[Blog] Thank You♡

Everyone, sorry for making you worried yesterday~😣

Thank your for a lot of comments and advices🙇

Thanks to you, the pain on my fingers were lessen when I woke up this morning😂♡


What a relief, really~😣💓💓💓

For a while I thought what will happen to it…

I thought it wouldn’t ever be healed~💦💦



I did things as you advised, such as washing my hand with the coffee powder, and washing them with salad oil and soap… In the end I didn’t know which one worked the most~ laughs

But thanks to you I’m saved and get better like before😆🌸🌸

Really thanks~💕



If your hands get hurt by the green peppers next time, please refer to the other’s comments, okay?✨

And make sure to go to the dermatology laughs!

Speaking of that, I guess I won’t touch green peppers for a while…🙄laughs


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