[Blog] Glowing Skin Bold Makeup Introduction☆

Good ning-eve!!


Since there are a lot of questions about it,
I’ll introduce the cosmetic items
I used on this photo!!🙆

It might look like codes for men, I’m sorry~😂💦✨


(1st part -lip&eyeshadow-)

  • For the lipstick, I’m only using Dior Addict Lip Tint 771 Natural Berry for the inner part, and shade it off with my finger
  • After that, I put a plenty of KATE’s CC Lip Oil 03 for the out line💋
  • For the eyeshadow, I’m using Visee Riche Glossy Rich Eyes PK-3
    Shade off the bold color on the lower left with your finger to make a gradation
    Overlay it twice
    Put the two colors on the upper row with the brush, lightly overlay it from the top to blend the gradation✨
    Overlay the eyelashes until the edge using the tightening color on the bottom right!
  • Take ADDICTION THE EYESHADOW 092 with your finger, lightly overlay the upper side the lower parts of your eyelids✨


(2nd part -cheek&highlight-)

  • After putting CANMAKE’s Lip&Cheek Gel 06 Foundation, lightly blend them in☝
  • When you’re putting CANMAKE Powder Cheeks PW38, put it while adjusting the shade🙆
  • Lightly take JILLSTUART Blooming Dew Oil in Blush 08 (It’s the limited color for Fall season😊🍁), and on the end put the cheek like you brush it off


(3rd part -primer&foundation-)

  • Paul & Joe Moisturizing Foundation Primer S01
  • RMK Gel Creamy Foundation 101
  • Put them up using beauty blender (wet sponge)✨
  • Blend RMK Glow Stick Foundation on the bridge of your nose and around your eyes with your finger, it could increase the glowing skin effect😳
  • As for NOV Pressed Powder, put the powder in a certain amount
    so it won’t damage the glowing skin effect🙆✨
    By the way, this powder is an item which I use everyday👍

I like Fall Makeup,
so I feel excited every day✨😊

I’ll be glad if this could help you even just a little🙇


Source: ツヤ肌ボルドーメイク紹介☆

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