[Blog] Malie♡


It’s been a while since the last time I wrote a blog~😊💓

Have you been freed from the New Year’s silly state~?


As for me, I’m already on my working mode since a while😊🌸



I made some several trivial mistakes (not on my work laughs) so I was a bit sulking, but the items which I ordered since the end of the year which I’ve been looking forward to has finally arrived☺️💓


Malie Organics🌺

It’s, you know~ It’s these items😆🌸🌸

Malie Organics



It’s an organic spa which was born from the Mother Nature in Kauai Island, Hawaii, they sell a lot of items such as body creams and diffuser and made from the tropical plants’ essence☺️



I love plumeria’s scent, so whenever I go to Hawaii, I always buy it little by little😆💕

The shop is cute, the scent is also nice, so every time I go to Malie it feels like I’m going to Hawaii~😍🌸


And then, about this Malie, in Hawaii they have a limited lucky-dip bag on January 1st! It’s such a good value because it has a lot of items in it, but since I couldn’t go to Hawaii on January 1st I couldn’t buy it, and when I was wondering if I could buy it in Japan and looked it up, I found it😆🌸


I don’t know what’s in it, and since I’ve never bought anything aside of the plumeria, I thought that it’d be nice to try something new and ordered it💓



You can feel the nice scent even when you open the box😍



In my box, there are





Eau de parfum

with mango scent✨




Reed diffusers

Body cream

with kokee scent✨



Soil candle

with a coconut scent✨




There were no plumeria in it, but each of them were really nice~😆✨




And my favorite one is the coconut🥥🌸

I wasn’t good with it before, but since last year I’ve been starting to like coconut’s scent laughs



I could feel like I’m in Hawaii with this~💓💓

I’m so happy~!

As expected, I get excited when it comes to Hawaii☺️🌸



I can’t help but to look forward to use it from now on~!

I was sulking but it’s getting even with this~😆💕





Although I’ll be changing the topic now, tomorrow I have Payopayo😊

To everyone who will come, please come by and wear warm clothes, okay☺️


Take care of me~🌺


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[Blog] Happy New Year

Happy New Year⛩✨

Please take care of me this year as well😍💕


I was watching GakiTsuka1 and when I realized it’s already New Year😆


From my zodiac, rooster, year🐣it has become the year of the dog, right? Time flew fast😆✨

I love dogs, and this year has also become the zodiac year so I went to the pet shop at once~💓


They’re all so cute💕


It makes me think that my fortune will increase~!!


Are you spending a wonderful New Year?✨



Well then, I have some information for you☺️


The character song CD for arcade game “Wonderland Wars” where I voiced Dorumiru, will be released on February 28th✨


And the teaser video for the character song has also been revealed💓


Teaser video

Listen to it okay?✨



Also, my radio program “Ishihara Kaori no Carry up!?” will start airing today on 19:00 JST💕


Please watch the commemorable first episode, okay~😆


Well then, let’s make 2018 into a good year together~💓



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  1. Gaki no Tsukai, or Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!, a Japanese variety show hosted by a duo Downtown
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[Blog] Merry Christmas♡

Yesterday was Karaoke Max🎤~💓

It was reaaaaaaaaaaaaally fun~💕

Did you all have fun as well?✨✨


I sung

– Love Namidairo
– Koibito ga Santa Claus
– Shingo-Mama no OhaRock
– KIRA☆Power

these 4 songs~😍💓


I don’t usually experience singing another people’s songs in front of anyone else, so it was a very valuable experience💕

Everyone I participated with also chose some really interesting songs, time flew past by so quickly~😆✨✨

Everyone who went to Karaoke Max are really warm people so I was able to spend a wonderful christmas😍

Thank you very much💕

May everyone spend a very happy christmas🎄🎁🤶

I uploaded some photos on Twitter as well, so go look at it okay?😍



Today when I woke up early, Mama Santa had delivered my favorite Milfeulle’s from Berne’s. It was on my bed side table~💕

So happy~🌸

I love the milk flavor the most, so I ate it last~😍


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[Blog] Karaoke Max

Everyone, good evening!


Thank you very much for all of the comments😆💓

I never thought that I’d get this much comments from everyone, I was surprised😊✨


I read everything, you know?🌸


I’m very happy to see everyone’s thoughts😣💓

Really, thank you very much😣✨✨



Although I will be changing the topic now, tomorrow, I will be appearing in “Karaoke MAX” 🤶🎄


I don’t usually have the opportunity to show everyone my singing in the karaoke so I really look forward to it💕


I heard from Koyama-san that a lot of people will be coming to cheer us on. Thank you very much😣✨


If there are anyone who couldn’t participate in tomorrow’s event, that’s really encouraging😆💕

By all means, please watch over me😍


May it become a wonderful christmas with everyone💕


Tonight in the Ishihara Home, we had some Kaldi’s Umakara Nabe~!

It’s so delicious, everyone at home really loves it!

Isn’t that nice~?😆🌸

I recommend it~😍


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[Blog] Information!

As usual, it sure is cold, huh~

I tremble everyday~😂💦

Is everyone’s health okay?✨

Always stay warm!


Well then, I have some information for everyone!


On this wonderful blessed chance, I will be debuting as solo artiste under Pony Canyon in March 2018☺️🌸


The thing that I have been nervous about since a long time ago, the thing that I wanted to tell everyone about, is this ✨


When I first heard about the talks of a solo for me, I was really surprised!

