[Blog] Information!

As usual, it sure is cold, huh~

I tremble everyday~😂💦

Is everyone’s health okay?✨

Always stay warm!


Well then, I have some information for everyone!


On this wonderful blessed chance, I will be debuting as solo artiste under Pony Canyon in March 2018☺️🌸


The thing that I have been nervous about since a long time ago, the thing that I wanted to tell everyone about, is this ✨


When I first heard about the talks of a solo for me, I was really surprised!

But even now, I still love to sing and dance, and I’ll be happy if I could continue such activities, since it’s an unknown world that I have not experienced yet, I feel a little mixture of mysterious and worried emotions.😊


But when I thought that I’ll be able to have some fun with everyone it made me happy😊💓


Since I’ve been given this chance to have my solo activities, I’ll do my best to be able to make all my fans happy☺️


By all means, please take care of me from now on, too.🌸

Source: お知らせです!

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