[Blog] Thank You♡

Everyone, sorry for making you worried yesterday~😣

Thank your for a lot of comments and advices🙇

Thanks to you, the pain on my fingers were lessen when I woke up this morning😂♡


What a relief, really~😣💓💓💓

For a while I thought what will happen to it…

I thought it wouldn’t ever be healed~💦💦



I did things as you advised, such as washing my hand with the coffee powder, and washing them with salad oil and soap… In the end I didn’t know which one worked the most~ laughs

But thanks to you I’m saved and get better like before😆🌸🌸

Really thanks~💕



If your hands get hurt by the green peppers next time, please refer to the other’s comments, okay?✨

And make sure to go to the dermatology laughs!

Speaking of that, I guess I won’t touch green peppers for a while…🙄laughs


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[Blog] Help me~ㅜㅜ


Good evening🌟

Today was hot as well, wasn’t it~?☺️💓

Yesterday I was impressed by the beautiful rainbow and sunset ✨

Did you see the sunset~?✨

The clouds and sky were illuminated by the sunset, it’s really fantastic~😊💕



Rather than that, everyone please help me~💦💦

Today I was helping my mom to make a dinner so I cut and threw away green peppers’ seeds, and since than both of my thumbs, index fingers, and middle fingers keep stinging and it really hurts, how do I fix it?😭😭😭



I washed my hands several times, I tried to take a bath, cool it off with ice, I even searched on the internet, mixed olive oil and sugar and washed my hand with it…But it didn’t work at all😂

If there is one of you who read this blog, who knows well about green peppers and have experienced similar thing, please tell me about it~😭

I wonder if it’ll heal over time…?😵

Or won’t it be healed anymore~?😭😭😭




Everyone, I’m counting on you~😭


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[Blog] Apple Pie♡

Good Afternoon!

Today is raining huh~☔️

Since it was raining, I thought it’d be cold so I wore thick clothing but unexpectedly, it’s actually hot and humid😭

I wore the wrong clothes~

Noooo~~ ㅜㅜ


It’s so hot~😵

It’s been a while since I last wrote about it, but the other day I went to Starbucks~😆✨

It might be wrong, but it’s been about a year since I last ate apple pie~🍎🍰

It was delicious~🤤

Of course the apple is delicious, as well as the crust too, it’s too delicious🙈💓

As for me, apple pie feels like an Autumn food, what about everyone else? ✨

It was so delicious~💓💓

Starting September 15th, they’ll be selling a Hojicha Cream Frapuccino with Caramel Sauce~😆✨✨

I don’t usually order frapuccinos, but since I love Hojicha I’m looking forward to it even now🌸

Well then~

Although it’s already been half of the day, everyone good luck on school and work okay~😆

It’s the photo that I forgot to upload the other day~☺️🌸

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[Blog] Public Recording♡


Good afternoon~😆💓

It’s a bit late for this, but yesterday was the public recording for “Rinne no Lagrange” 5th Anniversary of television broadcasting – original exhibition memorial, Bunka Housou Chou! A&G+ “Wada Masayuki and Nagaku Yuki’s WADAX Radio”~🌸

Thank you very much to everyone who came to Kamogawa😊💕

I was able to talk a lot about Lagrange on the public recording and the event!



When I had a talk with Director Suzuki and Suwa Producer who participated as the guests at the same time as mine, I was able to recall my feelings and memories during that time when I was still 19, it felt like a time slip😊✨✨


With Director Suzuki♡



With Producer Suwa♡





And this time I was together with Wada Masayuki-san, Soyama Momoko-san, and Yamashita Mami-san, even though it was the first time we’ve met each other, I was able to relax and had a fun talk together with them😆💓

It was funny that sometimes our tempo didn’t match each other~laughs💕💕



Even on the backstage, I get to know a wonderful application, I had fun~☺️

I want to be together with everyone again~😍

I’ll be waiting for your impression~💓

I want to go to Kamogawa again~😄


With Wada-san♡



With Soyama-san and Yamashita-san♡






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[Blog] Thanks for Waiting! Also, Kamogawa!


