[Blog] The 4th Kantai Collection Naval Review☆

Good evening~ (^-^)


I participated in the “4th “Kantai Collection” Naval Review!


It’s actually my first Naval Review!


I was nervous, but I was observed and taken care of by all these admirals, I was able to finish my duties without problems, I’m really happy~ ✨


to the admirals who supported and hurried to to the event, thank you very much❤️


In this one, I played as Amatsukaze, Taigei/Ryuuhou

I-26 and such~


In Kancolle, one person voices a lot of characters, so today there were plenty of ship girls, right?😳


Today there were many appearances but,

there really is just many…✨!


And behind the scenes,

since there were a lot of members I am close with, I was able to converse with everyone
and we were able to laugh at a lot of pointless stuff, it was really fun~ ☺️💓


My outfit was like this.

It’s a blue one piece dress…!


It’s main charm point is the large flower necklace( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


As expected, no matter how much I wear it,

Blue always gives a refreshing feeling…😳


Also, I uploaded this in instagram too,

in a main part’s corner, I took up the challenge to cosplay Taigei-chan!


Well~~ At first I was a little embarrassed but…💦


It’s something that I don’t usually get to do, it seems like it will be a good memory…☺️laughs


From now on too,

please take care of kancolle and my characters, okay? Admiral-san😊


Well then, today I’ll take it

easy and relax!




Source: 第肆回観艦式☆

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[Blog] Matching~☆

Good evening(^-^)
The refreshing days keeps going recently
You can feel the Fall season coming little by little, right

Especially during the transition of the seasons,
It becomes easier for the balance of your health to collapse, so I want to keep spending my days while watching over my health thoroughly

This if an off-shot from YuiColle serialization
for SeiGura-san which is currently on sale😊

I’ll put the selfie spam~📸

For this serialization,
It’s a ‘Fall is a nice season for sport’!
So I introduced how to do stretching…

They put a quite shocking…😳!?
photos of my split beaver and Y-balance so please do check it, okay~(^-^)


By the way~ Actually the other day, you see,
I could finally went to eat hamburger together with Carrie-san

My beloved hamburger

Carrie-san also said that it’s delicious, she was so excited it made me happy~

It was a bit late for this,
but we bought a matching lipstick
as our birthday present


It’s Dior’s latest product~

It has a really good coloring
And the color is long-lasting, it’s perfect


Both of us bought no.442
It’s a coral-like red color which is really easy to use
so I feel that it’ll become my favorite at once

I hope we can eat
hamburger together again someday~



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[Blog] Thank You♡

Everyone, sorry for making you worried yesterday~😣

Thank your for a lot of comments and advices🙇

Thanks to you, the pain on my fingers were lessen when I woke up this morning😂♡


What a relief, really~😣💓💓💓

For a while I thought what will happen to it…

I thought it wouldn’t ever be healed~💦💦



I did things as you advised, such as washing my hand with the coffee powder, and washing them with salad oil and soap… In the end I didn’t know which one worked the most~ laughs

But thanks to you I’m saved and get better like before😆🌸🌸

Really thanks~💕



If your hands get hurt by the green peppers next time, please refer to the other’s comments, okay?✨

And make sure to go to the dermatology laughs!

Speaking of that, I guess I won’t touch green peppers for a while…🙄laughs


Source: ありがとう♡ 

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[Blog] Help me~ㅜㅜ


Good evening🌟

Today was hot as well, wasn’t it~?☺️💓

Yesterday I was impressed by the beautiful rainbow and sunset ✨

Did you see the sunset~?✨

The clouds and sky were illuminated by the sunset, it’s really fantastic~😊💕



Rather than that, everyone please help me~💦💦

Today I was helping my mom to make a dinner so I cut and threw away green peppers’ seeds, and since than both of my thumbs, index fingers, and middle fingers keep stinging and it really hurts, how do I fix it?😭😭😭



I washed my hands several times, I tried to take a bath, cool it off with ice, I even searched on the internet, mixed olive oil and sugar and washed my hand with it…But it didn’t work at all😂

If there is one of you who read this blog, who knows well about green peppers and have experienced similar thing, please tell me about it~😭

I wonder if it’ll heal over time…?😵

Or won’t it be healed anymore~?😭😭😭




Everyone, I’m counting on you~😭


Source: 助けて~ㅜㅜ



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[Blog] Glowing Skin Bold Makeup Introduction☆

Good ning-eve!!


