YuiKaori Starlight Link Question? & Answer!

In the newest YuiKaori Live Tour pamphlet, Yui-chan and Carrie-san answered the same questionnaire for each other. We have decided to translate it and release the content of this short and sweet questionnaire to all. Please note that we encourage everyone to get their own copy of the Pamphlet to find the original questions as to we will only be posting the translations.

The questionnaire will be divided into two, Ogura Yui Q&A and Ishihara Kaori Q&A. Answers will be color coded like usual, so don’t worry about getting lost!

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Natalie [Power Push]: YuiKaori – “Bright Canary” Interview

This is the first part in our 3-part anniversary releases for January! Please stay tuned to parts 2 and 3 in the upcoming weeks!

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YuiKaori’s new album “Bright Canary” has been released.


YuiKaori’s 3rd album “Bright Canary”, according to Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori, is a workpiece that means To fly as high as a canary, for a brighter future. This album includes their summer 2014 guitar-rock song “Intro Situation,”, their January 2015 single “NEO SIGNALIFE,” that tells a strong message from its lyrics. An album with various songs worthy to be called a “next project” after their 1st album, Puppy and their 2nd album, Bunny. So how did they sing these new pieces that they called “YuiKaori’s Brand New Tunes?” We asked them about it.

Interview──Text / Narimatsu Tetsu

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Natalie [Power Push]: YuiKaori – “Ring Ring Rainbow!!” Interview

In celebration to Ogura Yui’s birthday and the completion of her first solo live tour, we have decided to translate this interview as a present to her and to each of her international fans. Please enjoy! ※ We also plan to translate the others within the year, at least.

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YuiKaori’s 11th single “Ring Ring Rainbow!!” will be released on August 5th.


The title song, “Ring Ring Rainbow!!” is an opening theme for the TV Animation “Joukamachi no Dandelion” (Castle Town Dandelion) which both Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori also appeared in. Alongside a bright guitar sound, they sing in resonance about “Please look at me properly”, “I want to respond properly”, a song made for the siblings who are candidates to becoming the next King complete with a touch of comedy. As for Ogura and Ishihara, this song is also an answer song for the fans who supported them in their live in Chiba’s Makuhari Event Hall during the end of 2014. So we ask them again about their reasons and attitude going forward.

Interview-Text / Narimatsu Tetsu

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Natalie [Power Push]: YuiKaori – “NEO SIGNALIFE” Interview

In celebration to Ishihara Kaori’s birthday, we have decided to translate this gem as a present to her and to each of her international fans. Please enjoy!

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YuiKaori’s new single “NEO SIGNALIFE” has been released.

Ogura Yui, Ishihara Kaori, for both of them, the title for their first release in 2015, and this song boldly betrays YuiKaori’s image up to now, (in a good way). With a tough and quick digital beat, making it their own “new” (NEO) to “define” their start (SIGNALIZE), being a word which guides them towards the new “way of life”, it becomes a cute and powerfully striking song.

Ogura, Ishihara, which has been described in various way such as “cute”, “lovely”. While both of them had to overturn their public image midway, did they make their spirit and personal thoughts into words? And so we ask both of them.

Interview-Text / Narimatsu Tetsu

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The Wheel of Seiyuu #3: 50 Questions for Nanjou Yoshino


First of all, Happy Birthday, Nanchan! Today, in Japan it’s already 7/12! Nanchan has turned 31 17! Please wish her a happy birthday (お誕生日おめでとう!) over at twitter! Although she’s definitely at her birthday live right now.

The Wheel of Seiyuu is a series of 50-questions by DDNavi for different male and female seiyuu. So far, our friend/s has been translating the other female seiyuu interviews! Visit them for more 50 Questions! If you know someone translates the male seiyuu 50Qs please do send us a message so we can add them here for everyone who would be interested!

Meanwhile, if you would like to contribute (translate a 50Q), but need a translation checker, don’t hesitate to ask for our help! (ง •̀_•́)ง

After literal months of procrastinating, I was finally able to finish this 50 Questions for Nanjolno! It was a perfect opportunity to post it today!

Well then, without further ado… off towards the interview!

P.S. I had actually omitted the original Nanjolno photo used for the interview because it’s too small (or I just can’t save the original size/quality rofl)

P.P.S. We also used the template questions already translated by My Story Your Beats, hope you don’t mind!

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[Akibatan Special Interview] fripSide, the famous Anisong duo in Anime Festival Asia Thailand 2015

Disclaimer: This was an exclusive interview in Thai language written by Akibatan. However, they have allowed us to post the translation (thank you h2so4noel-kun for translating!) in our website. Thank you very much, Akibatan! ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

I’m sure everyone has been worried for Nanchan who recently was injured and asked to take a break from her activities. But she’s back, and her first stop was Anime Festival Asia Thailand 2015! AFATH2015 is the first Anime Festival Asia event to be conducted in Thailand. The event occurred last April 30th, May 1st, 2nd and 3rd (today!)

So, what was fripSide, famous duo consisting of the charismatic vocalist, Nanjou Yoshino A.K.A. Nanjolno and  the ever so fabulous keyboardist/guitarist, Yaginuma Satoshi A.K.A. sat-san’s opinions on Thailand and AFATH2015? Read on!

(c) Akibatan
(c) Akibatan

Q: Is this your first time visiting Thailand? What was your first impression?

Nanjou: Yes. I’ve heard about Thai food for some time now, and this visit just proved that Thai food really is great. Other than that I also had a chance to travel around Thailand and visit places.

sat: This is my second time. Last time was a private resort trip. Thai food is delicious, Thai beverage is good, and Thai people are also very nice.

Q: Before visiting Thailand, what was your expectation?

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Natalie [Power Push]: YuiKaori – “Intro Situation” Interview

Hi~! We’ve been working on this interview for over 5 days, because it’s reeaaaallly long! 3 Days Translations and 2 Days TLC/Proofreading until we’ve refined it! This will also mark as our first WordPress x Tumblr post! We’ve created a tumblr! Yay~ Yay~ You may follow our tumblr account, our youtube videos will be posted there faster, since we don’t upload videos in the website now. However, the information will still be a main-stay here in the website. Tumblr is more-like a portal, I guess? Nonetheless, please follow it!

Anyway, off to the interview!

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Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori; the active seiyuu duo-unit—YuiKaori. Since May 2010, after their debut, they have constantly been publishing many songs and now they have completed a new single titled “Intro Situation”. It’s their first appearance on Natalie. This interview will be centered around the new single; about their stand as a duo-unit and also about how they deal with the music as individuals.

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