[Release] This Otae is not tsundere at all!

4-koma BanG Dream! Chapter 4

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BanG Dream! 4-koma Bandori! is an official 4-koma series by Shiroi Hakuto.


Toyama Kasumi
Guitarist and vocalist. First year in high school. A girl with an optimistic and positive personality.
Ushigome Rimi
Bassist. She wants to change her timid and shy self.
Ichigaya Arisa
Keyboardist. The pawnshop owner’s granddaughter. She is good at dealing with things, her grades in school are excellent, but, basically, she has a troublesome personality.
Hanazono Tae
Guitarist. A talented guitarist since a young age. She looks cool but also hates to lose.
Yamabuki Saaya
Drummer. While attending school she also helps at her house’s bakery. A loyal daughter with a kind heart.

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