[Release] When the Gays Throw a Party!

Winter VacationSummer is ending soon, and soon it’ll be Fall, and then Winter will come! Exactly, you heard it right! We’ve finished quality checking the LilyCool Vol 1 ~ 3 Winter Extra volumes! It was very sweet, fluffy and gay (of course). Seems like we’ll be taking a break from Drama CDs for a while (they sure get tiring.)

Head over on to this post to check out the translations! On another note, if there are any wrong links or errors, don’t hesitate to tell us!

Meanwhile, Satsunyan has listened to all of Vol 4 – 6 (while Rurei-chan has to yet!). Volume 5 has become a personal favorite due to the undefeatable President/Vice President/No.1 vs No. 2/Tsundere/Cool Person combi, that is eventually Kagami Hare and Hitsuji Seira! Everyone should listen to the new couples as well and throw us an opinion!

On another note, if you know of someone/anyone working on the new LilyCool volumes, please do direct us to them so we can post their releases in our site as well (just to have them compiled in one place.)

Well then, enjoy this release!

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[Release] When Sometimes The Gays Go for a Swim

04 夏休み編1280×1024

Apologies for the delay! Although this Drama CD was released Summer 2014, the translations have only been completed recently (around 3 months ago, ha ha ha~) and so the release of the Summer Special is here! We’ve also gotten our hands onto the store exclusive bonuses as well. But after checking they are actually only short clips of the girls flirting with each other, so we’re still weighing if we do want to translate them. About 50/50 on the weighing scale so far.

Anyhow, without further ado, read the Special Disc 1 translations over here!

On another note, Volume 4, 5, 6 of RiriKuru has been released! We’re not sure if someone’s already translating them, but working on them at the moment is one of our least priorities with the Winter CD being prioritized and newer Drama CDs such as Iono Fanatics, Shinozaki and AnoKiss being on a higher priority. If you know of the progress of the new volumes, please do tell us so we can compile the releases here in Seiyuuri for a one stop Drama CD place! Proper credits will be applied as well, of course.

Well then! Wait a liiiittle more patiently for the Winter ones, it’ll be coming soon! Please enjoy this release!

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[Release] RiriKuru – Vol. 3 – motto, zutto, gyutto

We are sorry for the delay! We’ve finally gotten some time and finished the first batch the light and fluffy yuri, LilyCool series! As you might have known there are new couples releasing soon for Volume 4, 5 and 6. However it is still unsure if we are going to work on it, or just distribute it. Nonetheless, distribution may be a more possible decision. But of course, we will update all of you, awesome people!

Anyhoo, as per usual, we do not host files in our website, so if you would like a copy of the audio, you may use trusty google-kun/-chan to find /u/ and download your stuff. I believe they are up in nyaa as well.

This volume’s seiyuu are Uchida Aya (Minami Kotori of Love Live!) and Ootsubo Yuka (Toshino Kyoko of Yuru Yuri, Ooi of Kancolle). In fact… they’ve starred together in a subtext yuri anime before. It’s Vividred Operation. Uchida Aya as the yellow haired female, Shinomiya Himawari and Ootsubo Yuka plays her childhood friend, kendo, master, greenhaired girl Saegusa (baka) Wakaba. With that said, please have a taste (to the hearing aide) of Kugimiya Ucchi and Ooi Maid Baum! (Insert more Seiyuu jokes here).

…this is totally not normal at all… These people really has a problem with caps lock, being RiriKuru – LIly LYriC CyCLE and all.

[Translations Here]

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[Release] RiriKuru – Vol. 2 – bitter honey

Hello! /u/ anon has gotten back to us, and as he requested, we’ve completed the improvements and inconsistencies on the script and has reworked on Vol. 2 bitter honey of the popular, fluffy yuri series by Particle. Today’s characters are voiced by Asakura Azumi and Uchida Maaya. I hope you enjoy it as much as we squealed and kyaa’d through it!


[Translations Here]

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[Release] RiriKuru – LIly LYriC CyCLE – Vol.1 – Koigokoro Friends

Seiyuuri Staff Presents the Second Project…

20131126lily01RiriKuru – LIly LYriC CyCLE – Vol.1 – Koigokoro Friends

The people over at 4chan board /u/ and Seiyuuri staff brings you the most adorable Yuri Drama CD series as of late! It’s very innocent and sweet and fluffy you’d go, “ANTS GO AWAY!” Because of all the fluff. I hope everyone enjoys this series as much as we, Seiyuuri duo, did! We have acquired permission from the kind /u/ anon who started translating this series and have done translate checking of his scripts to improve quality! Although a lot of versions might have come out, but please consider this as the final final version (with permission from translator, of course!) since three heads are definitely better than just one!

How ’bout short insights to our two main characters?

Segawa Ayame
「Hey. hey, Hina, let’s eat lunch together! I’ll feed you again!」

Energetic and cheerful girl with many friends, who creates happy mood for the class.
Optimistic, but lonely in reality.

Calls Hina her precious friend, but holds stronger true feelings for her than just friendship. Most calm when she spends time with Hina and can be herself, but she doesn’t realize it.

Unlike Hina, she cares about her looks. Sometimes plays dress-up using Hina.

16 years, 1st year of high school, born 27th of July (Lion), blood type B, normal height, prefers modest style.
Interests: windowshopping of clothes and accessories (I’ll buy then when I have allowance!)

Wakamiya Hina
「Oh, Ayame-chan… If you cling so much to me, I’ll get all ticklish…」

Thoughtful and shy girl with a tendency to keep to herself.
Has been friends with Ayame since middle school and is in the same class as her even in high school.

Has gotten used to Ayame’s cheerfulness and sociability, but that emotion is slowly transforming into special feelings towards Ayame. Since she doesn’t want to lose her good friendship with Ayame, she wavers whether or not she should express her feelings toward her.

Likes her uniform more than normal clothes, because that way she doesn’t have to think much about her attire. Is an indoors person.

16 years, 1st year of high school, born 16th of March (Pisces), blood type A, lower height, has her own style.
Interests: Likes reading and watching DVDs, can spend time alone in her room.

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Character Profile Summaries Credits to Yuri /u/

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[Release] Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke Wo – IchaRabu Haruyasumi (Drama CD) – Track 1 and 2 Published!

Seiyuuri Staff presents kick off of the first project…

IchaRabu HaruyasumiSono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke Wo – IchaRabu Haruyasumi Drama CD Translations!

The staff has worked hard to deliver you the best of the best translations that could be achieved by two people. In the process of making these, the staff enjoyed translating and listening to the whole drama CD. As we announce this, the first two tracks are finally translated. We will give you surprise-updating with announcements every time we have accomplished two new tracks to update everyone!

So, what is A Cozy Spring Vacation Drama CD all about?

Some time has passed since that day from Maidens of Michael
As usual, Risa is at the mercy of the incessantly truant Miya.
There are times when the stubborn girls can really get into it, but they always seem to patch things up, making the secret Atelier into their love nest♪

And so, their first spring vacation as a couple arrives.
They spent their winter vacation embarrassed and apart, but this time…
Risa wins a pair of free tickets to a theme park, and invites Miya to come with her!
After a fun date at the amusement park, Miya comes to spend the night in Risa’s room…
The two of them share an indulgently cozy spring vacation, full of yuri goodness♪

Writing: JUN
Art/Comics: Peko
Voice Performance:
Azumi Risa voiced by Kuroi Neko
Ayase Miya voiced by Akimoto Nerine

(c) Summary credits to Petals Garden Website

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