[Blog] Fufu~n~ ♡

The truth is…..
















Cut my bangs (laughs laughs)










How is it? 



I’ve somewhat had no bangs for about 2 years,

I was shaken by my unfamiliar self right after I cut my bangs at the beauty parlor laughs

And I get embarrassed at myself who looks younger than before it made me uneasy laughs laughs



but I got tired of long bangs laughs

I’ve pondered it over and over again, do I cut it or do not as I cut it, I don’t regret it laughs!!


Well, I was frightened of myself as I saw my reflection in a shop’s window or a mirror…





But that truth is, I’ve cut it a long time ago, I was excited as I thought of when I would tell all of you, and before I noticed it time has passed already laughs


but thanks to that I’m familiar to how I look now laughs!!




I wonder which one do you all like?




It would be nice if you like both of them~ laughs

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[Blog] Some Information☆


Good evening(^O^)


Today’s weather was really good, you can really feel that it’s already Spring, huh?

If you walk under cherry blossoms in full bloom,

I wonder if it would feel of just happiness~


There are so much pollen…

it’s quite troublesome though…

Well then! Today, I have some information~(^O^)


YuiKaori Best Album “Y&K” 

and YuiKaori’s new Live BD/DVD, YuiKaori Live “Starlight link” were announced to be on sale on June 21st, 2017

Both contains plenty of content

By all means, everyone, please do look forward to it okay~♪

And also, tonight

at 25:05JST sin Nanatsu no Taizai ep 1

and continuing to it at 25:40JST is Hinako Note ep 2

And also, it started yesterday

KFC’s Mini Drama too. To everyone who watched it, thank you very much!

It will also continue next week so,

don’t miss this one as well!

Well then, Omasumeatball(´-`).。oO




My bangs, I think I cut it too short…



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[Blog] The Joy of Spring

I finally got some free time.

I’m sorry.


It sure is already Spring.

The past two days has had good weather, it was warm too, finally my season has come, it really made me happy laughs!

I love day time and cheerful warm weather, so no matter what happens it’ll be exciting!

Today at my workplace, my bag got stuck in the door and I couldn’t move. I thought about going home with my slippers, a lot of things happened laughs laughs

And with thanks to the Spring as well, I was able to do my work with a lot of vigor today too~

I look forward to tomorrow too~~


How about everyone, have you gotten accustomed to your new lives?


Oh yeah, also!

Today, it was announced, that our live that occurred last February 11th in Yoyogi National Gymnasium, First Gymnasium, “YuiKaori Live Tour “Starlight Link” has announced it’s BD/DVD release and a Best Album “Y&K” has been announced to be on sale on June 21st!

By all means, everyone, please do look forward to it okay?


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[Blog] KFC-san☆

Good evening(^O^)



Yesterday, I already informed you on Instagram

That this time, I, Ogura Yui, will do a collaboration with Kentucky Fried Chicken-san…

It was my first time challenging on mini dramas!



 Appearance in “Kentucky What if Theater ‘What if Ogura Yui…'”

★ Will start airing on AbemaTV on April 13!

22:57~ every week

on AbemaTV Channel Anime24



★Check here for more information!






On the mini drama,

I, myself, acted as various characters

with various situations and setting…(>_<)!


To be honest, when I was told about this collaboration,

I thought that it’ll be embarrassing to do a play and to see myself on the screen… and I was worried whether I could really do it or not,


But it’s a collaboration with Kentucky-san which I’ve always liked since a long time And as a mission for my new self… I was delighted and honored to get this chance as a way to open a new path for myself…!


That’s why, although it’s also for myself…

I did my best to try it,

so I’ll be glad if everyone could also look after me warmly and enjoy it


Not only that, there are a lot of media

that published the interview and articles for this collaboration, so please check it as well, okay(^O^)


During the shoot, I was able to wear a lot of costumes…It’s been a while since the last time I wore a uniform and a suit!

Thus, I’ll put the off-shots and such later on


With this collaboration, I hope your Kentucky Life will be even more wonderful…



Please treat me well!






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[Blog] The Season of Cherry Blossoms☆


Good evening(^O^)


On the metropolitan area, it’s already the best timing to see the cherry blossoms

We could finally feel the sign of Spring, couldn’t we



Recently I’ve been so busy, I’m sorry for not updating the blog and Instagram for a while…!


Not only that, it’s also overlapped with the announcement of  the hiatus of YuiKaori’s musical activities, so I might have made the fans worried(>_<) In such condition, thank you to everyone who gave us a lot of warm words, supporting messages and such!


