[Blog] Untitled Puzzle and the Single Cover♪


Good evening~🌙

It’s also been put in Twitter, did you listen to today’s “Ishihara Kaori’s Carry up!?” airing~? 💓

I bet you listened to it, right?☺



Actually on today’s airing, the coupling song “Untitled Puzzle” has been aired for the first time✨✨

How is it~? Did you like it~?😆



“Untitled Puzzle” is cool and a song that is perfect for dancing😊🌸

I personally think that it’s a song which will be enjoyed by everyone during the live!!

I want to show it in front of everyone as soon as possible~☺🌸




Also the single cover has also been revealed☀

It’s like this!!



The first press limited edition💓



The regular edition💓



The title is Blooming Flowers so I’m surrounded by a lot of flowers🌼

The yellow and orange flowers, they’re to express future and hope~🌼



I’m glad to be able to show you this~😆💓

Please look forward to the release date by all means!

There is also the store bonuses announcement✨Check it out, okay!



There will be a new announcement on next week’s radio, maybe~?😊

Please look forward to it, okay😆✨

Well then~ I’ll go and eat ice cream~🍦💓



Source: Untitled Puzzleとジャケ写♪ 


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[Blog] Tsurezure Children’s Event☆

Everyone, good afternoon( ´ ▽ ` )ノ




Yesterday I participated on

Tsurezure Children’s event

Valentine’s Big Evaluation Meeting😊


To everyone who came,

also to everyone who cheered me on,

Thank you very much🙇🏻✨


On the event,

starting from reminiscing talk,

various corners, games,

singing OP&ED and many more…


It’s such an event stage full of smile

which had a marked contents

where you couldn’t help to laugh since the beginning until the end~😊✨



It’s also been a while since I talked about the recording…

And once again I realized how glad I am to be able to voice Ayaka☺


And on this work as well

I was in charge of ED song

so during the live stage of the event

I was also able to sing the song!



The ED song Dear,

In a glimpse, it’s a ballad tune where you can feel the sadness of love,

but actually, there is also a hidden meaning about the importance of meeting people, and how when we meet people we become stronger

It’s that kind of powerful song inside of the sorrowful melancholy🙂



I’ll be happy if this song…

could be always stay somewhere in your hearts☺



Also, the original work of Tsurezure Children

is still continuing,

so there are still a lot of scenes and characters which haven’t been introduced in the anime(^-^)



So please also enjoy the original work

by all means✨



I hope the day where I can voice Ayaka again

will come as soon as possible…♪


Everyone, from now on as well

please cheer me on😊




It’s a series of Ayaneru barging in

when I was taking photos with Inorin~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ





Also, today

I’ll be participating on “Wonder Festival 2018 (Winter)”

at GA Bunko 2018 presenting stage~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I’ll do my very b-eans-est(OvO)!!





To everyone who watched

today’s HugPre! as well, thank you😊


Will Homare be able to overcome her trauma

and go forward…?

Please look forward to the future episodes♪

Please cheer me on from now on as well☺




Source: 徒然チルドレンのイベント☆

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[Blog] Happy Valentine’s♡


Good evening everyone~☺💓

Today is Valentine’s, right!

It’s finally coming~😍✨



Today I got chocolates from my workplace😆🌸🌸




But, I actually forgot it’s Valentine’s until I got the chocolates~😅💦💦

Though I won’t forget about it if it’s a day where girls get chocolates🤔laughs

I forgot at the very day, but recently I bought myself Valentine’s chocolate😍




Läderach chocolate🍫

The nailist who always looked after me told me that it’s delicious, so I bought it~☺💓



I’ve never bought this kind of expensive chocolate before, so I was a bit nervous, but during Valentine’s, there are a lot of special store events being released, and if I let this chance away I won’t be able to get it easily ever again so I did it in a spur~😆💓



It’s so precious I haven’t been able to eat it, so I can’t write my review of how it tastes like😆

But I’m looking forward to eat it~❤

I was able to find a new way to enjoy Valentine’s~✨✨




This was when I was having a chocolate fondue😍

By the way, it’s also made onto this week’s “Ishihara Kaori’s Carry up!?”, we made the show’s hoodie~☀







I was the one who made the design on the back~ C🌞

I combined the ‘C’ from Carry up!? and ☀~🌸

I’ll be wearing it from now on so look forward to the show, okay💓


Source: ハッピーバレンタイン♡ 

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[Blog] AJ Night2018♡

Before I realize it, it’s already February~!!