Since there are a lot of questions about it,
I’ll introduce the cosmetic items
I used on this photo!!🙆

It might look like codes for men, I’m sorry~😂💦✨


(1st part -lip&eyeshadow-)

  • For the lipstick, I’m only using Dior Addict Lip Tint 771 Natural Berry for the inner part, and shade it off with my finger
  • After that, I put a plenty of KATE’s CC Lip Oil 03 for the out line💋
  • For the eyeshadow, I’m using Visee Riche Glossy Rich Eyes PK-3
    Shade off the bold color on the lower left with your finger to make a gradation
    Overlay it twice
    Put the two colors on the upper row with the brush, lightly overlay it from the top to blend the gradation✨
    Overlay the eyelashes until the edge using the tightening color on the bottom right!
  • Take ADDICTION THE EYESHADOW 092 with your finger, lightly overlay the upper side the lower parts of your eyelids✨


(2nd part -cheek&highlight-)

  • After putting CANMAKE’s Lip&Cheek Gel 06 Foundation, lightly blend them in☝
  • When you’re putting CANMAKE Powder Cheeks PW38, put it while adjusting the shade🙆
  • Lightly take JILLSTUART Blooming Dew Oil in Blush 08 (It’s the limited color for Fall season😊🍁), and on the end put the cheek like you brush it off


(3rd part -primer&foundation-)

  • Paul & Joe Moisturizing Foundation Primer S01
  • RMK Gel Creamy Foundation 101
  • Put them up using beauty blender (wet sponge)✨
  • Blend RMK Glow Stick Foundation on the bridge of your nose and around your eyes with your finger, it could increase the glowing skin effect😳
  • As for NOV Pressed Powder, put the powder in a certain amount
    so it won’t damage the glowing skin effect🙆✨
    By the way, this powder is an item which I use everyday👍

I like Fall Makeup,
so I feel excited every day✨😊

I’ll be glad if this could help you even just a little🙇


Source: ツヤ肌ボルドーメイク紹介☆

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[Blog] Apple Pie♡

Good Afternoon!

Today is raining huh~☔️

Since it was raining, I thought it’d be cold so I wore thick clothing but unexpectedly, it’s actually hot and humid😭

I wore the wrong clothes~

Noooo~~ ㅜㅜ


It’s so hot~😵

It’s been a while since I last wrote about it, but the other day I went to Starbucks~😆✨

It might be wrong, but it’s been about a year since I last ate apple pie~🍎🍰

It was delicious~🤤

Of course the apple is delicious, as well as the crust too, it’s too delicious🙈💓

As for me, apple pie feels like an Autumn food, what about everyone else? ✨

It was so delicious~💓💓

Starting September 15th, they’ll be selling a Hojicha Cream Frapuccino with Caramel Sauce~😆✨✨

I don’t usually order frapuccinos, but since I love Hojicha I’m looking forward to it even now🌸

Well then~

Although it’s already been half of the day, everyone good luck on school and work okay~😆

It’s the photo that I forgot to upload the other day~☺️🌸

Source: アップルパイ♡

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[Blog] Public Recording♡


Good afternoon~😆💓

It’s a bit late for this, but yesterday was the public recording for “Rinne no Lagrange” 5th Anniversary of television broadcasting – original exhibition memorial, Bunka Housou Chou! A&G+ “Wada Masayuki and Nagaku Yuki’s WADAX Radio”~🌸

Thank you very much to everyone who came to Kamogawa😊💕

I was able to talk a lot about Lagrange on the public recording and the event!



When I had a talk with Director Suzuki and Suwa Producer who participated as the guests at the same time as mine, I was able to recall my feelings and memories during that time when I was still 19, it felt like a time slip😊✨✨


With Director Suzuki♡



With Producer Suwa♡





And this time I was together with Wada Masayuki-san, Soyama Momoko-san, and Yamashita Mami-san, even though it was the first time we’ve met each other, I was able to relax and had a fun talk together with them😆💓

It was funny that sometimes our tempo didn’t match each other~laughs💕💕



Even on the backstage, I get to know a wonderful application, I had fun~☺️

I want to be together with everyone again~😍

I’ll be waiting for your impression~💓

I want to go to Kamogawa again~😄


With Wada-san♡



With Soyama-san and Yamashita-san♡






Source: 公開録音♡ 

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[Blog] Thanks for Waiting! Also, Kamogawa!


