[Blog] Thank you very much!


Were you able to enjoy yesterday’s niconama “Dolls Live”~?☺️🌸


I really had fun because I was able to to the stream while being in a cute room and snacks~♪




I had participated on the events several times together with my beloved Team A, Kaede-chan and Lynn-chan, but this time we were also together with Suzuki Eri-chan who voiced Hiyo from Team B, it was fun in a different way💕💕




During the streaming, there was also an announcement for Dolls event “Secret Garden”, so please look forward to it, okay!


For more information, please check the home page🌸



The cake was delicious~🎂


I didn’t realize my photo got taken laughs



I’m getting hungry when I saw the cake😂


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[Blog] Tonight♡


Good day everyone😃💓

Although it’s been a while, how do you do~?✨

I sleep a lot so I’m fine😊



You know, today is the streaming day for Project Tokyo Dolls niconama “Doll House Live”~🌸

You didn’t forget about it, right?😍

It’ll be a while since I met the other Dolls so I’m happy😆

Please watch it by all means~♪

Well then, see you later🌸



It’s another off-shot from VOICE channel💓


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[Blog] A lot of Information~〜(o_o)☆

Good afternoon(^-^)

Even though the season has completely changed
that you could feel like Winter,
how do you spend your days?☺️

Starting from today, the world
has had 3 consecutive holidays…
I wonder if there is a lot of people who went to play somewhere?😊

As for me, I’m actually going to a certain place
for work(^-^)✨

I still can’t tell you the detail,
but it’ll be a different environment than usual
so I feel a bit nervous…☺️

It’s such a pity that I can’t tell you yet~(>_<)

Well then!!
Recently I have a pile of information
that I want to tell you…😳

So I’ll go on here😊!

First, the store bonuses
for Seiyuu Grandprix December issue (the commemoration of 23rd anniversary since the first issue with a big portion with all colors edition)
which will be on sale on November 10th
and have me, Ogura Yui, as the front cover, has been revealed~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Have you checked it??


A close-up after a while~(OvO)


On this Seiyuu Grandprix,
Starting from the works and characters I recently did…
There is also an interview featured about my personal things~


Personally, I felt like while I was looking back at my own life and memories
I was also able to reconfirm my current condition, so it was a really fun interview😊


And then…!
This is also a new information😊


Currently, on the radio from Manga Park
“Ogura Yui’s Manga Park Ogura Branch”
on-air has been starting🙆🏻✨

While introducing the works for Manga Park,
there’s also my leisurely talk!

The length is short for every episode,
so please listen to it by all means
during your free time, okay~💓

Not only that!

I think there is a lot of people
who already knew about it…But, once again☺️

I voiced Kokona
for the screening event
of “Yama no Susume Omoide Present”
which started since November 28th💓


For this work,
especially on the first half,
the story will have a close-up
and heartful story of Kokona-chan…


I’m really happy
as the one who’s voicing Kokona💓

That’s why, please by all means,
I hope you can see Kokona’s proud moments on the big screen~☺️

There are also the fans
who already gave me their impressions,
thank you very much♪

It’s been decided
that I’ll be also participate on next week’s Camp Fiesta
I’m looking forward to it~( ´ ▽ ` )

Well then…There are quite a lot of information this time,
I’ll stop here for now😊

I thought there are still a lot of information
I haven’t been informed here though😨 So please do your best and bear with me, okay~(>_<)✨

I’m always grateful to you😊

Well then, I hope it’ll be a nice weekend…?
consecutive holidays for you~(^-^)

As for me,
I’ll do my very b-eans-est on my work!!(OvO)


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[Blog] On Sale Day and Dolls♡

Everyone, good day😃♥️


I thought that it’s been a while since it was sunny, suddenly it was cloudy.

To top it all, it looks like it’s going to rain😭💦




To think that another typhoon is closing in…


That’s saddening😢💔


Everyone take care of the rains and the winds okay?😣


Well then, even though it’s that kind of day I have a good news for everyone! laughs


Today’s the on sale day of the magazine I’ll be appearing in, VOICE Channel.😆💕


Have you all checked it already?✨


This time the theme was going on a date~


I wore cute outfits and make up that I liked~💕


By all means, check it okay?



Also on November 5th, Project Tokyo Dolls will be having a niconama “Doll House Live” and I’ll be appearing in it😍💓


Since it’s the very first live stream for Dolls I’m really excited for it~😆✨

It would be nice if everyone would enjoy it!


