A few days ago, I went to BLACKPINK’s showcase which I’ve always been looking forward to💓


I’ve been supporting them since their debut, so when I was able to see them in person, tears naturally came out♡


Whether it’s the staging, the stage itself, their performance were wonderful, I was swallowed by their world’s view since the very beginning that I couldn’t say anything because I was deeply impressed😭💓💓


I already thought that it’d be a wonderful stage, but I was really happy that I could see them on the stage which is far beyond my imagination!!!



It’s already a while since it’s ended, but I’m still basking in the afterglow of the stage~😂🌸


A woman who could pull both cuteness and coolness really is beautiful…😭💓



I got excited by looking at them on the stage~😭🌸

I really thought that I also need to do my best even more while having fun~😆💓



I want to have a talk about this excitement with someone…laughs

Whenever I remember it, it makes me cry~😭💕



Well then, although I’ll be changing the topic again, recently I ate delicious thing😊



It’s Henri Charpentier’s Petit à Petit✌🏻 I really wanted to eat it so I treated myself💓 It was delicious~😍💕


Source: 感動♡  

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[Blog]MonSoni! Episode 5

Good evening everyone~😌🌟

Although yesterday we had hailstorms and heavy rain, I hope you didn’t get hurt.


Contrary to yesterday, today’s weather is really great, wasn’t it?☺️🌸


Today I also had a wonderful day✨


Well then~ MonSoni! Episode 5 has been uploaded~


Have you watched it?👀



In episode 5, Two for all challenged the Music Festival “MonSoni!” stage~😊❤️


Please do see their stage💓


It has nothing to do with it though, but I’m getting hungry~~😂


Source: モンソニ!第5話 


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[Blog]I Did it After a While!

It’s a good weather today as well, isn’t it~?😊☀️


It’s too hot that I’m sweating so much💦

No matter how much I drink, I still end up becoming sweaty~


By the way, currently there are 3 consecutive holidays, right?☺️💓

How do you spend your holidays~~?


As for me, I played Monster Strike together with my family after a while~~☺️💕



As expected, doing it in multiplayer is fun😃✨

I’m doing my best because it’s currently having a collaboration with “Fullmetal Alchemist”~!



Speaking of that, I couldn’t get Shion-chan and Two for all…


I really want them😭😭


I took a selfie after a while laughs

I’d be glad if you liked it~😽💓💓


Source: 久々にやりました!

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[Blog]Portable Audio Fes 2017

Everyone, thanks for your good work✨


Today I participated in the Portable Audio Festival 2017 for a special talk stage~~😊❤️

Thank you to everyone who came by to the stage even during this hot day✨

It was only for a short time, but were you able to enjoy today’s event?☺️

I was happy that I could meet everyone after a while😍



This time there was a collaboration for Portable Audio Fes and Project Tokyo Dolls, so we tried to put Skullcandy’s headphone and play the game, we were able to immersed into the game’s world view even more by the vibration and impact of the sound~!!


It was a wonderful headphone~~😆💕



As for the game, the Portable Audio Festival 2017 and Project Tokyo Dolls collaboration event is also currently going on~~!

They said you could get the headphones quite easily…!👀

Please do play it, okay~~❤️


Ah~~~ I’m really comfortable with everyone in Team A~🙈💓

I want to meet Lynn-chan and Kaede-chan again as soon as possible~😆💓




Well then~!

Everyone, please stay hydrated, okay~☺️

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[Blog]My Wish Comes True♡

Today after work, I went for a meal together with Yui-chan~☺️💕💕

The place is the Churrasco1 which I’ve been wanting to go~🍖

Actually, I’ve been wanting to go there since 4 years ago, but I haven’t been able to go since then~✨✨

I’m so happy~ My wish came true🌟

Yui-chan remembered that I’ve always wanted to go here~🙈



She took my photo~☺️💓

To be able to eat Churrasco with various meat and salad, I was really happy😊

But more than that, we were able to talk a lot after a while, it was fun~😍✌🏻️


We kept talking like a machine gun without stopping even once!

Time passed by so quickly~🌸

First of all, it’s nice that both of us looked fine~☺️✨



I want to meet her again as soon as possible~😆🌸


By the way, I think there are a lot of people who already knew about it, but I was interviewed by The Television💕

It’s been a while since I’ve been interviewed, it was fun!


I was able to talk about various things I haven’t talked to anyone until now, such as my thoughts!

I really have my gratitude, to be able to have a chance to talk about it😍💕

I’d be glad if a lot of people read it~😃✨


Source: 念願叶う♡

  1. Churrasco is a Portuguese and Spanish term referring to beef or grilled meat more generally, differing across Latin America and Europe, but a prominent feature in the cuisines of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and other Latin American countries. (Wikipedia)
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[Blog]Lagrange’s Original Image Exhibition!

Good evening everyone~😊🌙

Today was hot as well, wasn’t it?

Were you okay from heatstroke and such?

Please be careful, okay~🌟



I’ll be changing the topic though, actually, today I went to Rinne no Lagrange’s original image exhibition~💓😆

It’s been exactly a year since I went to Kamogawa~☺️



Awa-Kamogawa station!!