Regarding of the hiatus,

Honestly, I was really confused myself and even I was bewildered by this… But just like before, it’s not like our relationship will change , and I respected Kaori-chan’s decision, so in the end we took it in a positive way(^-^)


As for me, I will face it earnestly little by little.

So I can face various difficulties and straightly accept it,

try hard and devote myself

to each of my experiences and works

Now I feel that I need to to my best even more!


That’s why, from now on as well

I hope you will keep supporting us just like before! Please treat us well(>_<)!


Also, it’s already April…

I’ve finally became a 4th year in college


This year, if everything goes well, it’ll be my last year as a student!

So I won’t regret it, I’ll devote myself both in my work and studies properly, until the very end(^-^)


And, there are TV animation and radio shows which will start in April one after another!

April 7th (Fri)~ “Hinako Note” as Hiiragi Mayuki

April 14th (Fri)~ “sin Nanatsu no Taizai” as Beelzebub

April 6th (Thu)~ “Hinako Note Radio Hitotose” airing on Thursday every week



There are also TV animation which has been airing since January and reached the last episode, to everyone who have been checking the works which I was in, thank you very much!!(^O^)


Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!2

ハートSchool Girl Strikers AnimationChannel (Namori Mana)

ハートMasamune-kun’s Revenge (Hayase Kinue)

I also appreciate your support for the works and characters from now on as well





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[Blog] Report

Thank you very much for all of your support.
I have an announcement to report to everyone.


To this day, I, Ishihara Kaori, have left the agency that has taken care of me for 3 years, Sigma Seven, last March 31st, 2017. I have decided to move back to Style Cube, who has taken care of me in the past.


I was able to experience a lot of things that I wanted to try while I was in Sigma Seven. Even though I have decided to part-ways from them, they gave me their best wishes and sent me off to go do my best, the way that I would.
I will continue working as a voice actor further and do my best. Please take care of me from now on as well.
Ishihara Kaori

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[Blog] AnimeJapan 2017☆

Good evening(^O^)!


Today, I appeared on the TV Animation “Hinako Note” special stage

in “AnimeJapan 2017”!


To everyone who cheered me on,

to everyone who came by, thank you very much~(^-^)


On this event…

As we announced before…


Connected with

Mayuki-chan which I’m voicing,

Alas!! It’s my maid uniform debut…




Because everyone else was in jersey

it was really embarrassing~


Ah, no!!

I made a mistake…! laughs


This is my casual outfit!!

(Because Mayuki-chan said it!laughs)


As for the stage,

there are a lot of things

such as the ending movie first publication,

the work and characters introduction,

Gekidan Hitotose’s formation ceremony,

also an open audition


Not only that, during the open audition

with “Momotaro” as a subject,

it was decided that we need to do an etude1 as the main character Momotaro…



it’s unbelievable…


I was chosen as Momotaro!!laughs


During the etude,

I didn’t act like Momotaro at all, but…


After going through it

I was the most unreliable Momotaro

so they’re expecting to see my growth from now on…or so they said…!


When my name was called

I was rea~lly surprised!!


Honestly, even I still can’t imagine

of what kind of drama it will be…


But since I got chosen,

I’ll take responsibility and do my best as Momotaro!!


With that, the TV Animation “Hinako Note” where I voiced Hiiragi Mayuki will start airing on April

So everyone, please look forward to it from now, okay


Also, I’m in charge of hosting the “Radio Hitotose

together with Tomita Mayu-chan who voiced Kuina

so please check it together with the anime



Hinako “Notes” is cute, isn’t it~



Well then,








Source: AnimeJapan 2017☆

  1. etude is a short musical composition, typically for one instrument, designed as an exercise to improve the technique or demonstrate the skill of the player.
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[Blog] JOYSOUND Collaboration☆

Good evening(^O^)


Today, around the metropolitan area

it kept raining the whole day, didn’t it~(>_<)

Usually on this kind of days,

you’d have a schedule where you need to go here and there… it often happens to me

I wonder if it’ll be sunny tomorrow~??


During this period, the amount of the pollen scattering the next day after the rain is intense so I need to be careful…!!


Everyone, good work for today as well


Then…I’ll go to the main topic!


Even though it’s a bit late for this,

actually since February 10th until May 7th, we have YuiKaori Collaboration Campaign in JOYSOUND Nakano Branch





They have a YuiKaori Room~(^O^)!!



Almost a life-sized!

And inside of the room…

There are the bigger size of us…!



