Announcement regarding [YuiKaori’s Activities]

As mentioned in a previous post, YuiKaori will be stopping their music activities, and will continuing as solo activities. In light to what our focus for the site, we will still be continuing in releasing YuiKaori things and updates from Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori.

Thank you for your continued support to Seiyuuri. We will do our best to stay on top of things from now on as well. Please look forward to our future releases.


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Site News: Blogs cluttering the front-page? Fixed!

We’ve noticed that, in our attempts to keep the site alive and continuously updated, the front-page was crowded with long heaps of blogs that some of our visitors probably doesn’t want to see. So in order to clean it up, we’ve moved the blogs feed on the right side below the blogs calendar. They will still be continuously updated, so please head on over to the side bar to check up on the latest YuiKaori blogs! Thank you!

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Welcome to Seiyuuri 3.0 (We Have More Gay)

Yearly, around the time of our anniversary, we change the site’s layout and change a few things. Here is the one for this year! Sorry it was a bit late. Together with the site’s new layout, we also fixed our navigation panel and simplified everything for everyone to see. It’s been cluttered for the past 2 years and hopefully the new navigation will work better.

Everything is sorted by key categories on the top, and in order to explore series, just click ‘Continue Reading’ on any entry and search through posts via tags!

Together with the new layout, we have also combined the YuiKaori Blog Translations site (MTT) with Seiyuuri. All blogs will be labeled [Blog] in-front of it to discern it from other posts! Meanwhile, we’re looking for contributors who would like to translate other female seiyuu’s blog. Feel free to reach out to us via!

We decided to combine the two to make seiyuuri more active with posts and updates. We also have a blog calendar, where all the blogs are plotted on dates they were posted in. Neat, right? 😉 And don’t worry! Old links redirect to their current posts via seiyuuri, so feel free to click them and you’d still arrive to the post you wanted to see.

Since we had to migrate some stuff from another site, some images/links might be broken, so if you find any of them, please do tell us so we can have them fixed!

That’s it for this month’s site update! We hope that you like our new layout. <3

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Seiyuuri is now three years old!?

Time flew by so fast, we actually forgot it was our anniversary today. No joke, we were just discussing it yesterday and then Rurei-chan got an email that our tumblr turned three years old… we’re actually three years old now!? And because of that, like last year we also don’t have much to release for this anniversary, but we do have some so please stay tuned! So as usual, it’ll be the messages from our staff!

Hey~ Satsunyan here~

I can’t believe we actually reached three years. I have always been known to procrastinate on everything until it dies, but this is the very first time I’ve had an interest on something this long that I was able to keep two blogs (YuiKaori one and this), alive for the past three years (and a year for MTT!) I’m really grateful to the small circle of people that looks forward to our ever so inconsistent releases.

I think we’ve released more scanlations than videos in the past year. We want to release more videos (*coughradiogardencough*) and more scanlations (more Tamamusi, hell yeah!) I’ve been doing well so far with regular translations but the radio garden videos are still a major burden with a lack of typesetter, but I wish that the other half of the year would go well for radio garden. 

With that, Ojitan, here’s to three years of derping and rowing gays. Thanks for keeping up with my whimsical personality and going along with my derp plans in life. I’m glad to be seeing you again this year for a YuiKaori live! Let’s have fun this year as well~ 

Aside for the projects section, I am really glad that we’ve reached three years and we hope to continue on from here on as well. Please continue on supporting us this year and the coming years as well! 今年もよろしくおねがいします!


A message from Rurei!

Howdy, Rurei here!

3rd Anniversary!? Unbelievable!!! To actually forget about our own website’s anniversary…I’ll do a hara-kiri! (No, I won’t). Yes, we actually forgot about it. If I didn’t check my email and found the anniversary notification from Tumblr, maybe we just let it pass without doing anything (LOL).

2016 ended in a flash, even faster than 2015! To be honest, I can’t remember what we’ve done for the entire 2016. All I could remember is that more money flew away from my wallet. Also last year I did say that I wouldn’t be as active as before, but we did release some doujinshi and original works translations, right! Please bear with us because both of Seiyuuri Duo are moody human beings-/slapped

And with Sound! Euphonium season 2 happened, we’ve come to take a liking to Tomonya a.k.a. Tomoyo-chan a.k.a. Kurosawa Tomoyo and her partner Chikape a.k.a. Anzai-san a.k.a. Anzai Chika. Thanks to whoever linked Kumiko and Reina’s “I want to be Special!” Radio! Their radio and niconama are pretty interesting, we started to ship them while everyone raged of the sinking ship KumiRei (By the way, I’m still sailing KumiRei ship no matter what you say. I like their chemistry, okay. Call me delusional, I don’t mind LOL).

Not only that, Seiyuuri Duo actually planned another crazy trip to chase the gay this year! Yes, we’re planning to go for another YuiKaori Live! I hope we can meet new people and show them how passionate YuiKaori’s overseas fans are!

