[Blog] Karaoke Max

Everyone, good evening!


Thank you very much for all of the comments😆💓

I never thought that I’d get this much comments from everyone, I was surprised😊✨


I read everything, you know?🌸


I’m very happy to see everyone’s thoughts😣💓

Really, thank you very much😣✨✨



Although I will be changing the topic now, tomorrow, I will be appearing in “Karaoke MAX” 🤶🎄


I don’t usually have the opportunity to show everyone my singing in the karaoke so I really look forward to it💕


I heard from Koyama-san that a lot of people will be coming to cheer us on. Thank you very much😣✨


If there are anyone who couldn’t participate in tomorrow’s event, that’s really encouraging😆💕

By all means, please watch over me😍


May it become a wonderful christmas with everyone💕


Tonight in the Ishihara Home, we had some Kaldi’s Umakara Nabe~!

It’s so delicious, everyone at home really loves it!

Isn’t that nice~?😆🌸

I recommend it~😍


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