They also sell

collaboration drinks and such,

so please do come by, okay~(^O^)



As for me, this one is my favorite

As expected, I like pink…


It seems that there are a lot of people who already came by, thank you very much

for your reviews and such(^O^)♪


The collaboration room, I think if you reserve it first then you can enjoy it smoothly


For more information, go here

Please sing and dance a lot

and enjoy yourself in the collaboration room, okay~



Well then, I’ll end it here today( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


I won’t be sleeping soon though…

But oyasumeatball(_ _).。o○






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[Blog] Day 2☆

Good evening(^-^)



Today I also finished my work without a hitch~



it’s already late night though…


But today I’m going to continue

the blog I wrote the other day


The petit petit mini home stay

when I went to South Korea to meet my friend

Day 2( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


I stayed for 2 nights and 3 days,

so Day 2 was a special day where I could enjoy the whole day.


We woke up early,

ate my friend’s mother’s breakfast at home…


First, we went to

the Girls College where my friend has been studying at~


Ah, before that

we got tapioca drink which my friend recommended




My friend, she said that she wanted me to see where she has been studying at no matter what, so I came along and looked around a little, I’m surprised of how spacious it was!

It’s currently spring break so no one was there, but how my friend was being proud of the college where she has been studying at, I feel like she’s such a good example as a student or something…

In Japan, I feel like there are some students like her but only a few of them, I received a cultural stimulation!


After that, she brought me

to a town where, in Japan,

the atmosphere is similar to Harajuku or Shibuya,

and ate a food called Carbonara Chicken, which my friend recommended~




It looks like karaage

entangled in the carbonara sauce,

it was a bit spicy

but also really delicious


After we filled our stomachs…

We went back to the town,

and went to a big shopping mall


I was able to shop a lot of things,

my favorite cosmetic goods, clothes and such♪


After a lot of walking we got a bit hungry…

We went to a cafe, and ate cute cakes




These cakes

they’re really cute, aren’t they~

There were plenty of colorful and cute cakes, it made it difficult to choose one~!


It seems, just by choosing a cake

I spent more than 10 minutes, troubled by it…laughs

(I over think it, don’t I)


Not only the appearance,

but it’s also really delicious, you know~♪


With this…

After we went here and there,

Day 2 ended in a flash…!


I ate too much

I felt like my stomach was always about to burst…laughs


Also, during Day 2

We used public buses and subways for the transportation!


Each of them, I thought the system is

really similar to the ones in Japan


But the bus system and operations,

also the manner inside the trains is a bit different, so I also felt some gaps with when I’m in Japan, I felt that it was such a very valuable social experience!




And somehow, on the comments and such,

there are a lot of people

who said that my friend looks like Carrie-san…

Certainly, when I put the heart stamp

their eyebrows and hairstyle really looks alike, don’t they…!! (>_<)laughs



When you told me that, it’s true…!

And I got surprised by itlaughs

But if you put away the heart stamp, they don’t really look alike though~( ´ ▽ ` )ノlaughs


Last is Day 3…!


I only went home on Day 3,

but I’ll write about it on the blog later when I have time(^-^)


Today I’ll end it here~


By the way…

Due to my job, I didn’t realize about it at all

But today was a public holiday, wasn’t it~


How did you spend your holiday?


I think you’ll have to go to school, work, and such starting from tomorrow as well, please do your best~(^O^)







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[Blog] Girlfriend(♪)☆

Good evening!




Today, I had Girlfriend(♪)

DVD release commemoration event!


To everyone who supported me,

also to everyone who came

Thank you very much(^O^)


As for the host, it was my favorite Gibu-san~




Gibu-san, she’ll have a baby soon

Even though it might have been difficult because her stomach has been so big, she still became a host for this event…

When it was being talked about, and she heard that I’ll be appearing in it, it seems that she asked to do this work by all means…! 



I’m so happy and moved by it…( ;  ; )


Previously, when I had a meal together with Gibu-san and Asumi-san, I thought that the birth was still ahead…

But now, she’s already at the point where it won’t be surprising if the baby was born at any time…Time really flies by fast, doesn’t it?


Anyway, I’m glad that we could finish the event without a hitch today~

For Gibu-san, I hope her baby will be born healthy…

I’m looking forward to it~


As for the event, I was able to talk about myself,

also about Girlfriend, Momoko-chan and such, I’m really happy♪


It was a fun event and everyone get liven up, such a short moment of my life…!!

To everyone who attended the event, did you enjoy it?(^-^)



As for the story on this DVD,

Momoko-chan was chosen as Cinderella and had a big role…It was certainly a Cinderella story, I’m also really happy for it


For Momoko-chan to have a big role like this, it’s also thanks to everyone’s support♪


From now on as well,

please support Girlfriend, also Asahina Momoko-chan, okay(^O^)







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