[Blog] AnimeJapan 2017☆

Good evening(^O^)!


Today, I appeared on the TV Animation “Hinako Note” special stage

in “AnimeJapan 2017”!


To everyone who cheered me on,

to everyone who came by, thank you very much~(^-^)


On this event…

As we announced before…


Connected with

Mayuki-chan which I’m voicing,

Alas!! It’s my maid uniform debut…




Because everyone else was in jersey

it was really embarrassing~


Ah, no!!

I made a mistake…! laughs


This is my casual outfit!!

(Because Mayuki-chan said it!laughs)


As for the stage,

there are a lot of things

such as the ending movie first publication,

the work and characters introduction,

Gekidan Hitotose’s formation ceremony,

also an open audition


Not only that, during the open audition

with “Momotaro” as a subject,

it was decided that we need to do an etude1 as the main character Momotaro…



it’s unbelievable…


I was chosen as Momotaro!!laughs


During the etude,

I didn’t act like Momotaro at all, but…


After going through it

I was the most unreliable Momotaro

so they’re expecting to see my growth from now on…or so they said…!


When my name was called

I was rea~lly surprised!!


Honestly, even I still can’t imagine

of what kind of drama it will be…


But since I got chosen,

I’ll take responsibility and do my best as Momotaro!!


With that, the TV Animation “Hinako Note” where I voiced Hiiragi Mayuki will start airing on April

So everyone, please look forward to it from now, okay


Also, I’m in charge of hosting the “Radio Hitotose

together with Tomita Mayu-chan who voiced Kuina

so please check it together with the anime



Hinako “Notes” is cute, isn’t it~



Well then,








Source: AnimeJapan 2017☆

  1. etude is a short musical composition, typically for one instrument, designed as an exercise to improve the technique or demonstrate the skill of the player.
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[Blog] JOYSOUND Collaboration☆

Good evening(^O^)


Today, around the metropolitan area

it kept raining the whole day, didn’t it~(>_<)

Usually on this kind of days,

you’d have a schedule where you need to go here and there… it often happens to me

I wonder if it’ll be sunny tomorrow~??


During this period, the amount of the pollen scattering the next day after the rain is intense so I need to be careful…!!


Everyone, good work for today as well


Then…I’ll go to the main topic!


Even though it’s a bit late for this,

actually since February 10th until May 7th, we have YuiKaori Collaboration Campaign in JOYSOUND Nakano Branch





They have a YuiKaori Room~(^O^)!!



Almost a life-sized!

And inside of the room…

There are the bigger size of us…!



They also sell

collaboration drinks and such,

so please do come by, okay~(^O^)



As for me, this one is my favorite

As expected, I like pink…


It seems that there are a lot of people who already came by, thank you very much

for your reviews and such(^O^)♪


The collaboration room, I think if you reserve it first then you can enjoy it smoothly


For more information, go here

Please sing and dance a lot

and enjoy yourself in the collaboration room, okay~



Well then, I’ll end it here today( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


I won’t be sleeping soon though…

But oyasumeatball(_ _).。o○






Source: JOYSOUND コラボ☆ 


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[Blog] Day 2☆

Good evening(^-^)



Today I also finished my work without a hitch~



it’s already late night though…


But today I’m going to continue

the blog I wrote the other day


The petit petit mini home stay

when I went to South Korea to meet my friend

Day 2( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


I stayed for 2 nights and 3 days,

so Day 2 was a special day where I could enjoy the whole day.


We woke up early,

ate my friend’s mother’s breakfast at home…


First, we went to

the Girls College where my friend has been studying at~


Ah, before that

we got tapioca drink which my friend recommended




My friend, she said that she wanted me to see where she has been studying at no matter what, so I came along and looked around a little, I’m surprised of how spacious it was!

It’s currently spring break so no one was there, but how my friend was being proud of the college where she has been studying at, I feel like she’s such a good example as a student or something…

In Japan, I feel like there are some students like her but only a few of them, I received a cultural stimulation!


After that, she brought me

to a town where, in Japan,

the atmosphere is similar to Harajuku or Shibuya,

and ate a food called Carbonara Chicken, which my friend recommended~




It looks like karaage

entangled in the carbonara sauce,

it was a bit spicy

but also really delicious


After we filled our stomachs…

We went back to the town,

and went to a big shopping mall


I was able to shop a lot of things,

my favorite cosmetic goods, clothes and such♪


After a lot of walking we got a bit hungry…

We went to a cafe, and ate cute cakes




These cakes

they’re really cute, aren’t they~

There were plenty of colorful and cute cakes, it made it difficult to choose one~!