So fast~😆💕

Recently I had interviews and shooting, I’m living my life to the fullest~☺


I have an announcement for you😆💓

It’s been decided that I’ll be participating on Artist&DJ Fes “AJ Night 2018” which will be held on March 24th😊💕

It’s been a while since my last live so I’m really looking forward to it☺✨

Please cheer me on by all means~😍

I’ll be waiting for you~☺🌸🌸

I’m looking forward to meet you☀☀

I don’t have good photos…😂😂

Too bad😣



Source: AJ Night2018♡

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[Blog] Yesterday was Carry Up!?

Everyone, good day~😊💕

Did you all listen to yesterday and today’s airing of Ishihara Kaori’s Carry up!?🌸

This episode, at the beginning, since it’s near Valentine’s I talked about chocolates, and on I ‘carrie’d the world on my shoulders corner, I learned about Russia!😝🇷🇺

It was quite difficult~laughs

Speaking of that, I remembered that I wanted to participate in this year’s Salon du Chocolat1 but I forgot to go to it~😂😂😂😂😂

I thought of getting healed by plenty of chocolate as I see them… but too bad…

I really wanted to go😣😣😣😣😣

Have you guys gone to it~?😆💓

I’m really interested in Salon du Chocolat but I don’t know much about it, so people who knows about it, please tell me~😆💓

I was eating Sundubu-jjigae2~😍🌸

So delicious~❤❤

Source: 昨日はCarry up!?

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[Blog] Platinum Airline☆Osaka☆


Platinum Airline☆

Osaka Live’s flight has ended without a hitch~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


To everyone who boarded,

also to everyone who cheer me on,

thank you very much~💓



The live this time was really warm, but I also got such a big power~😊

I received the sparkling feelings from everyone, so I was able to perform like that♪



I hope you were able to enjoy it~?


As for me, I’m rea~lly really really enjoyed it☺



The sparkling feelings from everyone,

I’ll be glad if it’ll be your passport

to keep following me from now on as well…☺✨



I’ll do my very b-eans-est(OvO)


Well then,

let’s take a rest properly for today~



Ah, starting from 24:30 JST

there’ll be yui✳︎room’s on-air,

so please listen to it and go to sleep, okay~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ








Source: Platinum Airline☆大阪☆ 

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[Blog] Let’s Keep Warm~☆



The cold days keep continuing, isn’t it~😨


I’m strong against cold,

so today I’m lightly dressed like usual,

but everyone,

please keep yourself warm properly, okay~✨



And to do that,

let’s keep warm

by using this soft, fluffy,

and comfortable blanket from Platinum Airline☆ goods~





I’m good at advertising, aren’t I~?( ´ ▽ ` )ノ laughs


Well, it’s not like

I’m writing it to advertise it, though~☺laughs



By the way, several days ago

I had a shooting during the coldest day of the Heisei era,

but it ended without a hitch🙆🏻


To everyone who cheer me on as well,




Yesterday and today as well, I’ll have a recording for the whole day🎙

Today will be a long day so I need to do my best~💪


Also, tomorrow

will be the Ichinomiya Live of Platinum Airline☆, right?😉



There is a gap since the previous live,

so I’m a bit anxious of some things,

but I have everyone who is waiting and looking forward to it, so…😊 I’ll review it properly

and last is to fully enjoy it~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Please cheer me on, and let’s make it into a wonderful flight😉✈


Well then, I’ll do my very b-eans-est

today as well(OvO)



Source: あったかくいこう〜☆ 

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[Blog] The Cold is Hot☆

Good evening~

Is everyone doing well?

I’ve been busy recently
but I get by everyday, somehow~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


In a natural way,
I was able to spend today
full of feelings of thankfulness 😌

The other day, during the biggest snow fall in Kanto’s History…
I was actually doing a certain photoshoot~☺️


To think that it would be snowing…😨
In the end it changed it into our favor
the photoshoot went well
and everything was alright🙆🏻✨ laughs

Although it was really cold, but I
love snow so instead, I was more hyped up than usual~😊💓


But more than that, the one I’m worried about…
is my photoshoot tomorrow😯!!

