[Release] A Short Akagi x Kaga Comic, SRSLY??


Yes, rly~ Well in all reality, Satsunyan the cat, just saw this post translated in Danbooru. So she searched for the original, saved it and edited it! Although it’s a really long over due for a Valentine’s story, but who cares right? EVERYDAY IS VALENTINES! BANZAI!

Special Thanks to Whoever it is that translated this in Danbooru!
Senyuu Yuuji (Tatakai no Kiseki) Pixiv
Mediafire | Read Online

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[Release] NicoMaki: Trick or Trick (Short Comic)

EDIT 2014/07/22: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICO-CHAN! Dynasty link added.

Uh huh. Nico-senpai is probably up to no good this time, again! Sekihara-san, just what do you think of Maki-chan!? A healthy and hormonal teenager!? Well that’s what she probably is. Nico-senpai is turning 18 tomorrow, and we just can’t wait to post this release because it’s Niconii’s birthday! Better early than late or worse never! Nico-senpai you need more stamina, or you won’t be able to keep up with them youngsters! ※See Private Tsunderation 2


While Satsunyan is having too much fun, here’s the release!
MediaFire | Dynasty
Here’s to Seiyuuri never translating SEXFX!

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[Release] Some delicious NicoMaki and Downloads Page!

EDIT 2014/04/27 3:08PM GMT+8:00 : I just realized that the ‘Downloads’ link page redirect to our Mediafire Share Folder was broken. I’ve fixed it! Sorry for that!

Hi! We’re partially back from the dead! Not that we really died anyway. The interest with SonoHanabira is still on the lay-low but I think things will be okay–someday, maybe. Or maybe not? Anyhow, we’ve recently taken on our shoulders a few of Sekihara Kaina/Umina-san’s NicoMaki short comics. NicoMaki is a cute pair from Love Live! school idol project and if you guys have not seen it yet, please do so!

On another note, No, we are not a scanlating group. Just like how other blogs go, we post randomly whichever we have a feeling of posting and I guess we assure you that it will be yuri related, seiyuu related, or seiyuu yuri related -/slapped. We will be occasionally doing short comics like Sekihara-san’s work, and who knew! We actually did three of them! Hooray!

Anyway, off to the downloads page, are we? Since we’ve released over 4 English Subbed videos, even though we know that you can just download the rip from youtube, a downloads page will always be nice place, right? Although please do be informed that we will not put up downloads for drama CDs. The downloads page will only contain translated short comics and English Subbed videos.

So, what do we have right now? We have 2 NSFW Short comics from Sekihara-san and 1 short comic.










Click More for the Download links.

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