It seems, just by choosing a cake

I spent more than 10 minutes, troubled by it…laughs

(I over think it, don’t I)


Not only the appearance,

but it’s also really delicious, you know~♪


With this…

After we went here and there,

Day 2 ended in a flash…!


I ate too much

I felt like my stomach was always about to burst…laughs


Also, during Day 2

We used public buses and subways for the transportation!


Each of them, I thought the system is

really similar to the ones in Japan


But the bus system and operations,

also the manner inside the trains is a bit different, so I also felt some gaps with when I’m in Japan, I felt that it was such a very valuable social experience!




And somehow, on the comments and such,

there are a lot of people

who said that my friend looks like Carrie-san…

Certainly, when I put the heart stamp

their eyebrows and hairstyle really looks alike, don’t they…!! (>_<)laughs



When you told me that, it’s true…!

And I got surprised by itlaughs

But if you put away the heart stamp, they don’t really look alike though~( ´ ▽ ` )ノlaughs


Last is Day 3…!


I only went home on Day 3,

but I’ll write about it on the blog later when I have time(^-^)


Today I’ll end it here~


By the way…

Due to my job, I didn’t realize about it at all

But today was a public holiday, wasn’t it~


How did you spend your holiday?


I think you’ll have to go to school, work, and such starting from tomorrow as well, please do your best~(^O^)







Source: 2日目☆ 

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[Blog] Girlfriend(♪)☆

Good evening!




Today, I had Girlfriend(♪)

DVD release commemoration event!


To everyone who supported me,

also to everyone who came

Thank you very much(^O^)


As for the host, it was my favorite Gibu-san~




Gibu-san, she’ll have a baby soon

Even though it might have been difficult because her stomach has been so big, she still became a host for this event…

When it was being talked about, and she heard that I’ll be appearing in it, it seems that she asked to do this work by all means…! 



I’m so happy and moved by it…( ;  ; )


Previously, when I had a meal together with Gibu-san and Asumi-san, I thought that the birth was still ahead…

But now, she’s already at the point where it won’t be surprising if the baby was born at any time…Time really flies by fast, doesn’t it?


Anyway, I’m glad that we could finish the event without a hitch today~

For Gibu-san, I hope her baby will be born healthy…

I’m looking forward to it~


As for the event, I was able to talk about myself,

also about Girlfriend, Momoko-chan and such, I’m really happy♪


It was a fun event and everyone get liven up, such a short moment of my life…!!

To everyone who attended the event, did you enjoy it?(^-^)



As for the story on this DVD,

Momoko-chan was chosen as Cinderella and had a big role…It was certainly a Cinderella story, I’m also really happy for it


For Momoko-chan to have a big role like this, it’s also thanks to everyone’s support♪


From now on as well,

please support Girlfriend, also Asahina Momoko-chan, okay(^O^)







Source: ガールフレンド(♪)☆ 

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[Blog] Day 1☆

Good evening(^O^)



thank you for all of the comments yesterday


Well then! It’s already late today,

so I’ll be careful not to make it too long…



Continuing from yesterday, I’ll write about

the circumstances since I arrived


First, I’ve already written

about how I arrived, yesterday…


I had dinner

at my friend’s house where I’ll be staying at


To be able to eat Korean home cooking

which my friend’s mother has made,

I’m very impressed…!


It was really delicious~


It was a bit early

when we had dinner,


so we rested up for a while

and after that, I went shopping to the supermarket together with my friend(^O^)



This one in my hand,

it’s a delicious corn tea?

which I drank over there(^O^)



The supermarket over there,

doesn’t provide plastic bags like in Japan…


The style is that they put the groceries into a cardboard box and take it home…! The state of the cashier is also different with Japan, I could feel the difference in culture~


I bought a lot of things at the supermarket, but I’ll talk about it later if I can write about souvenirs(^-^)


When we got back, we ate the snack we bought from the supermarket while having a chat in my friend’s room~



It’s such a rare opportunity,

so I had some sake

(※Even if I look like this, I’m turning 22 this yearlaughs)


It’s sweet and tasted like normal pineapple juice~ It was delicious!


Also, one thing that made me happy when I found it at the supermarket, it’s this cheese



This one, I bought and ate one back in Guam

and it was really delicious!!

That’s why this time, I’m really glad that by chance I could find it again…!!