With that, Onee-san, thanks for bearing with me up until now. Let’s release and enjoy a lot of things together from now on, too! To everyone who has been following us on these three years, thank you very much! Please take care of us this year as well!

And of course a message from the Radio Garden team who continue to work hard despite all the year-long delays, I’m really, really sorry you three, but thanks so much for always being with us!

– Rurei

From Souhi-chan!

Seiyuuri turns 3?! We’ve come a long way!!! Time sure flies. I’m truly grateful to have had the opportunity to be involved in Seiyuuri’s projects. The team is also amazing, which is no surprise since it is made of amazing individuals, like rurei ojisan, sassan, nick, bin and everyone else who helped out heheh. And this year again, i shall try my best to spread more gay- i mean help Seiyuuri out however I can! To 2017, and congratulations Seiyuuri
– Souhi
Next from Nick-kun!
Wow, it’s already been a year since I last wrote one of these…
First of all, congrats to Satsunyan and Rurei for 3 years of this site! Spreading gay is their real test, gay spreading is their cause ( ͡- ͜ʖ ͡-) It was a fun year to spend with the Seiyuurians; it’s always nice to see them online, discussing gays while I’m in meetings 😛While 2016 may not have been the best of years, it was marked by many gay anime/seiyuu activity, accompanied by Seiyuuri duo losing their sides. They’ve been hard at work, staying on top of YuiKaori’s blog posts (and imagining them on top of each oth-) I hope y’all YuiKaori fans enjoy~As for Radio Garden, we now have ways to make timing faster, but we’re still in need of a typesetter to get things off the ground. We hope to move things along this year.That’s all from me; thank you to everyone in the Seiyuuri team and everyone we met in between for being great friends, and thank you Seiyuuri followers for sticking with us!
Here’s to another gay year!
– Nick

A message from Bin-chan!

Hi, Bin here! (this year again)

First of all, because of school projects, last year I didn’t have much time to work with Seiyuuri as I want to sob. But this year, I will graduate from university in September, so I hope will have more time to help our team(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Btw, last year at “idol field” in my profile (Seiyuuri ofcourse), I didn’t know any of them, so I had studied about idol and then I realized they’re truly truly gei ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), I had my oshimens too (❛ᴗ❛人)

On the occasion of Seiyuuri’s 3rd year annivesary, I wish Seiyuuri team will release more pj, be more well-known, and get more supports from everyone. ╭(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

– Kuroda Shiratama

And then a message from our frequent collaborator, Rex!

Seiyuuri, congratulations and best wishes on your Anniversary! Working with them on different projects is always a fun experience; I’ve learned a lot from them. Please always continue to do you best! Faito dayo. :3


Thank you very much, all of you!

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2017 Goals, Plans, Updates

Hello, everyone! Satsunyan here! We’ve been active with the scanlating business lately and we plan to continue as we press on forward and try to keep our updates and releases as active as we could manage.

As for 2017 Goals, we’ll be announcing the changes with how our twitter and site functions starting this year!

In the present we follow updates for the following artists:

  • Ogura Yui
  • Ishihara Kaori
  • YuiKaori
  • Nanjou Yoshino
  • Kusuda Aina
  • Aisaka Yuuka

And we’d like to add the following artists starting this year!

  • Anzai Chika
  • Kurosawa Tomoyo

With the addition of these two new seiyuu, we’ll also be creating a profile for them, so please stay tuned!

As for the scanlation side:

We plan to release the following in this list. We plan to release them regularly at least twice or thrice a month, or more, hopefully. Speaking of this, we are currently in need of a typesetter/editor for a specific title. You can check more of the requirements here.

On the Drama CDs side:

We’re still on a break from doing any sort of Drama CD Translations, but we’re considering doing “summaries.” We will get back to it one day.

And on the count of Radio Garden:

I’m sure you’re all dying to find the next episode, I’m dying to try and finish it as well but 24mins of radio by myself is agonizingly difficult as of present. I have no reasons for all these delays, so I’m going to extend out to everyone and ask for help. Please stay tuned for an official update from the radio garden site for more details.

That’s it for our short start of the year update!

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2nd Anniversary Project Release: YuiKaori Blog Translations!

As we have stated in our 2016 plans. We planned to bring more YuiKaori and here’s the first step to doing so! We wanted the world to know more about the two of them, what they write about, what they’re into at the moment and stuff like that. In 2015, we’ve done things like Live Reports, and subtitled excerpts from their radio that brings more about their personality and gayness. Realizing that we always read their blog posts but never say anything about it, we talked about why not translate them so others can understand! So here it is!

If we’re going to translate the entries from before, we’re going to talk about it. It will be a challenge but there are a lot of important entries from last year that would be nice if everyone were to read it now in the present. However, we will be prioritizing blogs that are posted this year. We can’t promise when the translated entries will be posted, but just follow the Seiyuuri twitter and you’ll see!


