Joysound presents YuiKaori Original Phone Cases!

Last time we announced about the original Ogura Yui phone cases, and after a little waiting, we finally get the Joysound x YuiKaori collaboration phone cases! Available in notebook type and hard cases! Head over to the collaboration site to order now! If you’re an android user and is unsure if the case would fit your phone, come check this size guide for more info!

Source: Joysound

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Kentucky’s “Moshimo Gekijo” featuring Ogura Yui “Moshimo Ogura Yui ga…”

Following a very cute prank(?) in partnership with Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan, Ogura Yui will be starring in a 6-episode 3-min. mini dramas for KFC’s “Kentucky’s What if Theater” titled “Moshimo Ogura Yui ga…” (What if Ogura Yui…) as a promotion for the popular chicken franchise.

The mini drama will be airing via AbemaTV‘s “Anime24Channel” at 22:57JST ~ 23:00JST on the specific days listed below.
Episode 1 – 4/13 – The Girlfriend Who Loves Classic Products
Episode 2 – 4/20 – The Pop Tutor
Episode 3 – 4/27 – The Celebrity Classmate
Episode 4 – 5/4 – The Caring Little Sister
Episode 5 – 5/11 – The Cold Secretary
Episode 6 – 5/18 – The Crazy In Love Wife
Episode 7 – 5/25 – is scheduled to be a digest of all the episodes.

We will be updating everyone in twitter so stay tuned as episodes come out!

Source: KFC Abema Campaign, PRTimes

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To the Fans, and to the Staff [YuiKaori Announcement]


To the fans, and to the staff


In order for the further growth of their individual activities, starting from June 30th, 2017, YuiKaori’s musical activities will be on suspension.


7 years since their debut, both of YuiKaori has been getting a lot of support and had a significant growth.

To every fan who has always been supporting us, we are full of gratitude to you.


From now on as well, Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori will continue to devote their selves in their individual activities.

We would be pleased if you could continue to support each of their activities.


From now on as well, please look after Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori.


March 31st, 2017

YuiKaori (Ogura Yui – Ishihara Kaori), King Records


It’s been 7 years since our debut, and 9 years since we first met, YuiKaori has been supported with love, at the same time we have been overcame a lot of hardships together while encouraging each other.
To every fan who has been supporting us up until now, and to the staff from various places, my gratitude is not enough to express my feelings.
This time, starting from June 30th, 2017 YuiKaori will be suspending its musical activities, but from now on as well YuiKaori’s relationships won’t ever change, and I sincerely hope everyone could engrave the existence of “YuiKaori” in your heart.
From now on, we will work harder and take more effort in order to achieve further development as an individual.
I would be glad if everyone could support us from now on as well.

March 31st, 2017 Ogura Yui


Thank you for always supporting us. I apologize for the sudden announcement. YuiKaori will be suspending the musical activities starting from June 30th. To everyone who have been supporting us up until now, please have my gratitude.
It’s been 7 years since YuiKaori has started its activities. There were a lot of happy times, sad times but because of of everyone’s love and support, the two of us were able to continue pushing forward. All of it is an irreplaceable time for me.
I am very happy that I was able to spend my youth as YuiKaori.
I will continue to work harder with my voice acting activities starting from now, moving forward.
I look forward to your continued support.

March 31st, 2017 Ishihara Kaori

Source: YuiKaori Info

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King Super Live 2017 Trinity Mail Goods Order is live!

King Super Live 2017 Trinity was held last March 5th (Sunday) in Nippon Budokan, with its tri-performers Ogura Yui, Uesaka Sumire and Minase Inori. Each solo artists performed six of their original songs, with the top batter as Uesaka Sumire, beginning the concert with ‘Inner Urge’ (TV Anime Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai ED Theme), and Ogura Yui handling the final performer with her own line-up of original and a few anime tie-up songs.

Beyond the solo performances, there were also collaboration duets and trios from other artists. Uesaka Sumire and Minase Inori started off the collab sections with Mizuki Nana’s ‘STARTING NOW’ followed by Ogura Yui and Uesaka Sumire’s ‘LOVE DESTINY’ from Horie Yui. Soon, the hall was set into flames with Minase Inori and Ogura Yui’s rendition of Mizuki Nana’s ‘ETERNAL BLAZE.’

And soon, the concert was closed with a trio performance of the TV Anime Minami-ke OP ‘Keikenchi Joushouchuu☆’ and the TV Anime Negima OP ‘Happy Material’ to end the concert.

Almost immediately at the end of the concert day, the mail goods order was announced. The goods ordering is from today, March 8th until March 21st 11:59PM JST. 

All prices are tax included.
Please note that the product image may differ from the actual color and design.

【Payment Methods】
◆Acceptable Credit Cards
Acceptable credit cards are anything that has the: VISA, Master, Diners American Express, JCB logos.

◆Convenience Store Payment
※ You may specify the convenience store that you will pay in, however, the bill must be paid 7 days after the order has been placed.
※ The convenience store is to be paid a fee of 185yen.