I wonder if it’s an American product…

I don’t know which product it was, but I haven’t found one in Japan~(>_<)


And then, my friend and I

have a lot of resemblance, both in hobbies and personalities…


but the one in particular

is that we love cosmetics


Such as the brands we like and color preferences, we’re very similar! At the point where we could talk about cosmetics and make-up nonstop…


When she was in Japan,

We even put our own make up to each other and played together~


There’s that…

And as someone who likes cosmetics, this time my friend arranged me a lot of cosmetic goods as a gift for me~( ;  ; )



Eyeshadow, lip gloss,

hand cream, soap and such


On top of that, the colors

for the eye shadow and lip gloss are really cute…

I really liked it



I’m so happy~



Also… Even after that

there’s another miracle!


Surprisingly, when we talked about cosmetics

The favorite foundation which we recently use…


is the same thing!!!



Lasting Silk UV Foundation No.2 from GIORGIO ARMANI


This is, even the type and color are exactly the same…!


Is there such a thing like this~!?

It’s too amazing……


First of all, this foundation

was a great find even for myself,


And to think we have the same choice from all of the foundation like this…!!


Miracle, fate, coincidence…

I was surprised and a bit scared of it(>_<)laughs




And thus…

Day 1 had ended


Somehow when I wrote it, it ended up becoming long, so I’ll write about Day 2 later!


If I’m too slow on it, it’ll become long and it’s not good, so next time I’ll do my best and try to write it more straightforwardly


Well then, everyone

thank you for reading this long blog until the end


Tomorrow, let’s do our best for the whole day( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Well then,






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[Blog] Petit Petit Mini…!!☆

Good evening(^-^)


I’m sorry for not updating the blog in a short while…! (>_<)




I was overseas for several days

in private




And my destination was……




It was my first time going to South Korea!!!



On top of that……


I went by myself( ´ ▽ ` )ノ!!!! laughs




…Though, if I only said that

Because of the lack of information, I think there are a lot of people who will be surprised…laughs


This trip, I could fulfill it under various circumstances


First, the reason why I decided to go to South Korea……

It started about half a year ago(^-^)


In a class I took at college

There was a girl who happened to sit next to me

And that girl, she was an exchange student from South Korea, who happened to take the same class…

She took the courage to try to talk to me, who sat next to her(^-^)


And of course because she’s Korean,

she knew nothing about my job and just simply wanted to become friends and talked to me…!


After that, we ate lunch together

And when we talked about various things

I thought that she’s a really good girl, and we thought that we could get along well…

And we hit it off with each other immediately


From there, we often discussed about our classes together,

I taught her a lot about things in Japan, we also talked about the differences of our cultures…

We get along better and better,

and when we realized it, we became an irreplaceable friend to each other


But, that friend

Because she took a year for exchange,

so it was decided that she would come back home in February…!


We met and got along during the second half of the semester,

so I could say it was half a year

Although it feels so fast, we were able to eat meals together, talked about various things, and made a lot of memories…


That friend, before she came back home

she went to the live by my invitation…(YuiKaori Yoyogi 1st Gymnasium)




Next day, she immediately came back home,

I managed to rush before work, and I was able to send her off

At that time, I gave her a board full of our memories together which I made by myself as a surprise…




I was happy that she’s really glad with it…


And at that time as well, I made a promise that next time I’ll go to South Korea! to her

When I asked my manager, about the timing of my schedule,

He made sure that I could go in-between my busy period… I thought that I must go now no matter what! And so it’s decided



That’s why, even though I said it was a trip

I actually went to meet my friend, and I felt anxious because I had to take the airplane all by myself and such…


But when I arrived there, right after I left the airport

My friend and her father

came to pick me up


The place I’m staying over, too, it was my friend’s house, so rather than a trip,

it felt more like a petit petit mini home stay (my naming sense…laughs) or so I thought…laughs


The family over there,

they really welcomed me warmly…

Her mother treated me to a lot of delicious Korean home cooking, her father also picked me up from airport, I’m really indebted to them…I can’t thank them enough…(>_<)!


I was able to experience

a truly valuable and precious time which I won’t ever forget for the rest of my life!!




(On this photo, if you look at it properly…you can also see me in the live goods calendar which I gave her as a presentlaughs She decorated it in her house…!)


My friend who came for exchange,

she really is surprisingly good in JapaneseI can talk to her like I talk to my Japanese friends


But, as for her parents, we had a language barrier, so I studied from book on the plane, I did my best and able to communicate in an awkward Koreanニコニコ




Kamsahamnida (Thank you)


This feeling of gratitude, I hope it would reach them



Somehow today, it became really long

only with the explanations…

So I’ll tell you about the place I went to in South Korea, the food, the things I bought and such little by little from now on


First, before I forget I’ll put this one…




The Korean ice cream which we ate after dinner on the day I arrived




I thought that we have a really similar ice cream in Japan as well, but the part around the cone is softer than the one in Japan…!

