[Release] How to Eat Popcorn 101

Satsunyan here! I’m so sorry we’re delayed etc etc etc, the usual reasons and stuff. But we’ll try to catch up by next year or something like that. Anyway.

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We’d also like to formally announce that we’ll be doing Tamamusi’s recently finished 4-koma series, “Heart of the Girl“! It’s about a game app where you must hit on girls and make their heart race to get points and be able to unlock rarer girls, but the catch is, they’re real life girls! How will Nozomi protect her childhood friend Kakoi from being ‘cleared’ by other players?

With our new projects lined up, we’d like do our best to change our release pace as 2017 approaches, so we have made a new Doujins to-do list that you may check here.

Anyhoo, happy holidays, everyone!

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[Release] What If Your Girlfriend Got Amnesia?


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In a not-really surprise collab with Girls in Boxes we bring you God!Tamamusi’s new serialized 4-koma manga ‘Bright and Cheery Amnesia.’ Expect Tamamusi-tier gay, Tamamusi-tier art, and Tamamusi-tier comedy. The manga releases monthly, and the next one is well on its way within September. Please stay tuned!

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