Goods will be shipped in Late May.
※ Delivery will be handled by Sagawa Express with a fee of 432yen (with tax).
※ Purchases over 3000yen will be eligible for free shipping.

【About your order】
※ Please know beforehand that we do not accept order cancellations.
※ You can only order King Super Live 2017 Trinity goods and nothing else.
※ Please set your email to be able to receive emails from “”
※ Order confirmation (Automatic Delivery Mail) will be sent within a few minutes after the order is complete, so if the email does not arrive, please set your email’s settings to receive email from “” or use a different email such as Gmail, etc.

Goods Line-up

Head on over to the King e-shop goods site to place in your orders!

Source: KAC_HP, KSL Site

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Joysound presents Ogura Yui Original Smartphone Cases!

Accompanying the previous YuiKaori x Joysound collaboration room for Joysound Nagano, this time, they’re back with a set of Ogura Yui smart phone case! It comes in a notebook type and hard case types! Head on over to the collaboration site to order! If you’re an android user and is unsure if the case would fit your phone, come check this size guide for more info!

(c): YuiKaori Info, Joysound

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YuiKaori Live Tour 2017 Starlight Link Live Goods Online Order

As per usual, after a live, there is the online live goods ordering for the YuiKaori live. Here it is for this year’s Starlight Link live tour! The site does not deliver overseas, however your next-door proxy service should be able to import these items if you are from overseas. Click read more to find out more about the goods!

If you are already a pro at this, head over to the King shop right away to order!

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Compkuji presents “Ogura Yui Kuji”

Following their YuiKaori Campaign that ended roughly in 24-hours, compkuji now has announced an Ogura Yui kuji. Similar to the YuiKaori Campaign, the rules and how tos are the same. There are also only 10,100 prizes. Will this kuji end within 24-hours as well?

Price: 600yen/draw (without tax)
Duration: January 25th (12:00JST) ~ February 13th (17:00JST)
Delivery: Free shipping, late-March 2017
Total Prizes: 10,100
※ You may draw lots as long as there are remaining stocks.
※ Product design may change without notice.
※ Images and real items may differ slightly.
※ You cannot choose prizes.

What are the prizes?

Prize A: A cute B2 Tapestry♪


Prize B: A really nice acrylic stand for your tables and decorations ♡
Prize C: Different expressions for different small poster tapestries! Size: 100×240mm (Including pipe)

The same as the YuiKaori one, if you win a particular set, you win everything in that particular prize set. We wish the best of luck to all participants!

Source: compkuji

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CompKuji presents “YuiKaori Kuji”

Lottery, or Kuji (written as 籤 but more commonly just くじ), is now a Japanese norm to leaving the fate of what their customers will get through pure RNG (and frustrations.) Similar to drawing lots, you ‘draw’ and get an item in random, and partnered with the lottery site ‘CompKuji’ a YuiKaori Kuji has been introduced!

It costs 600yen (648yen, if with tax), per draw, costing one 10-draw to be approximately around 6000yen (6480yen), and only 10,100 prizes will be shelled out! The campaign started last January 10th, 2017 (12:00 JST) and will be ending on January 24th, 2017 (17:00JST). Prizes will be shipped around mid-March!

What are the prizes?

Prize A: (1pc) B2 Tapestry that you can hang into your shrines~ ♡
Prize B: (2pc) Acrylic stands to decorate your table with gays!
Prize C: (5 Kinds) Can Badges with different expressions and gays!

Price: 600yen/draw (648yen, with tax)
Duration: January 10th (12:00JST) ~ January 24th (17:00JST)
Delivery: Free shipping, mid-March 2017
Total Prizes: 10,100
※ Product design may change without notice.
※ Images and real items may differ slightly.
※ You cannot choose prizes.


Source: compkuji

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School Girls Strikers mobile game to get Anime in Winter 2017!


In the “new project” niconama that aired last October 25th, 2016, the stream included Director and Producers of the game, with the seiyuu of three of the five main characters, Ishihara Kaori (lead), Hidaka Rina and Ogura Yui. They announced that game will not be ending (as feared by some fans). The game will be continuing as well as it will have additional new characters, and an anime adaption has been announced as well. It is set for the Winter 2017 Anime Season line-up.

mainvisual02_l03 With the key visual released, the show will be animated by JC Staff. It will be directed by Nishikiori Hiroshi ( A Certain Magical Index, Azumanga Daioh) and Yoshioka Takao is supervising the series scripts. It is still not confirmed if the anime will run on a different premise in the same universe as a the game or not.

“The game is set in Goryoukan Academy, a new private senior/junior high school for girls with a vast downtown campus. This highly popular school has “another face” — a secret hidden side. It organizes and trains the special unit Fifth Force to protect the world from invisible supernatural entities known as “Oburi” that are devouring the world. A team of five trained with powers against the Oburi is to be chosen from the student body to perform missions. A new team leader has been appointed to assemble the five students: Miyama Tsubame (CV: Ishihara Kaori), Sumihara Satoka (CV: Hidaka Rina), Yaginuma Io (CV: Sawashiro Miyuki), Sajima Yumi (CV: Hanazawa Kana), Namori Mana(CV: Ogura Yui)” – ANN



The PV for the anime was also aired in the niconama stream in October.

