[Blog]Just a Little Bit More☆

Good evening!



Today I had recording

And rehearsal for TV Asahi-Roppongi Hills Summer Festival SUMMER STATION “Coca Cola SUMMER STATION Music Live”

where I’ll be participating in two days~


As for the performance, it’ll be my first time for an outdoor stage… So I thought it’ll be hot, I’m anxious with a lot of things, but…


I hope I could make it into such a wonderful stage which could blow off the heat and the anxiety~!☺️ Or so I thought(>_<)


I’ll do my very b-eans-est!!!(OvO)




SUMMER STAGE is on the same day as my album release date…

When I thought about it, it’ll be just a little bit more

until CherryPass’s release…😳!


I’m nervous…😖


Ah, by the way!

Just now, I already uploaded it on Instagram as well,

Actually starting from today,

it seems that an Ad tralier for CherryPass is running around Tokyo…! So please do find the CherryPass model, okay~☺️❤️




It’s my personal matter though…

Actually, this time! The exam period and release week overlaps… I can’t believe such an emergency has occured…😱😱😱💦💦Hyaaa~~


Even I myself

Think this is hectic…😂laughs


But, the other day

My thesis presentation had already finished, so

I think I’ve overcome one of the difficult tasks~(>_<)✨


But the exam period starts tomorrow,

So today I need to study before I go to sleep, too…😱😱😱😱😱



I’ll do my best!!(^-^)




I need to do my best!!!(^-^)





But, although it’s an exam period

I want to update my blog and Instagram as often as I could since it’s the release week… I hope I could adjust and balance it well, so if you could warmly watch over me…😣


That’s why, by all means,

I’ll be happy if you could spread the album to other people even more☺️✨

I’m waiting for your support m(_ _)m



Well then! Today I hope I won’t swoon

by the sleepiness…(_ _).。o○





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A few days ago, I went to BLACKPINK’s showcase which I’ve always been looking forward to💓


I’ve been supporting them since their debut, so when I was able to see them in person, tears naturally came out♡


Whether it’s the staging, the stage itself, their performance were wonderful, I was swallowed by their world’s view since the very beginning that I couldn’t say anything because I was deeply impressed😭💓💓


I already thought that it’d be a wonderful stage, but I was really happy that I could see them on the stage which is far beyond my imagination!!!



It’s already a while since it’s ended, but I’m still basking in the afterglow of the stage~😂🌸


A woman who could pull both cuteness and coolness really is beautiful…😭💓



I got excited by looking at them on the stage~😭🌸

I really thought that I also need to do my best even more while having fun~😆💓



I want to have a talk about this excitement with someone…laughs

Whenever I remember it, it makes me cry~😭💕



Well then, although I’ll be changing the topic again, recently I ate delicious thing😊



It’s Henri Charpentier’s Petit à Petit✌🏻 I really wanted to eat it so I treated myself💓 It was delicious~😍💕


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[Blog]MonSoni! Episode 5

Good evening everyone~😌🌟

Although yesterday we had hailstorms and heavy rain, I hope you didn’t get hurt.


Contrary to yesterday, today’s weather is really great, wasn’t it?☺️🌸


Today I also had a wonderful day✨


Well then~ MonSoni! Episode 5 has been uploaded~


Have you watched it?👀



In episode 5, Two for all challenged the Music Festival “MonSoni!” stage~😊❤️


Please do see their stage💓


It has nothing to do with it though, but I’m getting hungry~~😂


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[Blog]Treasurable Treasure…?☆


Good evening(^O^)


Today, it’s Ogura Yui’s 5th anniversary…

So I got a lot of congratulatory words from the staff at work and comments from the fans(>_<)


Really, thank you for the polite responses, and so many warm words m(_ _)m✨



Also…with the release date of my album

steadily coming closer, I feel really nervous even now…



That’s why…

Today, it might be a bit different than usual…



Once again, I’ll try to pour my feelings which is as large as my life

Starting from my name, ‘Yui’…😳✨


It might get attentively long…

So, by all means, you’re free

To read it or not…m(_ _)m😣laughs



First, the etymology of my name ‘Yui’, my parents gave me this name with ‘the one and only treasure’✨ as the meaning☺️



Even though it might be only one of me existing,

But as for me, it’s not the only one, but I feel that I’ve found a lot of treasures.



Starting from the people around me who keep supporting me, my family, best friends, and a lot of staff and the other casts…

The works and characters I meet every day…Also the fans who keep cheering me on…✨


To meet all of them,

For me it’s an important and precious treasure more than anything

It’s an existence which I love forever and ever, or so I thought😊


Also, to be able to be immersed

in a wonderful feeling like this, and to be able to meet wonderful people like this, I honestly feel happy…



That’s why, even me, to be loved, longed, needed and treasured by everyone…✨



On the next day, and the days following it

I hope I could keep being myself

While facing towards the changes to myself,

And keep being careful so I could improve more!