By all means, please check it😍


For more information you can find them on the Official Website✌️


Well then~!!


I’ll do my best today too♡


A peek on VOICE channel’s offshot♡



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[Blog] PayoPayo♡

Good evening~!

It’s been a while~😍💓

Is everyone okay?✨


Everyday’s been cold, it’s been raining all day so I’ve been all bundled up😣💦

Well, it’s Autumn already so being lightly dressed sometimes is like a preparation for Winter😆🌸


Has everyone prepared for Winter already~?


Well then, I have some information for everyone😍


Last year, I also appeared in PayoPayo’s Public Recording, and once again I’m going to be in it~💓




It was a really fun public recording so I’m happy😃

I’m already looking forward to it even now~💕


The day I’ll be appearing in is January 14th, 2018 (Sunday)💕


Although it’s still until next year, I’ll be happy if everyone comes~♥️

I didn’t have any good photos so I’ll upload this photo I took when I went to Disney Sea with my friend the other day♡


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[Blog] Mannaka Island♡

Everyone, good afternoon!

Today’s cloud and rainy, isn’t it~?😭

But please do have a fun weekend, okay?😊


Well then! I have some information for everyone!


On December 3rd, 2017, I’ll be appearing in “Welcome to Mannaka Island! Vol. 1 ~Nakashima Yuki and Aihara Arisa’s Mannaka Island Public Recording~”😍💕


I’m really happy to be able to do radio with these two again😆🌸

By all means, everyone, please do come to the public recording, okay~?


I wonder what we’ll be doing~?😊

I look forward to it~❤️❤️


Schedule: December 3, 2017 (Sun)


First Session: Gates Open 12:45/Start: 13:30

Second Session: Gates Open 15:45/Start: 16:30

Location: Kai・Ketsu ii Conference Room HALL-A


For more information, come visit the official home page💕



Source: まんなかあいらんど♡

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[Blog] Girlfriend (Beta)

Everyone, good evening♡


Today was really cold, wasn’t it~?😣

Did you not catch a cold?


I thought that it was going to be hot but it suddenly got cold. The difference in temperature is quite severe so please take care of your physical condition, okay?✨


Well then, I have some information for everyone💓


On December 9th, 2017 I’ll be appearing in the event “Girlfriend (Beta) 5th ANNIVERSARY LIVE ~SEIO Christmas Party~”😊💕


It’s my first time participating in it so I’m already so excited about it and I can’t help it🌸


It’s been a while since I last sung so I’m really happy~😍

By all means, everyone, please do come okay?💕


The ticket applications are currently on-going~💓



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[Blog] Smiley Cherry☆

Ogura Yui LIVE “Smiley Cherry🍒”
Day-Night session which was held several days ago,
has ended without a hitch!!

To everyone who came,
also to everyone who cheered me on,
I’m really thankful to you m(_ _)m

This time, the venue
is the same place with my 1st live exactly two years ago
It’s Pacifico Yokohama.

Since the last time, two years has passed,
not only my age, but also the amount of my experiences.
I must make progress,
as a human being, also for my performances. So I thought, it was a challenging LIVE with such pressure and burden which I put on myself.

Last time, during my 1st LIVE,
There was the combination of me in my teen age years
who only rushed in my full power without being able to see the exit,
also the LIVE where I only hit my limit…
That’s why, during that live I was really desperate,
I didn’t even know my own pace
Even so,  I pressed myself with all my might during that time.

When the curtain opened,
despite having stood on the stage I’ve been to before, to perform in front of a lot of fans in solo,
I wasn’t able to hide the difference of power, it made me lost my confidence, I actually felt a bit scared to stand on the stage. That time, I felt that
to have a solo performance on a big stage,
not only as a musician,
but also as a human being, I need to grow even more, I can’t do this job
unless I improve my mind and composure.

Even so, during the 1st LIVE
I felt that I was able to press my power at the maximum degree as far as I could, so I have no regret, and  I was able to accomplish something.

And because I was able to surpass that stage,
Now I could understand clearly about my regrets and problems.

In such a time, my 1st LIVE tour also had been decided
I need to perform in various places,
including the triumphal return stage on my hometown Gunma, also 2-days live in Makuhari Messe✨

As for myself,
The existence of this tour was really important…
Especially with having to do live in various places
I was able to feel the warmth and power from the fans closely

So I thought that the fans are my allies,
and those warmth wouldn’t ever change
no matter how many times
and how big the size of the venues changed…

So I thought that I need to live up to expectations until that time.
This is how I was being stubborn and overthinking things…
Though for other people, even though I made mistakes and show my weaknesses…even though things wouldn’t go as I expect to be…you would say that you’d still accept it,
cheer me on, and you’d still watch over me.