Good evening🌙

Today was warm, wasn’t it~😆💕

It’s been a while since I saw the trees sparkling and the clear blue sky, it made me happy~😍



By the way I said that I’d write about my lunch with Yui-chan on the previous blog, but when I realized it a week has passed…

I’m sorryㅜㅜ

I went to eat hamburger together with Yui-chan~💓💓




Such a stylish hamburger🍔It’s my first time eating it^^

It’s quite thick so it’s a bit difficult to eat, but it was rea~lly delicious😭❤️❤️

As expected, I love hamburger~💕

There are times when I want to eat it so much!!



After that we went to buy our birthday present~😆

This year we bought a matching cosmetic~🌸



It’s Rouge Dior Liquid💄✨

We bought a matching color~✨✨

There were a lot of colors for this, we tried a lot and chose them!!

I still take care of it preciously, I’m really looking forward to use it one day that I can’t help it😘

This time we only met in a short time, but it was such a fulfilling time✨✨

It was fun~😆💓





Also, tomorrow is “Rinne no Lagrange” 5th Anniversary of television broadcasting – original exhibition memorials, Bunka Housou Chou! A&G+ “Wada Masayuki and Nagaku Yuki’s WADAX Radio” public recording event~😍❤️

Kamogawa~ It’s Kamogawa~☀️☀️




I’m looking forward to meet you tomorrow♡♡


I’m hungry…When I think about Kamogawa, it makes me want to eat fish~

  1. It’s Kyouno Madoka’s catchphrase in Rinne no Lagrange. Literally means ’round’ or ‘circle’, she makes a circle with her index finger.
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[Blog] Hurray~♡

Today was a bit chilly, wasn’t it~😣



I regretted going out in thin clothes yesterday, so today I was wearing thicker clothes😆🌸

And as I did that, I turned out okay today~✌🏻


I’m glad~!!



It’s hot in western Japan, right~?🤔

How envious~😣✨✨




You know, today I went for lunch together with Yui-chan~♡


But I won’t talk about it this time, so I’ll put it next time, okay?😆laughs



I have an announcement for you✨



For “Rinne no Lagrange” 5th Anniversary of television broadcasting – original pictures exhibition memorials, it’s been decided that I’ll be participated on the public recording event of Bunka Housou Chou! A&G+ “Wada Masayuki and Nagaku Yuki’s WADAX Radio” which will be held on September 9th (Sat)~💓💓



I’m really glad that I could go to Kamogawa once again~✨✨



The admission is free, but you need to apply to participate on the event😍

I’ll be glad if you could go~🌸


Let’s meet in Kamogawa on the 9th~💁✨✨







Source: やった〜♡ 

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[Blog] Hitotosewa~☆

Good evening!

Today in YouTube live
It’s been a while
since the last time I worked for “Radio Hitotose”~

To everyone who watched it
thank you very much🙇

The celebrity mother…
It was fun to act it~(^-^)laughs

The TV Animation has ended, but there will be also the box release

Also the event on October 8th✨
I’m also nervous
of how the Momotaro stage for Gekidan Hitotose will be…🙄!

Everyone, please look after Hinako Note from now on as well
Please cheer on Mayuki as well✨

It’s been a while
since I met Toritarou~~🐥


I thought I heard something like that…🙄laughs

to every high schoolers
I wonder if today is your last day for summer vacation~??

Did you finish your homework properly?😳✨

To everyone who is in a pinch,
do your best until the very last~🙆!!!

While I said that,
We university students still have a little more time for summer vacation
so I feel a bit lucky~☺️

But still…I have work
also my thesis, so it doesn’t feel like a holiday at all~🙄laughs

But, even if it’s just a status,
it must be my last summer vacation as a student this year, so I hope that I could enjoy it even if just a little😊

I’ll do my very b-eans-est tomorrow as well(OvO)!!

Oyasumeatball(_ _).。o○


Source: ひととせわ~☆ 

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