Good evening🌙

Today was warm, wasn’t it~😆💕

It’s been a while since I saw the trees sparkling and the clear blue sky, it made me happy~😍



By the way I said that I’d write about my lunch with Yui-chan on the previous blog, but when I realized it a week has passed…

I’m sorryㅜㅜ

I went to eat hamburger together with Yui-chan~💓💓




Such a stylish hamburger🍔It’s my first time eating it^^

It’s quite thick so it’s a bit difficult to eat, but it was rea~lly delicious😭❤️❤️

As expected, I love hamburger~💕

There are times when I want to eat it so much!!



After that we went to buy our birthday present~😆

This year we bought a matching cosmetic~🌸



It’s Rouge Dior Liquid💄✨

We bought a matching color~✨✨

There were a lot of colors for this, we tried a lot and chose them!!

I still take care of it preciously, I’m really looking forward to use it one day that I can’t help it😘

This time we only met in a short time, but it was such a fulfilling time✨✨

It was fun~😆💓





Also, tomorrow is “Rinne no Lagrange” 5th Anniversary of television broadcasting – original exhibition memorials, Bunka Housou Chou! A&G+ “Wada Masayuki and Nagaku Yuki’s WADAX Radio” public recording event~😍❤️

Kamogawa~ It’s Kamogawa~☀️☀️




I’m looking forward to meet you tomorrow♡♡


I’m hungry…When I think about Kamogawa, it makes me want to eat fish~

  1. It’s Kyouno Madoka’s catchphrase in Rinne no Lagrange. Literally means ’round’ or ‘circle’, she makes a circle with her index finger.
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[Blog] Hurray~♡

Today was a bit chilly, wasn’t it~😣



I regretted going out in thin clothes yesterday, so today I was wearing thicker clothes😆🌸

And as I did that, I turned out okay today~✌🏻


I’m glad~!!



It’s hot in western Japan, right~?🤔

How envious~😣✨✨




You know, today I went for lunch together with Yui-chan~♡


But I won’t talk about it this time, so I’ll put it next time, okay?😆laughs



I have an announcement for you✨



For “Rinne no Lagrange” 5th Anniversary of television broadcasting – original pictures exhibition memorials, it’s been decided that I’ll be participated on the public recording event of Bunka Housou Chou! A&G+ “Wada Masayuki and Nagaku Yuki’s WADAX Radio” which will be held on September 9th (Sat)~💓💓



I’m really glad that I could go to Kamogawa once again~✨✨



The admission is free, but you need to apply to participate on the event😍

I’ll be glad if you could go~🌸


Let’s meet in Kamogawa on the 9th~💁✨✨







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[Blog] Good Afternoon~


Today was raining and cold that you want believe it’s still August, right~😂

It’s already the last day of August…How sad~😭

I’m so sad because I’ve been waiting for Summer since last year’s Winter…


I want next Summer to come fast~😣



Well then~

Peaches has come to our house☺️💓💓

Good afternoon~ Peaches🍑🍑

Somehow I kept on talking about peaches on my blog lately, I’m sorry💕

It’s the one I ordered since a while ago, I’ve been waiting for it to come for a long time~😍💕

So cute~❤️




Such a nice view~💓💓💓

I’ll start to eat it tomorrow🙈✨



I’m really looking forward to it, I’m getting worried whether I can sleep or not😆✨✨

I hope it tastes sweet~😆✨

Recently, I ate an unbelievably sour peach, it didn’t even taste like a peach laughs🤣

Did you eat peaches recently~?😊




Also one more✨

I’ll be changing the topic,

The mobile game application “Magia Record” has been released on August 22nd🌸🌸

I voiced Minami Rena✨

I’ll be glad if you could play it☺️💓

For more information, check here💁



Source: こんにちは〜 

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[Blog] It’s Nice!♡

Today is sunny, isn’t it~?😊☀️

The rains has been continuing recently, so it’s been a while since it’s been this refreshing😊🌸

It made me really excited✌🏻💓

How about everyone?

