[Blog] Tsurezure Children’s Event☆

Everyone, good afternoon( ´ ▽ ` )ノ




Yesterday I participated on

Tsurezure Children’s event

Valentine’s Big Evaluation Meeting😊


To everyone who came,

also to everyone who cheered me on,

Thank you very much🙇🏻✨


On the event,

starting from reminiscing talk,

various corners, games,

singing OP&ED and many more…


It’s such an event stage full of smile

which had a marked contents

where you couldn’t help to laugh since the beginning until the end~😊✨



It’s also been a while since I talked about the recording…

And once again I realized how glad I am to be able to voice Ayaka☺


And on this work as well

I was in charge of ED song

so during the live stage of the event

I was also able to sing the song!



The ED song Dear,

In a glimpse, it’s a ballad tune where you can feel the sadness of love,

but actually, there is also a hidden meaning about the importance of meeting people, and how when we meet people we become stronger

It’s that kind of powerful song inside of the sorrowful melancholy🙂



I’ll be happy if this song…

could be always stay somewhere in your hearts☺



Also, the original work of Tsurezure Children

is still continuing,

so there are still a lot of scenes and characters which haven’t been introduced in the anime(^-^)



So please also enjoy the original work

by all means✨



I hope the day where I can voice Ayaka again

will come as soon as possible…♪


Everyone, from now on as well

please cheer me on😊




It’s a series of Ayaneru barging in

when I was taking photos with Inorin~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ





Also, today

I’ll be participating on “Wonder Festival 2018 (Winter)”

at GA Bunko 2018 presenting stage~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I’ll do my very b-eans-est(OvO)!!





To everyone who watched

today’s HugPre! as well, thank you😊


Will Homare be able to overcome her trauma

and go forward…?

Please look forward to the future episodes♪

Please cheer me on from now on as well☺




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[Blog] Platinum Airline☆Osaka☆


Platinum Airline☆

Osaka Live’s flight has ended without a hitch~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


To everyone who boarded,

also to everyone who cheer me on,

thank you very much~💓



The live this time was really warm, but I also got such a big power~😊

I received the sparkling feelings from everyone, so I was able to perform like that♪



I hope you were able to enjoy it~?


As for me, I’m rea~lly really really enjoyed it☺



The sparkling feelings from everyone,

I’ll be glad if it’ll be your passport

to keep following me from now on as well…☺✨



I’ll do my very b-eans-est(OvO)


Well then,

let’s take a rest properly for today~



Ah, starting from 24:30 JST

there’ll be yui✳︎room’s on-air,

so please listen to it and go to sleep, okay~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ








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[Blog] Let’s Keep Warm~☆



The cold days keep continuing, isn’t it~😨


I’m strong against cold,

so today I’m lightly dressed like usual,

but everyone,

please keep yourself warm properly, okay~✨



And to do that,

let’s keep warm

by using this soft, fluffy,

and comfortable blanket from Platinum Airline☆ goods~





I’m good at advertising, aren’t I~?( ´ ▽ ` )ノ laughs


Well, it’s not like

I’m writing it to advertise it, though~☺laughs



By the way, several days ago

I had a shooting during the coldest day of the Heisei era,

but it ended without a hitch🙆🏻


To everyone who cheer me on as well,




Yesterday and today as well, I’ll have a recording for the whole day🎙

Today will be a long day so I need to do my best~💪


Also, tomorrow

will be the Ichinomiya Live of Platinum Airline☆, right?😉



There is a gap since the previous live,

so I’m a bit anxious of some things,

but I have everyone who is waiting and looking forward to it, so…😊 I’ll review it properly

and last is to fully enjoy it~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Please cheer me on, and let’s make it into a wonderful flight😉✈


Well then, I’ll do my very b-eans-est

today as well(OvO)



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[Blog] The Cold is Hot☆

Good evening~

Is everyone doing well?

I’ve been busy recently
but I get by everyday, somehow~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


In a natural way,
I was able to spend today
full of feelings of thankfulness 😌

The other day, during the biggest snow fall in Kanto’s History…
I was actually doing a certain photoshoot~☺️


To think that it would be snowing…😨
In the end it changed it into our favor
the photoshoot went well
and everything was alright🙆🏻✨ laughs

Although it was really cold, but I
love snow so instead, I was more hyped up than usual~😊💓


But more than that, the one I’m worried about…
is my photoshoot tomorrow😯!!

We’re supposed to shoot early morning
but I haven’t heard any sort of news about it
even until now…


It’s way too cold so be careful okay☝️✨


I received a warning like that
I was really surprised…😱!


Although I’m strong against the cold…
I was a bit scared by it…😨laughs






But I’m sure it’ll be fine, right?!
I’ve been through up to different coldness in photoshoots up to now…🙄✨


And if it’s needed, I’m sure there are also Staff-san who will take anti-coldness measures…!😊



Also my feelings of not wanting to lose~!

even this time also….