What kind of thing

Is your treasure??☺️


Also, from now on as well

I’ll carve it in a note deep inside of my heart so I wouldn’t ever forget about what I’m feeling now, so when I’m feeling discouraged and broken, I could endure it by rereading this feeling every time…

So that I could have that kind of strong will and belief, and I could keep facing it from now on as well…



Also, so that a lot of people around me

Could spend wonderful days even more…


I really hope for it from the bottom of my heart…(^-^)




When I think about it…This world,

As the opposite from the majority which exists from facts, the other part exists without any basis, created from an absolute miracle which couldn’t be explained, or so I thought



That’s why there is no absolute right answer for anything

And no one knows which one is the right thing, and which path is the right one.



But, I think it is okay to be like that!



That’s why, we, as humans

We spend our days losing ourselves, exploring things, facing a lot of hardships, and a new history is born again…


We are all born from the repetition of the era…


That’s why, things such as meanings and reasons might not exist, or so I thought.

A Paradox… 🙄



The important thing is, even if it’s not a belief, but you still could cherish what you feel and sense, to believe and keep on moving forward, I think it’s something we could only do now, isn’t it?(^-^)






…And so, somehow…When I realize it



It became such a splendid content…😣💦laughs

I’m sorry if it makes you creeped out instead! …💦laughs



But, this is neither a lie nor a joke,

Every day, I sometimes think about it, that this world is irrational, such things crossed my mind… (Bitter laughs)

And today, I tried to put those feelings into words☺️




With that…

It became such a puzzling…? Blog which is different than usual, thank you to everyone who stayed with me until this part (>_<)✨laughs




Let’s do our best

Tomorrow as well, okay~😊








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[Blog]I Did it After a While!

It’s a good weather today as well, isn’t it~?😊☀️


It’s too hot that I’m sweating so much💦

No matter how much I drink, I still end up becoming sweaty~


By the way, currently there are 3 consecutive holidays, right?☺️💓

How do you spend your holidays~~?


As for me, I played Monster Strike together with my family after a while~~☺️💕



As expected, doing it in multiplayer is fun😃✨

I’m doing my best because it’s currently having a collaboration with “Fullmetal Alchemist”~!



Speaking of that, I couldn’t get Shion-chan and Two for all…


I really want them😭😭


I took a selfie after a while laughs

I’d be glad if you liked it~😽💓💓


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Good evening(^O^)


I’m sorry for always

updating at late night…🙇


Even though today was really hot for the whole day,

How did you spend your day?☺️


By the way, about the PowerPoint

for my thesis presentation

which I was struggling on the other day… I finished it, and now I’m adjusting it for presentation! (^-^)


It’ll be the exam period soon,

So I still have to do my reports and tests!

I need to be careful not only on my work, but also with my studies as well…!😱💦💦


By the way☺️

Carrie-san had also put it on her blog, recently we went for a meal together after work~♪



When I was thinking of where we should go,

I remembered that there was one place which Carrie-san really wanted to go to, since quite a while ago,

So I thought it’d be nice if this time we go there…✨


And when I suggested it to Carrie-san,

I’m glad that she was really happy by that~☺️💓


It’s been a while since it’s only the two of us, we talked a lot~

So time passed by really quickly…!!


We were laughing all the time

It was interesting…☺️✨laughs


From now on, when it’s convenient for both of us

We could meet each other in private, so to make it up to now as well, I hope we could play and do things together~💓


Just as I expected, no matter what we’ve become,

YuiKaori is eternal,

Though it’s a bit weird if we said it by ourselves…

I thought that we’re important existence to each other,

and also the best partners(^-^)✨


That’s why, from now on as well, I hope we could continue this great relationship…☺️💓



Also, for all of you

Don’t you have 3 consecutive holidays or something starting from today, if I’m not mistaken~??


Please, by all means, enjoy the things you couldn’t usually do, recharge your energy, and spend your nice holidays, okay☺️









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[Blog]Portable Audio Fes 2017

Everyone, thanks for your good work✨


Today I participated in the Portable Audio Festival 2017 for a special talk stage~~😊❤️

Thank you to everyone who came by to the stage even during this hot day✨

It was only for a short time, but were you able to enjoy today’s event?☺️

I was happy that I could meet everyone after a while😍



This time there was a collaboration for Portable Audio Fes and Project Tokyo Dolls, so we tried to put Skullcandy’s headphone and play the game, we were able to immersed into the game’s world view even more by the vibration and impact of the sound~!!


It was a wonderful headphone~~😆💕



As for the game, the Portable Audio Festival 2017 and Project Tokyo Dolls collaboration event is also currently going on~~!

