[Blog] I visited!

Today, I was able to visit Pyxis’s event “Pyxis 2nd Anniversary Party 2017 ~2-sai ni narimashita~”

It was my first time seeing them together, so I was really nervous~ laughs

But the two of them were so cute, they have this pure feeling to them it was wonderful~

I want to meet the two of them again soon~!!

These cuties gave me a lot of energy  (translation 101) (can do =)))

I need to do my best too

…as I said that, it was warm today too, right

Do you all make sure to keep hydrated?

Make sure to take care as to not get sick okay~

It’s our first time to take a photo with all three of us together~

But it was really dark with this lighting… laughs

I’m sorry laughs

Source: 遊びに行ってきました!

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[Blog] Information♡

Today is warm, isn’t it?

Recently the weather has been unclear by being warm and sometimes cold…


I’ve been going out lightly dressed during cold days, and dressing warmly during warm days

Even though I always check the weather forecast properly~


Well then, I have information for you!


It’s been decided that I’ll appear on China Guangzhou event “MOTTO Anime-Manga-Game-Movie Carnival” in July 28th


Event period: July 28th-29th, 2017 (09:30-17:00)

Venue: Guangzhou Stadium 2nd Gymnasium (China, Guangdong Sheng, Guangzhou Shi, Baiyun Qu)


Homepage (Chinese): http://www.imoduo.com

Advance ticket purchase site (Chinese): https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=550522943779

Inquiry (accepting Japanese): 46436355@qq.com



It’s been a while for an overseas event since the one in Taiwan

It makes me happy~


Recently, I haven’t been going overseas even in private, so I’m really looking forward to it

I want to meet the fans as soon as possible

Everyone, by all means please do come by, okay~



Source: お知らせです♡


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[Blog] 7th Anniversary♡

I’m late for this, but on May 12th, YuiKaori had celebrated its 7th anniversary

I’m surprised of how 7 years passed by quickly ever since our debut

Somehow, 7 years feels like lucky seven, it’s nice isn’t it?

Thank you for always giving us plenty of love



Our eyes became really big~laughs


P.S. When I told my childhood friend about YuiKaori’s 7th anniversary today, they gave me a surprise!

I’m blessed

I’ll celebrate it with Yui-chan at another time~!



Source: 7周年♡

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[Blog] Golden Week♡

Today had good weather, didn’t it~?

Although I’ve only been talking about nothing but the weather lately, Why? It’s because the days has becoming longer lately and it makes me feel excited~ 


Every morning, I try to confirm if it’d be sunny today or not laughs

Because I’ve only been interested in the weather, I ended up writing about it on my blog laughs


Well then, everyone, did you have fun on Golden Week?? 

Although it ends today, were you able to enjoy?


As for me, I had work, I went for a meal with my Junior High friends whom I haven’t met since our graduation, it was a fun sunny golden week 


It would be nice if it was a week that everyone enjoyed~~爆笑

This was a photo I took as my family and I basked in the sun

It’s such a nice weather~


Source: ゴールデンウィーク♡

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[Blog]Cocotama Movie♡

Although it’s a bit late…

Starting the 28th, “Kami-sama Minarai: Himitsu no Cocotama – Kiseki wo Okose♪ Teppuru to Dokidoki Sakai-” will be on theaters~

As I thought of how it’ll be a while until it’s shown, and before I noticed it, it’s already Golden Week soon

It has gotten this late

I’m sorry

The Cocotamas and the one for this movie, Teppuru-chan were all cute, I was healed by them during the recording~

Nozomi-chan will be in it as well, so please look forward to it okay?

I also have plans to watch it soon~

Oh yeah, a little while ago, the reader count of this blog has crossed over 10,000people~

That makes me so happy~

Since it’s something to celebrate, I bought a cake

A short cake

Thanks to everyone, I was able to eat this cake

Thank you~

From this point on, I’ll be updating every now and then so look forward to it, okay?

