanako)
 Lyrics・Composition:Shikura Chiyomaru  Arrangement:Anze Hijiri
04. Hontou wa ne。(Yoriko)
 Lyrics・Composition:Yoriko。  Arrangement:Osada Naoyuki
● Bonus Disc Blu-ray/Bonus Disc DVD(2-discs)
・Nanjou Yoshino LIVE TOUR 2016 “N” supported by d-animestore
<2016.9.19 Pacifico Yokoham Convention Hall>
・Lisani!TV「Nanjou Hitoma ~Z to N no Natsu Yasumi~」
・LisAni!NAVI「Nanjou Hitoma ~Season 3~」All 9-episodes.
● Photobook(32P)

Blu-ray + CD Content

DVD + CD Content

Source: NBC Universal Nanjou Yoshino Official Site


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