[Blog] Thank You Very Much!

Today I participated on the event “Grimoire Magic School Festival 3rd Anniversary 2017″~💓💓

To everyone who came, thank you very much✨


This time, the Grimoire event had not only the stage for the cast, but also Grimoire Test, niconama and else, we were able to had a game corner, recital and such😊⭐️


I’m grateful to be able to spend my time together with the Grimoire fans and the other cast this year as well⭐️⭐️

Thank you very much😊

And as for me, I’m really happy that I was able to meet Matsuzawa Chiaki-san after a while❤️




I was sitting right in front of Chiaki-san in the dressing room, I couldn’t stop grinning and I spent a fun time on the dressing room💕

I want to have a work together with her again~❤️

Well then, good night~😴💤💤



Source: ありがとうございました! 

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