But even now, I still love to sing and dance, and I’ll be happy if I could continue such activities, since it’s an unknown world that I have not experienced yet, I feel a little mixture of mysterious and worried emotions.😊


But when I thought that I’ll be able to have some fun with everyone it made me happy😊💓


Since I’ve been given this chance to have my solo activities, I’ll do my best to be able to make all my fans happy☺️


By all means, please take care of me from now on, too.🌸

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[Blog] Live GF (Beta)

Good evening🌙


Today was the “Girl Friend (Beta) 5th ANNIVERSARY LIVE ~SEIO Christmas Party~ and I appeared in it☺️🌸


To everyone who went, to everyone who cheered for us, thank you very much😆✨


It’s been a while since I’ve sung in-front of everyone so I was a little nervous, but because you all welcomed me with warmth, I was able to have a lot of fun~💕


How was it for everyone~?✨

I wonder if you all had fun~? ✨✨


Since it was a Christmas Party, I was able to wear something like this💓

A Yuzuko colored light blue dress👗

It’s been a while since I last wore this color~😊

Us Team First Years took a photo~☺️💕


With Hidaka Rina-chan and Mikami Shiori-chan😆


It was really fun~💕💕



It would be nice if we were able to give everyone a fun Christmas Party❤️


Well then, I’ll be sleeping now, okay?

Good night😴


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[Blog] I got a cute thing♡

Everyone, thanks for the good work today😆🌸


Right now, I’m really sleepy~🤣


Aren’t you all sleepy?

Are you okay~? laughs


Today, I went to recording and got this really wonderful item~💓


Do you know what it is? 😆🌸


This is, when you hang it it has aroma, it’s an aroma stone ? that’s what it is💓


I’m not sure if it really is an aroma stone, it’s a mystery laughs

They told me what it was but I forgot it~😣


The design is cute isn’t it💕

It’s probably a dress☺️👗


To top it off, not only did I receive this, I got some aroma scents too✨

I was asked to choose from around 70 kinds of aroma scent, there were so many of them it was really hard to choose ~!!

’cause each one of them smelled really nice~!


In the end, I got everyone’s advice and ended up taking the rose and somewhat lavender one☺️🌹💜


It has suddenly become a scent that I really like✨✨


Right now, it’s inside my bag, and it smells really nice! laughs

Nice smelling things are nice, aren’t they~?

They make me feel calm~~😊


I feel like I’ve become a great woman~ laughs😆💕


Everyone too, please feel relax from something you feel relaxed with, okay? ✨

To think of it, today’s blog, all of the information it is vague, isn’t it? laughs 🤣


Well then, I’ll take a nap ☺️💤


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[Blog] Been a while!

Today, I was able to go and do something I haven’t in a while~☺️🌸

It was really nice and fun to meet with people I haven’t met in a really long time~😊💕

More than that, it seems that everyone was doing really well~😆🌸


It’s something that I haven’t done in a while I was so nervous it made me sweating so much, but when I think that I can finally reveal it to everyone really soon makes me happy😊


By all means, look forward to it, okay~😆🌸


Well then, good night~😴⭐



This photo is when I went to eat outside after work☺️💓

It was delicious~😊

I ate until I was full~😆


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[Blog] Nandado~!

Today, I was able to guest in “Mannaka Island e Youkoso! ~Nakashima Yuuki to  Aihara Arisa no Mannaka Island Public Recording~”😊🌸


Thank you very much to everyone who came by😆💓


I participated both in the first and second sessions, it was quite a hard public recording to everyone who went, wasn’t it? (laughs)


During the second session, there was a survey where everyone was asked to write “Cute Lines” for a corner where we will read it. I read some of them as well! Being able to read everyone’s written lines was a new trial! (laughs laughs)


Everyone was really surprised~😆💕


I was surprised, too~ (laughs)🤣


In other corners, too, everyone’s skill to adlib was really surprising, it moved me😊✨


Thank you very much for all of your cooperation~💓


It would be nice if it has become a nice event to everyone☺️✨


Well then, tomorrow everyone will be in school or at work, so please rest well, okay~😆


Good night⭐


Yuki-chan and Arisa-chan, thank you as well~💓💓



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[Blog] *S-Shock*(∵)

Good evening~😆💓


Today I was able to enjoy my work~☺️🌸



How about you?

Though it’s a flowery Friday, do you enjoy it?😊✨




As for me, ever since I went home, I enjoyed watching videos from my phone~


For about an hour I think☺️


I really enjoyed it, I spent a relaxing good idle time.


And then, I thought to do something else, so I stopped the video and I saw my screen…





That…The 3 black strips…



Which usually should’ve been there





I couldn’t find them…






And when I opened the setting in a hurry…






I didn’t connect to the Wi-Fi😂😂😂😂😂😂










Because bandwidth limit is painful, I decided not to watch videos unless I’m on the places with Wi-Fi!!


That if I want to watch videos, I should connect to Wi-Fi first!! But this mistake really is frustrating~~~~😭😭😭😭




I’m really, really sad😣


This is a despair…


Even though I swore to myself that I wouldn’t ever done it😂




I wonder how should I live from now on~


Bandwidth limit is scary~😣💦


How do you get over your bandwidth limit?😞




What a shock…😞



Guess I’ll watch videos again to fix my mood~😣


Everyone, please be careful of such trivial mistakes, okay?😊🌸


Don’t forget to connect to the Wi-Fi!


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