Well then, good night~

Source: 映画ここたま♡

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[Blog]Fantasy Squad♡

The weather was nice today, wasn’t it?

The cherry blossoms were falling, but because the green leaves were sparkling, it was exciting~

As expected, if it’s sunny your mood will be upbeat too, right?

And so, I went to Starbucks laughs

It’s been a while since it appeared in my blog, but I’ve been going back to it lately laughs

The selling period for it has passed already, but today I ate the Strawberry Donut I’ve always loved to eat~

The first time I saw it, I thought that it was really cute and was so sure it’d be sweet, but its sweetness was just right it was delicious

Has anyone of you eaten it before?

I’m thinking of eating the Early Grey Milk Tea Donut next~

Also I have some information

I’ll be in the mobile game “Fantasy Squad” as Cloi

She’s a really bright and energetic girl~

By all means, everyone, use Cloi okay?

There’s also a currently on-going Twitter campaign

Please participate on it~


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[Blog] Fufu~n~ ♡

The truth is…..
















Cut my bangs (laughs laughs)










How is it? 



I’ve somewhat had no bangs for about 2 years,

I was shaken by my unfamiliar self right after I cut my bangs at the beauty parlor laughs

And I get embarrassed at myself who looks younger than before it made me uneasy laughs laughs



but I got tired of long bangs laughs

I’ve pondered it over and over again, do I cut it or do not as I cut it, I don’t regret it laughs!!


Well, I was frightened of myself as I saw my reflection in a shop’s window or a mirror…





But that truth is, I’ve cut it a long time ago, I was excited as I thought of when I would tell all of you, and before I noticed it time has passed already laughs


but thanks to that I’m familiar to how I look now laughs!!




I wonder which one do you all like?




It would be nice if you like both of them~ laughs

Source: ふふん♡

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[Blog] The Joy of Spring

I finally got some free time.

I’m sorry.


It sure is already Spring.

The past two days has had good weather, it was warm too, finally my season has come, it really made me happy laughs!

I love day time and cheerful warm weather, so no matter what happens it’ll be exciting!

Today at my workplace, my bag got stuck in the door and I couldn’t move. I thought about going home with my slippers, a lot of things happened laughs laughs

And with thanks to the Spring as well, I was able to do my work with a lot of vigor today too~

I look forward to tomorrow too~~


How about everyone, have you gotten accustomed to your new lives?


Oh yeah, also!

Today, it was announced, that our live that occurred last February 11th in Yoyogi National Gymnasium, First Gymnasium, “YuiKaori Live Tour “Starlight Link” has announced it’s BD/DVD release and a Best Album “Y&K” has been announced to be on sale on June 21st!

By all means, everyone, please do look forward to it okay?


Source: 春の陽気♡

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[Blog] Report

Thank you very much for all of your support.
I have an announcement to report to everyone.


To this day, I, Ishihara Kaori, have left the agency that has taken care of me for 3 years, Sigma Seven, last March 31st, 2017. I have decided to move back to Style Cube, who has taken care of me in the past.


I was able to experience a lot of things that I wanted to try while I was in Sigma Seven. Even though I have decided to part-ways from them, they gave me their best wishes and sent me off to go do my best, the way that I would.
I will continue working as a voice actor further and do my best. Please take care of me from now on as well.
Ishihara Kaori

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[Blog] Thank you very much!

Yesterday, I appeared in “Tsuda Minami’s End Live” 

To everyone who watched and commented, thank you very much

This is actually the first time that I’ve participated in something with Tsuda-chan, I’m filled with a lot of happiness to finally be able to meet her

And of course, Haruka-sama and Panicia’s live drama

The game recording is always done in singles, so I’m really happy to be able to converse with Haruka-sama live

I want to do it again someday~~!

The game has been updated, so to those who hasn’t played it yet, please do give it a try

A very cute Panicia is waiting for you! laughs

Well then, let’s do our best today as well!

Source: ありがとうございました!

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