Being in-front of the station brings back memories~😌



After that, I went to Rinne no Lagrange’s original image exhibition which held in Kamogawa Local Museum💕



I met Madoka after a while~~😆❤️

As for me, my forehead is completely showing because of the strong wind laughs!



And when I went in~!

I tried “Rinne no Lagrange 5th anniversary on-air visitor commemoration stamp”😆



I did well❤️

After that I was able to see a lot of original images on the exhibition, and since I was able to come, I put my autograph on the poster used for this time’s exhibition✌🏻



There was also a memorial note book, and I was able to read the visitors’ comments who came before me😆🌸


And after that~ I went to eat a meal😆✨







It’s sashimi~😭😭😭😭😭

It was rea~lly really delicious💕

I was happy the whole time~🙈❤️



After the meal, I went to Kamogawa Sea World which is also related to Lagrange🐬🐠



The baby turtle was really cute~🐢💕


I was healed by the other, such as seal and fishes😂❤️

As expected, aquarium is the best~😊🌸


This time I was able to go to the image exhibition, and I could feel that the staffs made it with love😂💕

That’s why I’d be glad if there is a lot of people coming to see it💓

Please do come to Kamogawa on your summer break!


Ah~ It’s such a fun day😆🌸


Source: ラグランジェ原画展!


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[Blog]It was Wonderful♡

Recently, I went to Mr.Children’s “Mr.Children DOME & STADIUM TOUR 2017 Thanksgiving 25″~~😊💓💓


The tour is still going on, so I can’t write about it but it was such a fun live and I spent a great time😆❤️

I was able to hear the song which I haven’t ever heard on the lives up until now~

I was really happy~😭💓


I was excited from the beginning until the end, and when it ended I felt exhausted~

But, it was a fun exhaustion!

When I went back I’m still feeling excited, so I kept listening and singing to Mr.Children’s songs~😍


Live really is wonderful~!

It gives you power, doesn’t it?😊🌸

I think it’ll keep lingering in me for a while laughs

Aah~ I want to go to lives again~🙈💕



By the way, I bought baby’s breath🌸

White and green makes me feel at ease~

It’s cute~😆




I talked to the hydrangea every day, but it seems the flowers were too heavy so it fell over, and it didn’t live long😣💦

I’ve done it now😱💦


Source: 素敵でした♡ 

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[Blog]XFLAG PARK2017★

Today, I went to “XFLAG PARK2017” which was held in Makuhari Messe~~😊✨

And of course I was aiming for “MonSoni!”☺️💓💓

For MonSoni!, there was a live of two groups, Haitoku Pistols and Two for all~!


Both of the stages were really good, but just as expected because I’m in charge of Shiori-chan, I was moved by Two for all’s stage😂💓💓

It really felt like Shiori-chan and D’artagnan were in front of my eyes, I’m piled up with happiness that I could finally meet them😍

Both of them were wearing cute costumes, singing, dancing, and having a talk, they were really cute❤️


I wonder if there was anyone who went to XFLAG PARK2017?✨

If you did go, I’m waiting for your impressions😆💕


By the way, today was really hot!

Everyone, please hydrate yourself properly, okay☺️💓


Source: XFLAG PARK2017★

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I have information for everyone☺️🌸


At PortaFes venue starting from 13:00 JST on July 15th, the three of us; Hondo Kaede-chan, Lynn-chan, and I, who voiced “Sakura”, “Misaki”, and “Shiori” will be attending for a talk event☺️❤️


It’s the first event for the three of us so I’m looking forward to it😊💕


It’s Project Tokyo Dolls and PortaFes collaboration✨✨


And to everyone who attends the main event, there will be 3 people chosen by lotteries who will get a “Skullcandy” collaboration headphones with our autographs as a present~💕💕



※ The talk event stage is free and it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.


Please do come on July 15th by all means~😆



The venue is at Belle Salle Akihabara 1F site stage~!!



Well then~ Today is a Friday💕

I’m sure the fatigue has piled up, but let’s do our best for the whole day~🌟


Source: ポタフェス! 

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Once Again with MonSoni!♡

Good evening everyone~😆🌟
It suddenly rained today and such, what a difficult weather, huh?😱


Well then, Monster Strike’s Animation “MonSoni!” which I’ve introduced before
The episode 3 and episode 4 of it has been uploaded~💓💓

Have you watched it yet?😊✨

D’artagnan and Shiori, you see~ They’re so cute🙈❤️

Please watch it by all means!


Not only that, the ending song “Zenryoku Idol Sengen♡” is sung by 4 characters, D’artagnan, Shiori, Corsair, and Nonno~!

It’s a really cute and catchy song, so please take attention to the ending song as well~💕


I’ll be changing the topic though, I pulled a gacha after piling up the orbs, but Shion-chan didn’t come out~😭

I want to meet Shion-chan as soon as possible~😫

Did you already get Shion-chan?✨



It has nothing to do with the previous topic, but recently I ate meat💕

It was rea~lly delicious~😭❤️


There is a wasabi on top of it, since I love wasabi so I put a lot on it, but when I ate it I was taken down by the spiciness…laughs


Everyone, please be cautious not to put too many just because you like wasabi, okay~!

Be careful~ 😊



Source: またまたモンソニ!♡ 

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