[Blog] Thank you very much!


Were you able to enjoy yesterday’s niconama “Dolls Live”~?☺️🌸


I really had fun because I was able to to the stream while being in a cute room and snacks~♪




I had participated on the events several times together with my beloved Team A, Kaede-chan and Lynn-chan, but this time we were also together with Suzuki Eri-chan who voiced Hiyo from Team B, it was fun in a different way💕💕




During the streaming, there was also an announcement for Dolls event “Secret Garden”, so please look forward to it, okay!


For more information, please check the home page🌸



The cake was delicious~🎂


I didn’t realize my photo got taken laughs



I’m getting hungry when I saw the cake😂


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[Blog] Tonight♡


Good day everyone😃💓

Although it’s been a while, how do you do~?✨

I sleep a lot so I’m fine😊



You know, today is the streaming day for Project Tokyo Dolls niconama “Doll House Live”~🌸

You didn’t forget about it, right?😍

It’ll be a while since I met the other Dolls so I’m happy😆

Please watch it by all means~♪

Well then, see you later🌸



It’s another off-shot from VOICE channel💓


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[Blog] On Sale Day and Dolls♡

Everyone, good day😃♥️


I thought that it’s been a while since it was sunny, suddenly it was cloudy.

To top it all, it looks like it’s going to rain😭💦




To think that another typhoon is closing in…


That’s saddening😢💔


Everyone take care of the rains and the winds okay?😣


Well then, even though it’s that kind of day I have a good news for everyone! laughs


Today’s the on sale day of the magazine I’ll be appearing in, VOICE Channel.😆💕


Have you all checked it already?✨


This time the theme was going on a date~


I wore cute outfits and make up that I liked~💕


By all means, check it okay?



Also on November 5th, Project Tokyo Dolls will be having a niconama “Doll House Live” and I’ll be appearing in it😍💓


Since it’s the very first live stream for Dolls I’m really excited for it~😆✨

It would be nice if everyone would enjoy it!


By all means, please check it😍


For more information you can find them on the Official Website✌️


Well then~!!


I’ll do my best today too♡


A peek on VOICE channel’s offshot♡



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[Blog] PayoPayo♡

Good evening~!

It’s been a while~😍💓

Is everyone okay?✨


Everyday’s been cold, it’s been raining all day so I’ve been all bundled up😣💦

Well, it’s Autumn already so being lightly dressed sometimes is like a preparation for Winter😆🌸


Has everyone prepared for Winter already~?


Well then, I have some information for everyone😍


Last year, I also appeared in PayoPayo’s Public Recording, and once again I’m going to be in it~💓




It was a really fun public recording so I’m happy😃

I’m already looking forward to it even now~💕


The day I’ll be appearing in is January 14th, 2018 (Sunday)💕


Although it’s still until next year, I’ll be happy if everyone comes~♥️

I didn’t have any good photos so I’ll upload this photo I took when I went to Disney Sea with my friend the other day♡


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[Blog] Mannaka Island♡

Everyone, good afternoon!

Today’s cloud and rainy, isn’t it~?😭

But please do have a fun weekend, okay?😊


Well then! I have some information for everyone!


On December 3rd, 2017, I’ll be appearing in “Welcome to Mannaka Island! Vol. 1 ~Nakashima Yuki and Aihara Arisa’s Mannaka Island Public Recording~”😍💕


I’m really happy to be able to do radio with these two again😆🌸

By all means, everyone, please do come to the public recording, okay~?


I wonder what we’ll be doing~?😊

I look forward to it~❤️❤️


Schedule: December 3, 2017 (Sun)


First Session: Gates Open 12:45/Start: 13:30

Second Session: Gates Open 15:45/Start: 16:30

Location: Kai・Ketsu ii Conference Room HALL-A


For more information, come visit the official home page💕



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[Blog] Girlfriend (Beta)

Everyone, good evening♡


Today was really cold, wasn’t it~?😣

Did you not catch a cold?


I thought that it was going to be hot but it suddenly got cold. The difference in temperature is quite severe so please take care of your physical condition, okay?✨


Well then, I have some information for everyone💓


On December 9th, 2017 I’ll be appearing in the event “Girlfriend (Beta) 5th ANNIVERSARY LIVE ~SEIO Christmas Party~”😊💕


It’s my first time participating in it so I’m already so excited about it and I can’t help it🌸


It’s been a while since I last sung so I’m really happy~😍

By all means, everyone, please do come okay?💕


The ticket applications are currently on-going~💓



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[Blog] Thank You Very Much!

Today I participated on the event “Grimoire Magic School Festival 3rd Anniversary 2017″~💓💓

To everyone who came, thank you very much✨


This time, the Grimoire event had not only the stage for the cast, but also Grimoire Test, niconama and else, we were able to had a game corner, recital and such😊⭐️


I’m grateful to be able to spend my time together with the Grimoire fans and the other cast this year as well⭐️⭐️

Thank you very much😊

And as for me, I’m really happy that I was able to meet Matsuzawa Chiaki-san after a while❤️




I was sitting right in front of Chiaki-san in the dressing room, I couldn’t stop grinning and I spent a fun time on the dressing room💕

I want to have a work together with her again~❤️

Well then, good night~😴💤💤



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[Blog] Grimoire Magic School Festival ~ 3rd Anniversary 2017~

Good morning😃☀

Today is the day of the Grimoire event~😊🌸🌸

I’m really happy to be able to attend a Grimoire event again this year✨

It’s all thanks to everyone who supports Grimoire😊

Thank you very much💓

To everyone who will be going today, let’s see each other later😍

Well then, until later~🙋⭐️

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[Blog] Xenoblade2

It’s been a while~😆

I haven’t been able to update for a while~✨✨



It’s completely turning into Fall, isn’t it?☺️💦

I could feel the scent of the fragrant olives since around last week, it made my heart skip a beat~🌸🌸



It’s kind of sad that Summer ending, but since I was on elementary, I always feel that the scent of fragrant olives is the transition of the season, so I feel excited~💓


Have you already seen the fragrant olives~?✨


Well then, I have information for you😊


I voiced Hotaru in the exclusive soft for Nintendo Switch’s “Xenoblade2” which will be on sale on December 1st 😊✨✨


Hotaru-chan is a really cute character, the recording was also fun😍🌸


There is still time until it release, but I’ll be glad if you could look forward to it❤️


Please wait until December~🙈🍑



Go here for more information!



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[Blog] Thank You♡

Everyone, sorry for making you worried yesterday~😣

Thank your for a lot of comments and advices🙇

Thanks to you, the pain on my fingers were lessen when I woke up this morning😂♡


What a relief, really~😣💓💓💓

For a while I thought what will happen to it…

I thought it wouldn’t ever be healed~💦💦



I did things as you advised, such as washing my hand with the coffee powder, and washing them with salad oil and soap… In the end I didn’t know which one worked the most~ laughs

But thanks to you I’m saved and get better like before😆🌸🌸

Really thanks~💕



If your hands get hurt by the green peppers next time, please refer to the other’s comments, okay?✨

And make sure to go to the dermatology laughs!

Speaking of that, I guess I won’t touch green peppers for a while…🙄laughs


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