Yui Yui Oohh!! (OvO)!


I guess 😝 laughs


I’m sure everyone is also worried since it’s gonna be cold tomorrow but…


During cold days I say something to go through it
instead of saying “cold” I saw it’s “hot” instead🙂


Especially in the photoshoot site,
in the cold, everyone else is doing their best too
if I was the only one who said “it’s cold~”
I don’t think it’ll be a good thing~😌

That’s why in exchange of “cold” I’ll say “it’s hot” instead
and everyone won’t feel bad
and with the words… maybe they’ll think it’s hot too…?🤔
and such will be an illusion to go through this( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Ever since I was a highschooler
I’ve always done this~😊


I’m not sure how it’ll be useful to everyone, but please do try it out☺️laughs


Well then, I’ll be careful so I don’t catch a cold( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Since I need to be up early tomorrow, and do things
I’ll go to sleep early as well, I guess🙂


Well then everyone,




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[Blog] Tomorrow is OhaSta☆

Good evening~



Together with the trump card I like

It’s from the goods of “Platinum Airline☆” live tour

which is currently going on~🃏



It’s been getting cold and warm

the unstable weather has been continuing recently,

how are you doing?


As for me, recently…

I have my thesis to do, the tour has started,

I also have the recording for new season and single production, despite of being busy, I’m spending my days to the fullest~



I also had a recording

for my new single’s song(^-^)



Including the staff,

we made it while sticking around

with various type of sounds…


I wonder how it’ll be completed~🙂



By the way, tomorrow,

I have a photoshoot for the cover

I’m nervous…😳


It’ll be on sale on March 14th!

Please look forward to it☺️



By the way…

Recently I’ve been having a nightmare!

To me who always slept well…😳 (You said it yourself🙆🏻laughs)

So I feel uneasy whenever I’m going to sleep😨





This is a happening…!

An abnormal situation😨!!



As expected,

I need to fix

my rhythm of daily life and eating habits~😥



But I want to sleep when I want,

and I want to eat what I like…

What a difficult problem…🤔



Today when I ate onion rings,

my stomach hurt a bit~😞

But it was delicious😝




Let’s put that aside…(._.)



I thought that you already know about this, but…✨


Tomorrow morning, I’ll be participated

on TX Network’s “OhaSta“…!✨😣



I’m not used to be on TV show…on top of that, a live broadcasting…

I’m really nervous😨so…


Please cheer me on

by all means☺️



It’s on early morning but I’ll do my very b-eans-est~(OvO)


To everyone who can wake up early please watch it by all means~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ




Well then, preparing for the live broadcast

I’ll take a nap until then☺️







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[Blog] Platinum Airline☆Sendai☆

Attention please( ´ ▽ ` )ノ





thank you for cheering me on

and boarding in

on the Platinum Airline☆ Miyagi Live today~!!😊✨



I fell asleep on the shinkansen when I went back

So I updated the blog later than I expected…😭

I’m sorry(>_<)💦



It’s the first day of the tour,

But thanks to you…

I felt that it became a great live stage with the high voltage☺️♪



This time, it’s also a live

to carry my second album,

“Cherry Passport”🍒,


so to everyone who enjoyed this album

I’ll be happy if the setlist could fullfil it☺️




Today, it was the first show

of my new single’s title song and coupling song

which will be on sale on March 14th…!!



Both of them have a different vectors

and talk about graduation~☺️



This time it’s also the first for these songs,

so I was a bit nervous…


But I got the power from everyone

So I could somehow did a good job(>_<)✨



Especially, for the title song “Shiroku Saku Hana”,

It has become a bit different from my usual songs

It’s a song which I challenged so you could see a new side of mine!



To everyone

who heard it on the venue,

how was it??☺️✨



I’ll be happy if you could feel the new potential

and feel trembled by it, even just a little♪



Also, not only this song but also the other songs

I hope we could grow together while carving memories and enjoy through this tour☺️



That, and on today’s live

when “Shiroku Saku Hana”‘s title was announced

everyone was waving the white penlights

in a flash…

It just looked like everyone was blooming white flowers😭


The fans’ sense of unity,

or rather, your unity, I’m deeply moved by it❤️


Everyone, thank you very much😊


I’ll do my best

so I could lead you to a wonderful journey( ´ ▽ ` )ノ




In Sendai, when I went back

I ate the beef tongue bentou~☺️



The beef tongue I ate

after singing and dancing felt really special…☺️❤️



Also, the Sujahta’s limited apple flavored ice cream

was really delicious~🍎



Today I moved my body a lot,

so I’ll rest properly(^-^)



Tomorrow starting from 24:00 JST

we also have yui*room

so please listen to it

before you sleep, okay~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ




Well then, oyasumeatball(´-`).。oO




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[Blog] The Tour will be Starting~☆

Everyone, good morning~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ✨


Today, finally

my Live Tour “Platinum Airline☆

is starting, isn’t it?😊


First, it’s Miyagi Live~(^-^)