I want to always be myself who is constantly evolving
while being perfect,

but it was also where I was able to feel your gaze, also the power of your support☺️

That’s why,
with that change of mind
For this time’s LIVE stage,
it might be on the same venue as two years ago
but the scenery I saw, also how I felt
were completely different from last time✨

I was able to feel the warmth, heat, and how important it is,
I was also able to see everyone’s face much clearly
more than before…

The audience on the back, on the side,
also the 2nd and 3rd floor…

While firmly reflecting upon everyone’s feelings
which became one and united,
I thought I was able to stand on the stage that way.

This time’s LIVE title,
is Smiley Cherry🍒

The concept was so a lot of people
could have a wonderful smile, also so everyone could be able to stick together like cherries
so we wanted to make it a LIVE Stage where we could be as close as we could

With those objectives and world view…
If it could reach everyone
in the venue even just a bit✨
Also, if you could accept my existence in a way, even just for a bit…

I feel that this LIVE
has its meaning and inevitability☺️

I hope this feeling could reach a lot of people, even if just a little…✨

And on this LIVE
there was a time where I need to perform
while using a headset and there were LED panels,
also the wonderful costumes and hairstyles, goods, choreographs,
stage and intermission video, the arranged sound and such…

I could implement all of them
thanks to the support from a lot of staff!!

Before the LIVE this time,
there was a time where my physical condition was bad,
and made the staff also fans
worry about me…

I couldn’t do the rehearsal like I expect to,
I felt frustrated and cried, I felt disgusted with my own weakness and was almost crushed by it

But I really felt encouraged by how I have my fans around me who always support me,
also a lot of people who will support me
whenever I’m troubled or having a rough time…

I won’t lose to something like this, so I thought.
Because I’m always being supported,
that’s why it’s obvious that I want to return those feelings
as many times as I could, it made me realize such important thing.

That’s why, from now on as well,
I want to make people smile
with my own voice and performance…

When you think it as various people’s life
it might only be a glimpse of sparkling and happiness…

But, because it’s just a glimpse,
Cherish that moment.

I want to do my best, so I felt from the bottom of my heart that I need to do my best 😊

I wasn’t a skillfull person,
so I have complexes and weaknesses… That’s why I might need more time than everyone else. But,

I’ll do it step by step like before
but steadily, so I could make progress
I think that I’ll devote myself to it!

and fans club has been decided…

So I could find a new side of myself, I’ll do my best while strengthening my feelings, okay!!

Everyone, please come along with me😊

This time, even I myself, from the bottom of my heart,
I think that I was able to make a wonderful LIVE
where I could enjoy it with my best smile!😊

To the staff, including my family and friends who always support me,
also to the fans who cheered me on…I’m really thankful to all of you!!✨

I won’t ever forget, everyone’s Smile(^-^)

Good fortune and happiness will come to those who smile☺️

I hope you can meet a lot of wonderful smile
also brings a lot of smile to other people
from now on as well…✨



Source: Smiley Cherry☆

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[Blog] Thank You Very Much!

Today I participated on the event “Grimoire Magic School Festival 3rd Anniversary 2017″~💓💓

To everyone who came, thank you very much✨


This time, the Grimoire event had not only the stage for the cast, but also Grimoire Test, niconama and else, we were able to had a game corner, recital and such😊⭐️


I’m grateful to be able to spend my time together with the Grimoire fans and the other cast this year as well⭐️⭐️

Thank you very much😊

And as for me, I’m really happy that I was able to meet Matsuzawa Chiaki-san after a while❤️




I was sitting right in front of Chiaki-san in the dressing room, I couldn’t stop grinning and I spent a fun time on the dressing room💕

I want to have a work together with her again~❤️

Well then, good night~😴💤💤



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[Blog] Grimoire Magic School Festival ~ 3rd Anniversary 2017~

Good morning😃☀

Today is the day of the Grimoire event~😊🌸🌸

I’m really happy to be able to attend a Grimoire event again this year✨

It’s all thanks to everyone who supports Grimoire😊

Thank you very much💓

To everyone who will be going today, let’s see each other later😍

Well then, until later~🙋⭐️

Source: グリモア魔法学園祭 3rd Anniversary2017

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