It was delicious~


Especially the flavor I ate,

it’s refreshing, like the mix of yogurt and cheese, but also has a rich flavor, you can rarely find this in Japan~ or so I thought(^O^)


The package

also has a character on it, it’s cute isn’t it







Source: プチプチミニ…!!☆ 

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Good evening(^O^)


Today, KING SUPER LIVE 2017 TRINITY @Nippon Budoukan


has ended without a hitch!!


To everyone who came to watch,

to everyone who cheered,

really, really thank you very much!


This time, it’s my second time for King Super Live…

And my second time appearing as a solo…


On this time’s live,

Anyhow… Because it’s “Trinity”, it was a live stage with only three of us, Sumipe, Inorin, including myself, Ogura Yui!


Actually, at first I couldn’t hide my fear.

because we need to stand on the top of a big name such as King Super Live… How should I feel while performing? The pressure and other feelings were inside of me.



But on today’s stage

We started from solo stage with each different personality, live band singing, collaboration songs and such…


I feel that I was able to experience

such a special, exciting, precious time and atmosphere…!


As for my solo stage,

It was my first time singing with a live band, and I was the very last to sing from three of us, so I did feel anxious and nervous…


But once I got onto the stage, I could feel the enthusiasm and cheer from the fans so my voltage raised at once, and I was able to turn my switch on to be myself and have a maximum performance as I can do…


The enthusiasm was really strong…

It made me sweat a lot more than I’ve ever experienced, and it’s also the breakdown of my iron wall-bangs, my bangs became the most shocking thing which reached an accidental level even for myself…(Just how much does she care of her bangs this person…laughs)


Well, apart from it, I was able

to finish the stage until the very end

It was truly amazing…!


To Sumipe and Inorin,

also to the staff who made this stage together,

and of course to all of the fans as well, I sincerely thank you…!


To be able to stand on today’s stage,

I didn’t only get the feeling of accomplishment, but I still also have many inexperienced parts that I need to reflect on…!


For me, my starting point was quite far, so I have assigned myself into a lot of tasks… Even now, I still couldn’t believe that I was able to stand on the stage with my current self…


But I won’t be satisfied of my current self and will keep going forward step by step from now on, too…


I’ll cherish that kind of feeling.

I hope I can face everything thoroughly one by one, and to gradually evolve, from now on, too…!(^-^)


It became long,

but to be able to stand on a wonderful stage like this,

again, it’s thanks to everyone who has been supporting and cheering me on up until now…


From now on as well,

I’ll be happy if you keep continuing to support me!!


All of the love and feelings I got from everyone.

I won’t ever forget it, and I need to do my best so I can repay it and tell everyone with my own voice and power, right♪


With that, today my time for the update has gotten late, I’m sorry…! If I woke you up, sorry


Tomorrow is a Monday!

Let’s do our best together~








About King Record Kabushiki Gaisha….It’s supposed to be King Record Co.,Ltd., I’m sorry that I confused you by saying it was K.G. King Record…laughs


I need to reflect on it…


I already apologized about it on Insta, but I need to put it here as well!!

I hope I won’t get scolded

by the upper people from King Record…laughs


I’ll be careful from now on!!!!





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[Blog] Mn~~☆

Good evening!

Today I had a recording and rehearsal!


Mn~, somehow because recently I’ve been busy, I ended up thinking about a lot of things, but I need to do my best without over thinking things…!!


You see, your own weaknesses

really makes you feel unpleasant, huh..


I’m the one who really know about my weaknesses, that’s why I want to face it, and I must face it!


But in order to face it,

is it better to face my surprisingly delicate heart, or not to think about it too much…It’s hard to put a balance between them…


I know that it’s both a good side also a bad side of mine

to over think about each things like this.


But, if I were to throw away those sides of mine, I won’t be myself anymore…

As expected, even if it takes a lot of time and you won’t know how it would be like, it’s better to face it properly yet slowly, isn’t it…?(^-^)


The fact that how I am now,

I think that I need to seriously face myself and the people around me…


So without forgetting my gratitude to everyone,

I need to cherish myself…!


To everyone who always supports me,

really, really thank you very much!


I’ll do my best in a way that’s very like myself~!


