[Blog] Merry Christmas♡

Yesterday was Karaoke Max🎤~💓

It was reaaaaaaaaaaaaally fun~💕

Did you all have fun as well?✨✨


I sung

– Love Namidairo
– Koibito ga Santa Claus
– Shingo-Mama no OhaRock
– KIRA☆Power

these 4 songs~😍💓


I don’t usually experience singing another people’s songs in front of anyone else, so it was a very valuable experience💕

Everyone I participated with also chose some really interesting songs, time flew past by so quickly~😆✨✨

Everyone who went to Karaoke Max are really warm people so I was able to spend a wonderful christmas😍

Thank you very much💕

May everyone spend a very happy christmas🎄🎁🤶

I uploaded some photos on Twitter as well, so go look at it okay?😍



Today when I woke up early, Mama Santa had delivered my favorite Milfeulle’s from Berne’s. It was on my bed side table~💕

So happy~🌸

I love the milk flavor the most, so I ate it last~😍


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