Is everyone already completely prepared?😳



With today being the first day of the tour,

let’s hype up the live by all means, okay♪



Also, several days ago

the official Twitter

had presented the goods as well~✨



My favorite is

as expected, the trump cards~☺️




To think that

the day where I become trump cards

would come like this~😣✨laughs


It’s somehow makes me happy, but also embarrassed🙄💓



Ah, also!

the design for the smartphone case

came out to be easier to use than I thought

I recommend it regardless of the gender to use it~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ






To everyone who want to get the goods immediately, I think it’ll be cold

so please wear warm clothes and be careful no to catch a cold, okay~😣


Well then, to everyone who will meet me at the venue

See you later( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


And to everyone who couldn’t go

Please cheer me on☺️



I’ll do my very b-eans-est

to lead your flight..✨✨✈️

into a wonderful journey(OvO)!!





Source: ツアーはじまるよ〜☆ 

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[Blog] Happy New Year☆

Everyone, once again

Happy New Year😊🎍💓




The photos, they’re the off-shots

of me wearing kimono which were taken for the fan club’s page 😊✨


To the employees,

please check it by all means☺️


And today, it’s New Year’s Day

so I met with my relatives and had a New Year meal party~🙂✨





With a colorful meal,

I was able to fully enjoy the New Years☺️🎍



These flowers, it seems that it was my mother who arranged it~☺️🌼

How pretty~✨✨


It’s been a while

since the last time I was able to talk about various things with my relatives, it was fun~




As for this year’s goal of mine

it was announced via the video on my fan club

I wrote “Mae”…


This is about what will happen from now on

No one knows what will happen, and what will we do this year.


But, no matter in what situation I’m on,

I’d like to keep going forward

without looking back at all, or so I thought.


Also, even though it’ll be little by little,

so that I could advance myself…

Without forgetting my effort and gratitude,

I thought that I want to walk through 2018(^-^)


Going forward while looking straight ahead,

it looks easy…but I think it’s actually really scary and difficult to do.




That’s why, I need to carefully

go forward with a small step…!


I’ll do my best(^-^)



The big power from everyone

becomes my strength above all😊

Always, thank you very much!!



Once again,

Please take care of me this year as wellm(_ _)m


Also, to everyone who read this, too,

I wish it’ll be a wonderful year for you. With all of my heart…✨





(It’s my first oyasumeatball, in 2018…☺️ laughs)




Source: 謹賀新年☆ 

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[Blog] It’s a Merry Christmas~☆

Good evening( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Today is Christmas Eve, isn’t it~?🎄

How did you spend your day?✨

A year really flew fast, doesn’t it?😳



First, to everyone who watched

yesterday’s LINE LIVE

Thank you very much😊



There were a lot of big announcements, right❤️

・The fan club has finally opened without a hitch✨To everyone who pre-registered, you will get a Kawauso-kun pass case once the main registration is complete(^-^)

・It’s been decided that my new single will be released on March 14th❤️

・The official Twitter has been renewed( ´ ▽ ` )ノ




Also without delay,

I had a shooting for the photos and movie

which will be put on the fan club



To the employees,

please look forward to the updates(^O^)



When I got back, this year as well,

my mom prepared Christmas food

which has became our tradition every year~☺️



It was voluminous this year as well😳




The small sushi with a hidden Santa on it

was really cute☺️❤️laughs





The cake was handmade~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ🎂

I ate each of them deliciously~✨✨😊


This year, I’m chased by thesis

so I wasn’t able to feel the Christmas mood…So I’m happy to be able to have a Christmas banquet (>_<)laughs




Not to lose to the Christmas mood all around the world…

I have to proceed the revision of my thesis🙂✨!!


I’ll do my best on my script check as well~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Well then, everyone

please have a wonderful Christmas~😊


Happy Christmas~🎄✨✨




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[Blog] Digimon🙂Hacker’s Memory☆


Good evening~🙂

Recently the cold days has been continuing, hasn’t it…

Is everyone okay??

As for me, because I often dress lightly, I need to be careful~😰


I want to keep in mind

to dress heavily so I won’t get cold( ´ ▽ ` )ノ



Speaking of that,

I wonder why

mufflers always take up a lot of space…😥


It’s warm,

but it’s always bulky, isn’t it~?😨


Do you always carry a muffler??🤔✨


Also, I have an information for you😊

“Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory” where I voiced Erika

has been on sale since yesterday!!



I was swayed with a lot of emotions while struggling together with Erika, I also enjoyed the world view together,

Even myself, I was able to enjoy the recording every time!

It becomes a wonderful work filled with the love from the staff, so I’ll be glad if you can enjoy it😊


The PV and such where I’m also in charge of the narration has also been revealed, so please check it by all means, okay( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Well then, it’s also the finale period

of my thesis as a student

so I’ll do my best without letting my guard down~(OvO)





Source: デジモン🙂ハカメモ☆ 

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