About Cheery Amnesia

Hello everyone, Satsunyan here. As you have noticed, we haven’t been updating about Cheery Amnesia at all but have been posting about 4-Koma BanG Dream. The truth is a lot of things happened so we are handing over the scanlating to Stan Miller They will be able to update everyone faster than we could do with this project. Thank you very much for reading our translations. We enjoyed translating it and hopefully the playful translations would continue with it.


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Announcement regarding [YuiKaori’s Activities]

As mentioned in a previous post, YuiKaori will be stopping their music activities, and will continuing as solo activities. In light to what our focus for the site, we will still be continuing in releasing YuiKaori things and updates from Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori.

Thank you for your continued support to Seiyuuri. We will do our best to stay on top of things from now on as well. Please look forward to our future releases.


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2017 Goals, Plans, Updates

Hello, everyone! Satsunyan here! We’ve been active with the scanlating business lately and we plan to continue as we press on forward and try to keep our updates and releases as active as we could manage.

As for 2017 Goals, we’ll be announcing the changes with how our twitter and site functions starting this year!

In the present we follow updates for the following artists:

  • Ogura Yui
  • Ishihara Kaori
  • YuiKaori
  • Nanjou Yoshino
  • Kusuda Aina
  • Aisaka Yuuka

And we’d like to add the following artists starting this year!

  • Anzai Chika
  • Kurosawa Tomoyo

With the addition of these two new seiyuu, we’ll also be creating a profile for them, so please stay tuned!

As for the scanlation side:

We plan to release the following in this list. We plan to release them regularly at least twice or thrice a month, or more, hopefully. Speaking of this, we are currently in need of a typesetter/editor for a specific title. You can check more of the requirements here.

On the Drama CDs side:

We’re still on a break from doing any sort of Drama CD Translations, but we’re considering doing “summaries.” We will get back to it one day.

And on the count of Radio Garden:

I’m sure you’re all dying to find the next episode, I’m dying to try and finish it as well but 24mins of radio by myself is agonizingly difficult as of present. I have no reasons for all these delays, so I’m going to extend out to everyone and ask for help. Please stay tuned for an official update from the radio garden site for more details.

That’s it for our short start of the year update!

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2nd Anniversary Project Release: YuiKaori Blog Translations!

As we have stated in our 2016 plans. We planned to bring more YuiKaori and here’s the first step to doing so! We wanted the world to know more about the two of them, what they write about, what they’re into at the moment and stuff like that. In 2015, we’ve done things like Live Reports, and subtitled excerpts from their radio that brings more about their personality and gayness. Realizing that we always read their blog posts but never say anything about it, we talked about why not translate them so others can understand! So here it is!

If we’re going to translate the entries from before, we’re going to talk about it. It will be a challenge but there are a lot of important entries from last year that would be nice if everyone were to read it now in the present. However, we will be prioritizing blogs that are posted this year. We can’t promise when the translated entries will be posted, but just follow the Seiyuuri twitter and you’ll see!



As per usual! The site and theme is new and customized, if you find/see anything broken, please don’t hesitate to tell us!

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Radio Garden Translations website open!

OPEN okay? not OEPN, I still pity poor staff-san. Nanjolno must’ve laughed at his face. Nonetheless, in celebration to Nontan’s birthday, the website will be opened today! Although there aren’t much content yet, please feel free to visit us whenever you can! Of course, don’t neglect Seiyuuri too for other related news are still going to be here!

A short Q/A!

What’s this new site?
Visit Here!

What’s it for?
It’s for our subtitled Radio Garden releases.

Why does it have to be separated?
Because satsunyan plans to release an influx of videos in the next three months, and she doesn’t want to fill up the whole seiyuuri website with Love Live! Only content, when there are others as well.

Will the video links be public?
. Although Lantis has nothing against about Radio Garden episodes uploaded in YT, we might still get caught because Music START and other songs will still be playing in the episodes. We’re going to be uploading them and unlist them.

Can I donate?
Of course! Although, that doesn’t mean that we would be releasing faster. We’re only two people after all, with a few other hands to help left and right. However, we can assure you that donations will be put to good use!

Are you looking for help?
Subtitle Timers are welcome at the moment! Radio Garden website will be posting a listing on how to apply. (THIS ONE WOULD HELP US RELEASE FASTER huehuehue).

If you have any other questions, comment below!

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Transfer Complete (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ dayo!

Hello, everyone!

As you can remember, last April 2nd, 2015, thank you very much to donations, we were able to buy a hosting and domain, and now a site redirect! We’re now known as seiyuuri.com and our previous links “seiyuuri.wordpress.com” will now be redirected onto our new site.

Q: Hm? But, what’s new?
A: As you can see, other than our new domain name, we still haven’t been able to change our theme and layout, for those would take time.

Q: Then why transfer?
A: Because we’ve got a lot of updates in store, and we need the new site in order to post them!

With that said, everyone who has us in their affiliates links, please refresh the link for easier access. We plan to be able to support the website, renew it every year and keep it alive as long as the seiyuu lovers in our hearts still live.

This year is only our second year as seiyuuri, but we probably would not have lasted this long without you guys.

Thanks for all the support, and please take care of us this year as well! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

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[Site News] … What, What is this!?

Hi~! We’ve been a little inactive lately– but what is new!? Well then, let me tell you what is new. *aggressively points to the right side* We’d like to announce our website’s “Update Status” sidebar! You may visit us and wonder when will this release or what we’ll be releasing in a while. It will be updated regularly, like, every 3 days, unless I forgot, whenever I remember and/or update anything from out current projects!

Since we’re kind of a spontaneous group, doing everything (scanlating/subbing/translating etc), I suppose this alerts other scanlating groups too on the short comics that we translate. It has come to our attention that /u/ scans has been working on a few NicoMaki doujins, and I thought that it would help the both of us lessen the work load if they know what short comics we translate since we do NicoMaki translations!

AGAIN, we are not a scanlating group, we do not scanlate full-length doujins. We only scanlate short, fluffy, haksldalsdjd, quality yuri doujins. But more so than often, we do seiyuu radio translations/reports.

With that announcement done, 今日もよろしくです~♪ (Please take care of us from now on too~♪)



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