It’s a bit hot, is it troublesome?👀

Well then~ I had work the other day and it was fun~😚

It’s been a while since I saw these people I like~✌🏻✨✨

If you’re with people you like, you naturally just get really hyped up, right?💕

I really want to tell everyone about it already~🤗

And top it all off, I’m also really hungry today~😆💦

Today I’m in the mood for peaches🍑 eating them to my heart’s content❤️❤️❤️❤️


They’re peaches I received from the School Girl Strikers Event🍑

I received two of them~ 😍💕💕💕

It’s the sweetest peach🍑 I’ve eaten up to now~😭💓💓

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[Blog] It’s Yummy~♡

Good evening!


Recently the day has been getting shorter, hasn’t it?😖

It’s started to get dark around 17:30~18:00, and I can feel that winter is coming closer~😞

Not only that, today I heard the sound of bell cricket…

It’s almost Fall, huh~😔

I like the fall colors so Fall is also nice, but it somehow makes me feel sad😫


But, you know, the other day I felt the Summer again😎☀️








It’s shaved ice once again~🍧💓




Last time I ate mango flavor, this time it’s strawberry flavor~🍓✨✨


The way the shaved ice piled up was unique, it made me excited~😊💕





Isn’t it amazing!?

It looks like Mountain Fuji🗻✨

Not only that, it’s really soft~~😂💓



The strawberry sauce is moderately bitter sweet so I could eat it forever, and on top of that, the amount of the sauce is amazing✨✨


It also has a lot of pulp, such a fillingness~💓



Shimura-san’s shaved ice, it’s really delicious~~😭❤️❤️


I could still enjoy Summer~~😆✨✨✨








I took a selfie after the recent School Girl Strikers event, but I forgot to put it~😆💦💦


Source: おいしい〜♡ 


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[Blog] Thank You Very Much!

Yesterday I participated on “School Girl Strikers Goryokan Gakuen Summer Festival”~☺️✨
To everyone who came, thank you very much💓
Did you enjoy the summer festival?✨
I was happy to meet all of you, being so lively😆


I was able to try a lot of things named after School Girl Strikers during the game corner, such as recital drama and summer festival~!!


My favorite all of things, was barley tea tasting✌🏻️
I was able to guess which barley tea I drank in one try~!!
I’ve been thinking about it ever since MBS Radio “Oretachi Gochamaze!”, that I have a good sense of taste☺️❤️


As expected, I love tasting something~!! It’s fun😍



The flying rubber airplane which we did during night session was also fun😆❤️

You see, that thing, even though during the event it didn’t flew at all, but it was flying perfectly during the rehearsal, you know!?

It’s true!! I bet you don’t believe me, don’t you~?😂


Even thought it was only me who was able to make it fly until it reached the line…Why did it become like this during the event😭laughs

I couldn’t even describe it anymore, that situation…laughs

I have the photo when I was going to fly the airplane~☺️
I’ll put it here, okay!



There is also me and Yui-chan’s birthday celebration🎂
Really, really thank you~💓💓
We were surprised at the surprise~!!
But I’m really happy that I was able to celebrate it together with Yui-chan this year as well❤️
Really thanks😊
Also to the rest of the cast who celebrated together with us, and the staff, thank you very much✨✨


It became such a nice memory~😊



I wore Tsubame-colored yukata💕


With Yui-chan!


With Rina-chan!


With Asakawa Yuu-san!



I failed to take pictures together with Sawashiro-san and Hanazawa-san~😭



By the way, on the previous blog, I forgot to verify the answer for the shrimp wonton noodles and mizu gyoza😆💦


The right answer is, the one on top was shrimp wonton noodles and the one below was mizu gyoza✌🏻️✨


Actually I wanted to put mizu gyoza picture on top, but I wonder what I was thinking of back then that I put it in reverse~😚


Everyone guessed it right, huh~💓


You’re amazing~!!


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