The OP theme of the anime will be sung by the five main characters, Altile Torte, with the OP Single titled “Mirai-kei Strikers” (Lit. Futuristic Strikers). It will be released in five versions, one version per character including a solo version of the OP song by that specific character + a character song. The ED theme will be sung by Sumihara Satoka (CV: Hidaka Rina) and Namori Mana (CV: Ogura Yui), the same as the OP, it will be released in two versions, a solo version of that specific character + a character song.

The anime’s first episode will be airing on January 6th, 2017 in Tokyo MX.

OP Theme CD Jacket and Tracklist

Miyama Tsubame (CV: Ishihara Kaori) Version


1. Mirai-kei Strikers / Altile Torte

2. Mirai-kei Strikers / Miyama Tsubame (CV: Ishihara Kaori)

3. Hellow!/ Miyama Tsubame (CV: Ishihara Kaori)

4. Mirai-kei Strikes (Instrumental)

5. Hellow! (Instrumental)



◆ Sumihara Satoka (CV: Hidaka Rina) Version


1. Mirai-kei Strikers / Altile Torte

2. Mirai-kei Strikers / Sumihara Satoka (CV: Hidaka Rina)

3. Okawari Shitai Mystery (lit. I Want Seconds of This Mystery) / Sumihara Satoka (CV: Hidaka Rina)

4. Mirai-kei Strikers (Instrumental)

5. Okawari Shitai Mystery (Instrumental)



◆Yaginuma Io (CV: Sawashiro Miyuki) Version


1. Mirai-kei Strikers / Altile Torte

2. Mirai-kei Strikers / Yaginuma Io (CV: Sawashiro Miyuki)

3. Seishun Spike! (lit. Youthful Spike)/ Yaginuma Io (CV: Sawashiro Miyuki)

4. Mirai-kei Strikers (Instrumental)

5. Seishun Spike! (Instrumental)


◆ Sajima Yumi (CV: Hanazawa Kana) Version



1. Mirai-kei Strikers / Altile Torte

2. Mirai-kei Strikers / Sajima Yumi (CV: Hanazawa Kana)

3. Maybe JUSTICE!/ Sajima Yumi (CV: Hanazawa Kana)

4. Mirai-kei Strikers (Instrumental)

5. Maybe JUSTICE! (Instrumental)



◆ Namori Mana (CV: Ogura Yui) Version


1. Mirai-kei Strikers / Altile Torte

2. Mirai-kei Strikers / Namori Mana (CV: Ogura Yui)

3. Manarism Manaism / Namori Mana (CV: Ogura Yui)

4. Mirai-kei Strikers (Instrumental)

5. Manarism Manaism (Instrumental)



ED Theme CD Jackets and Tracklist


1. Kitto Wonderful! (lit. Definitely Wonderful!) / Sumihara Satoka (CV: Hidaka Rina) & Namori Mana (CV: Ogura Yui)

2. roomy party / Sumihara Satoka (CV: Hidaka Rina) & Namori Mana (CV: Ogura Yui)

3. Kitto Wonderful! (Instrumental)

4. roomy party (Instrumental)

Source: SGS Anime Official Site, SGS Twitter (1)(2)

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Ogura Yui to release BD/DVD for her 1st Solo Live Tour “High-Touch☆Summer”


Ogura Yui will be releasing her 1st Live Tour that happened in 2016 from July ~ August. The tour final was held in her hometown, Gunma, which was also a Birthday Live event, as to the last day was held a day before her birthday (August 15th). She fondly referred to it as the last of her 20th year as to she was turning 21 the day after. With having held her first solo live last year in July, Ogura Yui was finally able to hold a solo tour this year after she had released her summer single High-Touch☆Memory, which was also a tie-up song with Card Fight Vanguard.

The content of her BD/DVD release dated February 8th, 2017 is as below. Store Bonuses will be added later once they are available.


Product Number:KIXM-264
*Limited Edition Bonus: Special Box

Product Number:KIBM-626~627


Ogura Yui 1st LIVE TOUR「High-Touch☆Summer」
(2016/07/10 – Chiba, Makuhari Messe Event Hall)


<Prologue>“Summer Vacation”
Happy Strawberry
Tinkling Smile
Onegai Be with you (Lit. Please Be with you)
<Short Movie>”YuiYui Sanpo 2016 Natsu” (Lit. YuiYui Walks in Summer of 2016)
Get over
<Dance Battle〜Samba>
Liar Sheep
Girlish Age
<Short Movie>”Summer BBQ”
PON de Fighting!
Itsudatte Call Me!(Summer Time ver.)
Search Light
A Lovely Tea Break


Baby Sweet Berry Love


★Bonus Footage★
・Making of High-Touch☆Summer (Planned)

★Store Bonuses★

Source: Natalie (Photo), Ogura Yui Official Site, YuiKaori Official Site

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