People have their own problems and thoughts! (^-^)


Today, it became

quite a serious blog… laughs


I’m sorry~

Well then, everyone

Thanks for your hard work today as well!


Let’s do our best tomorrow as well(^-^)








Source: う~ん。。☆

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[Blog] Agson & Denon☆

Good evening~

Today I finished my work without a hitch!



And a few days ago, I appeared as a guest

in A&G TRIBAL RADIO AGSon’s 100th episode anniversary broadcast♪



To everyone who listened to it

Thank you~!


I was really happy to be called for the 100th episode anniversary by AGSon who has always always taken care of me~


Not only that, this time we had a team war! The members who are good friends with each other I took part in Team Hidaka together with ChanRina and Inorin…!


Even though at first we kept losing,

surprisingly at the very last, we were able to get a comeback win thanks to the listeners’ support~


To everyone who sent the mails

Really, really thanks~!! (>_<)



There were a lot of corners

so I was surprised of how two hours flew by fast



In that regard, once again

AGSon, congratulations on your 100th episode broadcast~!!


And ChanRina, thanks for calling me~






Yesterday, I appeared on DENON’s event~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Because this time, the event was from the lottery

from the people who bought the previously released headphone


It seems there were a lot of people

who couldn’t come even if they wanted to, huh~(>_<)


I’m sorry…!



To everyone who came to the event,

thank you very much


As for the stage, everyone was able to hear knowledge about audio equipments which you usually don’t hear also about DENON’s various product information, the secret story and song of the Astro Girls Amadate Shin which I voiced… Short drama recitation, lottery tournament and such, we did a lot of things


It was an event which had a different atmosphere than usual, so it was refreshing and really fun~(^O^)


Also, I was happy

because I was also able to meet everyone in closer distance than usual~



really, really thanks for all of your support♪


After the event had ended,

I had an interview about experiencing various items of DENON,


I was deeply moved

that you can spread the world of music through machines…!!


It seems that there will be many new products in the future, so everyone, please check DENON’s products by all means, okay



Well then, it became long

I still have to check things for tomorrow’s work, so I’ll excuse myself today~


I can’t believe

that it’ll be March soon

Time really flies so fast~



I can’t let my guard down…! (>_<)


I think that everyone has a lot of things to do this week,

so let’s do our best together~!









There was a costume exhibition of High-Touch☆Summer

which was opened until yesterday

Thank you to everyone who came to see it


To everyone who came to see it,

how were the costumes~?


Which one was your favorite?










Source: エジソン&DENONさん☆

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[Blog] Premium…?☆

Good evening!



It seems that today,

The world has implemented something like a “Premium Friday”



Somehow just by listening to the name, it really feels special, doesn’t it~?


As for the grown-ups, how have you been spending the day~?


As for me, today I had a recording, an interview and such,

but I was able to finish them a bit earlier than usual

So once I got back home, I organized and tidied up my cosmetics which I’ve always been wanting to do~

I managed to store them thoroughly

I’m satisfied by it

You know, cosmetics, no matter of how many of them you have

you keep wanting to have another one and it keeps increasing, isn’t it~? What a mystery…


My physical condition has also recovered considerably,

that’s why I’ll be more careful than usual

so it won’t turn out like before(^-^)!


And then~ I have a lot of

information for you…



The airing date for “Hinako Matsuri,” a special program for everyone to know more about “Hinako Note,” will be on March 3rd, the same day as Hinamatsuri!

The cast are M・A・O, Ogura Yui, Tojo Hisako, the three of us Not only that, after the special program, it seems there will be an advance airing for the 1st episode~(^O^)! Please watch it by all means♪



Currently, in the popular games titled “Granblue Fantasy” and “Shadowverse” by Cygames, there’s a collaboration event titled “Shadowverse Duelist of Eternity”~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I’m there voicing Luna, so

Everyone, please try to play it, okay~♪ Will you become…Luna’s friends…? laughs


And then,

The information for “KING SUPER LIVE 2017 TRINITY” live goods has been announced~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ The tickets general distribution will start on February 25!!



The live goods mail order for YuiKaori LIVE TOUR “Starlight Link” supported by JOYSOUND has been started~

Because it’s a time-limited order sale, please be careful with the deadline~

The deadline is on February 27, 11:59 JST in the morning(^O^)


It’s quite plenty of information,

were you able to follow all of them~?


There are still some info that I haven’t put in the blog, so please do your best as well to gather the information…(>_<)! laughs


Well then,

good work for today as well(^-^)







Source: プレミアム…?☆ 

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