They said you could get the headphones quite easily…!👀

Please do play it, okay~~❤️


Ah~~~ I’m really comfortable with everyone in Team A~🙈💓

I want to meet Lynn-chan and Kaede-chan again as soon as possible~😆💓




Well then~!

Everyone, please stay hydrated, okay~☺️

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Good evening☺️



This photo,

it’s from Seiyuu Grandprix off-shot✨


Well then, today

the video from Gangan GA Channel,

when I went to FujiQ Highland together with ChanRina has been uploaded~😊💓




It’s for Gangan GA Channel’s challenge project

since we won the challenge,

so as a present…😭✨


This time, we were able to go

to FujiQ Highland for work!!💓💓


At first,

we only said that both of us want to go to FujiQ as a joke…


But starting from Gangan GA Channel staff

also our managers

It seems all of them kept promoting this project…✨


So when the shooting has been decided,

We were really happy, we hopped like we’re flying fishes😊laughs


Usually, both of us are busy

so we couldn’t really go this far

We couldn’t even go to play somewhere


So I really want to say my gratitude to the staff

who made this project out of our impulsive words…🙇✨


So, I was rea~lly looking forward

since this project has been decided, it was half a year ago…

Even though my schedule crushed me mentally and physically, I was able to do my best on my work and such for the sake of this location shoot! (Am I exaggerating it?😊laughs)



ChanRina and I,

are really strong with thrill rides…!😳


This time in FujiQ Highland

・Ee janai ka

We rode them almost continually without any breaks…🙄

We weren’t even scared, contrarily, we had mu~ch fun✨

Even though we rode the rides, we didn’t scream, but we kept laughing☺️💓laughs


That’s why, when the people around us

were shrieking

We felt it’s weird, even though the rides are fun☺️


We kept cackling, that the adults around us

got influenced by us as well☺️👍✨laughs


Everyone, do you like

thrill rides~??☺️


Next time,

I hope I could go there again in private💓



Also! In Photogenic Digital

which will be on sale on the 20th

I will be on the front cover,

the package has been revealed…✨



This time, they put the photos

which reflected the image of the songs from my second album

Cherry Passport which will be on sale on July 26th✨


Everyone, please look forward

to this release date as well~😊



And so… Today

From now, I need to make a lot of things for my thesis presentation~~😨

If there is anyone who currently on the 4th year as I do, let’s do our best together!!😂✨


PowerPoint is difficult…😢

I’ll do my very b-eans-est!! (OvO)




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[Blog]My Wish Comes True♡

Today after work, I went for a meal together with Yui-chan~☺️💕💕

The place is the Churrasco1 which I’ve been wanting to go~🍖

Actually, I’ve been wanting to go there since 4 years ago, but I haven’t been able to go since then~✨✨

I’m so happy~ My wish came true🌟

Yui-chan remembered that I’ve always wanted to go here~🙈



She took my photo~☺️💓

To be able to eat Churrasco with various meat and salad, I was really happy😊

But more than that, we were able to talk a lot after a while, it was fun~😍✌🏻️


We kept talking like a machine gun without stopping even once!

Time passed by so quickly~🌸

First of all, it’s nice that both of us looked fine~☺️✨



I want to meet her again as soon as possible~😆🌸


By the way, I think there are a lot of people who already knew about it, but I was interviewed by The Television💕

It’s been a while since I’ve been interviewed, it was fun!


I was able to talk about various things I haven’t talked to anyone until now, such as my thoughts!

I really have my gratitude, to be able to have a chance to talk about it😍💕

I’d be glad if a lot of people read it~😃✨


Source: 念願叶う♡

  1. Churrasco is a Portuguese and Spanish term referring to beef or grilled meat more generally, differing across Latin America and Europe, but a prominent feature in the cuisines of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and other Latin American countries. (Wikipedia)
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Good evening(^O^)




Everyone, have you already checked the magazine

My Girl which has been on sale today~??☺️✨



On this time’s My Girl,

actually, we used the situation which I’ve always been admired for a long time…✨



How should I explain it… 🤔And if I should say it!


It has a bit of transparency of ennui (AnniYui…😳laughs)…

Even the makeup, for me who is really into Matte skin

I used shiny skin! And my hairstyle, too,

they made my unbreakable bangs a bit unarranged (😨!), they set it into a wet hair and such…✨laughs


I was able to challenge the wonderful situation which I usually wasn’t able to try,

so I’d be glad if you could see it~☺️



Also, it’s a bit late for this, but… Once again! Here is the information of TV animation which started on July which I’m appearing on♪

•”HinaLogic” as Kiritani Karin

•”Hajimete no Gal” as Fujinoki Nene

•”Tsurezure Children” as Kamine Ayaka

•”Teekyuu 9th season” as Tomarin


It has different style on each works,

and they’re really such wonderful works…✨

I’m really happy that I’m able to act various roles☺️



please do watch every week without missing it, okay~(^O^)







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