Ogura Yui’s Official fanclub now open to pre-registrations!

Announced yesterday from Ogura Yui’s solo radio YuiRoom, her official fans club has been decided! The site will be officially opening on December 2017 and it’s currently taking pre-registrations on the site’s pre-open period of October 9th until November 30th (tentative).

You can check the details of the fans club below.

Annual Fee:
5400yen (tax included)

Pre-Open (Free):
October 8th until November 30th (Tentative)

Official Opening:
December 2017 (Planned)

Fanclub Membership Benefits:

・Membership Card and Member Only Mail Magazine
・Member exclusive events and goods
・Member exclusive site
・Greeting Cards
・Birthday mails

There will also be special items for those who pre-registered! They will be announced at a later time.

※ Currently these are the planned items. They are subject to change in the future.

If you are interested in registering for Yui-chan’s FC and is unsure of Japanese and do not live in Japan, click read more to find out how!

To register to the fc, first you have to click “Sign up” on the upper right corner of the page.

Please note that the email address you will enter will be your login id. You will receive an email after clicking submit to continue on the registration. As for the privacy policy on personal information and terms of use. You may view them here, and use google translate. They are well translated to at least get the gist of it. If you wanted to be clearer on some parts, feel free to comment on this post and we’ll help you out 😀

After receiving the email and clicking the link there. You will be faced with the registration form.

To type in full-width Katakana, make sure your Japanese language keyboard is in “Full-width Katakana.” You might get an error that says “全角カタカナでご入力ください。全角カタカナでご入力ください。” or “Please enter in full-width Katakana.” Please don’t use any alphabet letters or ・or any other foreign characters.

Next is the tricky part. Your home address and telephone number.

You might be thinking “Whoa wait I have none of those I’m not in Japan.” You can use Tenso. It’s a proxy-forwarding service. We know a lot of people using Tenso and has not had any major problems so we recommend it as well. Tenso will give you a phone number and an address that you can use to fill up here. Please know that Tenso is not a free service and anything sent to Tenso will be paid for.

How does Tenso work?
– Because of Japanese only websites, Tenso can take your package for you and then forward it to your address that is outside of Japan. You will have to add your Tenso address using your own name and account (in the site you are purchasing from, i.e. animate, gamers, tsutaya etc) and then send it to the address they provide you.

Please know that we will not give a guide on how to use or register in Tenso. Tenso site is already in English, it is very foreigner friendly.

Next is the birthday, gender part. Very easy, you should know this… or should you… D:

After clicking next, you will be shown to a page that summarizes all your info. Make sure everything is correct and click “登録する” to finish registration or “修正する” to go back and edit.

There! Now you’re finished registering.

As of the moment pre-registrations are free. However, as stated in the membership policy, everyone who pre-registered will be required to pay the annual fee, or the account will be deleted one month after zero payments.

Please make sure that you will only register if you plan to pay the 5400yen (tax included) annual fee!

If you have any other questions, feel free to comment here or poke us in twitter!

After all those registration, you can also get access to the “Fanclub Name Submission” page over here. Since the fans club is still fairly new and does not have a name. They would like pre-registered users to submit in their suggestions.

Submissions until October 31st, 23:59JST

That should be everything for the current content! Please know that we’re not gonna post/translate any of the Member-only content, so make sure to register if you really love Yui-chan. ♥

Source: Ogura Yui Official Fan club


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