[Blog] Thank you very much!

Yesterday, I appeared in “Tsuda Minami’s End Live” 

To everyone who watched and commented, thank you very much

This is actually the first time that I’ve participated in something with Tsuda-chan, I’m filled with a lot of happiness to finally be able to meet her

And of course, Haruka-sama and Panicia’s live drama

The game recording is always done in singles, so I’m really happy to be able to converse with Haruka-sama live

I want to do it again someday~~!

The game has been updated, so to those who hasn’t played it yet, please do give it a try

A very cute Panicia is waiting for you! laughs

Well then, let’s do our best today as well!

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[Blog] Endride♡

Long time no see!

I haven’t updated in a short while

I’m sorry!


Well then!

I have some information

On the 13th, it will be airing starting at 21:00JST

I’ll be appearing in “Tsuda Minami’s End Live

It’ll be my first End Ride event? so I’m really looking forward to it!!


I wonder how it would be like~?

By all means, everyone, please do watch it


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[Blog] Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 4♡

I have an announcement for you

I think there are some people who already know about this, in the movie “Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 4 ‘Shoushitsu’” which will start showing on the  25th, I voiced Bakumon


To be able to take part in Digimon which I love since I was in kindergarten, it feels like a dream for me, and the first time I knew about this, I got panicked, surprised and excited, that I experienced how I couldn’t sleep at all at night laughs


To me who just really reall really really loves Digimon, it’s such a wonderful present, thank you very much! I’m really blessed

In those days where I watched Digimon, I didn’t even think this day would ever come


Also, I’m really happy that I could tell everyone who happily listened to me, when I was talking excitedly by myself about Digimon on the radio and live performances


It’ll start showing tomorrow

Please watch it in the theaters by all means


Okay! I’ll do my best on my work after this, okay


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[Blog] Completely❤︎

I’m sorry I made all of you worry


Thanks to you I’ve completely gotten better, and I’ve started working again since a couple days ago


For plenty of comments, thank you very much

I was a bit down because I couldn’t participate in the niconama, but I get encouraged by everyone’s kindness

Everyone, are your conditions okay~?

Please be careful not to get sick, okay



Even so, today was really warm, wasn’t it?

Somehow, it made me remember of my college’s graduation ceremony.

If I’m not mistaken, the temperature that day was similar to today

It’s been a year, huh… I’m surprised of how time flies by so fast.



The daytime is also getting longer, it makes me really excited as someone who really loves Summer. laughs

I want it to be Spring soon~

Back to topic again, I really wanted to dance “Aozora no Rhapsody” together with the Chorogons~ laughs


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[Blog] I’m Sorry

Due to bad health, I needed to take a break from the niconama “Chorogons’s Live Broadcasting” episode 4.

I’m sorry to everyone who looked forward to itショボーン


I myself was also looking forward to have a niconama together with the Chorogons, so I’m disappointed that I couldn’t goアセアセ

So today I’ll watch the show at home and cheer them on爆  笑ラブラブ


Everyone, please support “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” broadcast and niconama “Chorogons’s Live Broadcasting” as well, okay爆  笑キラキラキラキラ


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[Blog] Miss Kobayashi❤︎

Tomorrow on the 15th I’ll be appearing on “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” niconama “Chorogons’s Live Broadcasting” episode 4ハートハート

It’ll start broadcasting at 22:00 JST!

Everyone, please watch it by all means, okayラブラブラブ


I love Maid Dragon’s recording site, so I always look forward to the recordingラブラブ

I’m really happy that I could have a niconama together with the people I love!

I’ll be happier if everyone is looking forward to it laughsチョキ

Well then, let’s do our best today as well!



Also, I totally forgot about it though laughs

Everyone, Happy Valentinesハートハート


Source: 小林さん❤︎

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[Blog] ❤︎

YuiKaori LIVE TOUR “Starlight Link” has finally finished


To everyone who came to Nagoya, Sendai, Osaka, and Tokyo.

Also to everyone who wasn’t able to come, but still cheered on us.


Really, really, thank you very muchおねがいキラキラ



It’s a tour where I could really feel everyone’s love, and even on yesterday’s live it made me cry.


I love having a live. As much as that yesterday when we had to ride rail cars since it’s been long, when I saw everyone’s smiles, I felt that the best moment I like is to spend a splendid time together with everyone.

Everyone always said things like “You give me power”, “You give me courage”, “Thank you”, but I’ve also been saved by plenty of love from everyone.


I can do my best because everyone is here to give me courage


Everyone, thank youハート



Well then, I’m sure that you are also tired, so please rest up properly, okay?爆  笑


Ah~ It was funラブラブ


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[Blog] Collab Roooooom❤︎

Uu~~ Today was reaaallly cold笑い泣きアセアセ

Did it snow around your area? 雪だるま雪の結晶

I only saw the rain~キョロキョロ


Anyway, the roads are frozen and wet, so everyone please take care okay?


If you get injured and become unable to come to YuiKaori’s live in Tokyo this weekendガーンIt’ll make me sad



Anyway, I’m sure you all know about it already, but the YuiKaori Special Collab Room and Collab Drink in the JOYSOUND Nakano Store started last 2/10~~爆  笑 ハートハート


I was surprised when I heard that we got a collab room! laughs


I never thought that this day would ever come… laughs


so, after work, Yui-chan and I went to check out the store! laughs





T- That’s big… laughs


It was larger than what I was expecting laughs


It has become a fun room with YuiKaori in all sides of it! laughs


I thought that it’ll be more embarrassing~~てへぺろbut I became comfortable with it after a while, I loved itラブラブ


and, as I thought it was interesting laughs


If I had another opportunity, I’ll go again~~!



By all means, everyone do come okayウインク❤︎

The drinks were cute and delicious too

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[Blog] Osaka Live❤︎

I’m unsure if I should say today, or yesterday again… laughs

To everyone who went to our Osaka Live, thank you very much爆  笑 キラキラ

It’s been a year since I’ve been to Osaka, it was really fun~

How about everyone? ウインク

Did you all enjoy it? ラブ

Actually, in today’s Osaka Live’s Encore, we wore each other’s face print t-shirts! laughs 1

Were you all surprised? laughs

Us, too. As we thought about it, we laughed a lot as well laughs

It would make me happy if everyone had fun with it even just a little as well~チュー

Well then, everyone, rest well okay~?

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[Blog] Tomorrow? …Today?

Good evening everyone!


The 5th is the day of YuiKaori’s Osaka Liveラブラブラブラブ

It feels strange because we have 2 weeks vacant before the live laughs!


It’s been a while for me since I’ve been to Osaka

I’m really looking forward to it!


Everyone, let’s meet up tomorrowウインク桜

Well then, until tomorrow~!!

Bye bye~♫


Source: 明日?、、今日?

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