We’re supposed to shoot early morning
but I haven’t heard any sort of news about it
even until now…


It’s way too cold so be careful okay☝️✨


I received a warning like that
I was really surprised…😱!


Although I’m strong against the cold…
I was a bit scared by it…😨laughs






But I’m sure it’ll be fine, right?!
I’ve been through up to different coldness in photoshoots up to now…🙄✨


And if it’s needed, I’m sure there are also Staff-san who will take anti-coldness measures…!😊



Also my feelings of not wanting to lose~!

even this time also….

Yui Yui Oohh!! (OvO)!


I guess 😝 laughs


I’m sure everyone is also worried since it’s gonna be cold tomorrow but…


During cold days I say something to go through it
instead of saying “cold” I saw it’s “hot” instead🙂


Especially in the photoshoot site,
in the cold, everyone else is doing their best too
if I was the only one who said “it’s cold~”
I don’t think it’ll be a good thing~😌

That’s why in exchange of “cold” I’ll say “it’s hot” instead
and everyone won’t feel bad
and with the words… maybe they’ll think it’s hot too…?🤔
and such will be an illusion to go through this( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Ever since I was a highschooler
I’ve always done this~😊


I’m not sure how it’ll be useful to everyone, but please do try it out☺️laughs


Well then, I’ll be careful so I don’t catch a cold( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Since I need to be up early tomorrow, and do things
I’ll go to sleep early as well, I guess🙂


Well then everyone,




Source: 寒いは暑い☆

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[Blog] Blooming Flower♡


Everyone, yesterday the snow has fallen, hasn’t it~?😊

I was really surprised by the amount of the falling snow~☺️💓


It’s nice that the weather is clear today😆☀️




Well then~ on “Ishihara Kaori’s Carry up!?” which was on-air yesterday, my debut single “Blooming Flower” was revealed for the first time~💓


Did you already listened to it?☺️🌸


The teaser video has also been revealed, so to everyone who hasn’t listened to it yet, please listen by all means💓




And the info for the coupling so has also been revealed as well😊🌸


The title is “Untitled Puzzle”💕


For more information, please check my homepage~😊


Please take care of me✨✨


I’ll be waiting for your review~😆





Source: Blooming Flower♡


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[Blog] Tomorrow is OhaSta☆

Good evening~



Together with the trump card I like

It’s from the goods of “Platinum Airline☆” live tour

which is currently going on~🃏



It’s been getting cold and warm

the unstable weather has been continuing recently,

how are you doing?


As for me, recently…

I have my thesis to do, the tour has started,

I also have the recording for new season and single production, despite of being busy, I’m spending my days to the fullest~



I also had a recording

for my new single’s song(^-^)



Including the staff,

we made it while sticking around

with various type of sounds…


I wonder how it’ll be completed~🙂



By the way, tomorrow,

I have a photoshoot for the cover

I’m nervous…😳


It’ll be on sale on March 14th!

Please look forward to it☺️



By the way…

Recently I’ve been having a nightmare!

To me who always slept well…😳 (You said it yourself🙆🏻laughs)

So I feel uneasy whenever I’m going to sleep😨





This is a happening…!

An abnormal situation😨!!



As expected,

I need to fix

my rhythm of daily life and eating habits~😥



But I want to sleep when I want,

and I want to eat what I like…

What a difficult problem…🤔



Today when I ate onion rings,

my stomach hurt a bit~😞

But it was delicious😝




Let’s put that aside…(._.)



I thought that you already know about this, but…✨


Tomorrow morning, I’ll be participated

on TX Network’s “OhaSta“…!✨😣



I’m not used to be on TV show…on top of that, a live broadcasting…

I’m really nervous😨so…


Please cheer me on

by all means☺️



It’s on early morning but I’ll do my very b-eans-est~(OvO)


To everyone who can wake up early please watch it by all means~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ




Well then, preparing for the live broadcast

I’ll take a nap until then☺️







Source: 明日はおはスタ☆ 

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