As per usual! The site and theme is new and customized, if you find/see anything broken, please don’t hesitate to tell us!

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Seiyuuri Turns Two!

Now we can really say that time did fly so fast. Our first year anniversary only felt so yesterday… and now, who would’ve thought! We’re turning two this year! However, unlike last year we’d like to apologize for the lack of releases for this year’s anniversary. A lot of things came up, we went to Japan, we saw YuiKaori and we dominate– wait that’s not right. We saw YuiKaori, shed tears and had fun. There are a lot of other circumstances that stopped us from releasing everything, but please rest assured we would do more this year!

On that note, here’s a message from the two derps who has kept Seiyuuri alive for the past year!

Hello~ Satsunyan here.

I never would’ve thought I’d be managing a website that turns two years. I’m that type of person who never keeps an interest with something for more than a year, especially at “maintaining” as site. I’m that one lazy person who jumps from one thing to another. However, I guess, doing something with someone sure helps in keeping the motivation up! Especially if it’s something that the two of you are passionate about!

In 2015, I met a lot of people and hired helping hands like Nick-kun, Bin-chan and Souhi-chan who keeps me on my toes with them Radio Garden updates that Ojisan and I should catch up with! (Good news! I might upgrade my PC soon, so please expect something within 2 – 3 months or less! Depends on my luck, really!) They’ve been helpful, funny, and we all get along well sharing the same passion for Love Live. I hope that once we’ve reached the threshold that is the end of Radio Garden (tears), I hope that we would continue to get along, and maybe by some twist of fun fate, get together and maaaaybe do some Aqours-chan videos as well, how about that? *wink wink*

A lot of things happened in 2015 with Rurei-chan. Crying about whether we will get visa, crying about burning money for that Happy JAM, ChanYui album and not being able to go to ChanYui’s first live in July. We cried together about many things, especially when YuiKaori are being too gay and they cannot keep their hands off each other -/slapped. Rurei-chan, thank you so much for always bearing with my derp ideas and well, with all my derp. Let’s get along this year and continue releasing more things in 2016 as well!

To everyone who follows/followed/will follow Seiyuuri. Thank you so much for always trusting us with your opinion! I’ve heard a lot of people say that they don’t trust any source unless it was from Seiyuuri. Thank you for always trusting us, our news, and our content! We wouldn’t be moving forward without everyone who has followed us and believed in us. Please continue taking care of us this year as well! We promise we won’t let you down! -insert Rexona something here-

That’s it for my block of text for this year’s anniversary. I’m really sorry we weren’t able to do any releases, but I promises there would be some, soon!

Thank you very much again and let’s have a lily-fun this year as well! 今年もよろしくお願いします!


Next up is Rurei-chan!

Howdy, Rurei here. Many things happened in 2015, and we reached our second anniversary! Congratz, congratz!

2015 passed so fast, I could only remember about spending too much money on goods, especially on the-OTP-you-know-who *uglysobbing*. I’m not focusing myself into Love Live! anymore, but it doesn’t hurt to help with the translations. I still like it, don’t worry, don’t worry! *Maki-chan mode*

I spent my days listening to seiyuu radio and tweeted interesting info I found using my personal account. And sometimes stalking other people’s twitters for live or release event reports. I think 2015 was the time I’ve really became a ダメ人間 *laughs*.

December 2015, things happened to my family so I was kind of busy with that. It was really tiring, both physically and mentally. I was going to cancel my trip to Japan, but then things went better and I could go. January 2016, Seiyuuri Duo went to Japan! (although Onee-san went earlier than me)
We finally went to YuiKaori’s live! It was my first time going overseas, to Japan, and first overseas live. I met some people and they are all so kind. Thanks to all Japanese Saibaigakari (YuiKaori fans—which we call ‘YuiKaori Family’ now. Girls why. lol) who were so kind to meet us just to greet each other and get surprised that both of Seiyuuri Duo are women (lol). Thanks to our Ishihara Kaori who mentioned us overseas fans!

Anyway, let’s stop this diary-like thing. I’m sorry. This year, I don’t think I can be as active as before (as if you’ve been so active last year), because I need to take care of some things. But I’ll do my best to help more for the releases, so more people will know about Seiyuuri!

Onee-san, thanks for bearing with my stubbornness. I hope we can go for another live again together, and long live Seiyuuri!
To everyone who follows and always read our releases, please take care of us this year, too!

With the not-so-dramatic-comedy-duo (hm?)’s messages. The 2nd year anniversary message is complete! But wait… there’s actually more!? Stay tuned to this post for more endearing messages from those who helped us the past year!

The special messages from the special people who has been helping and is still helping us get on track with Radio Garden! It will move this year and I assure if it’s not for them, it won’t be possible! Thank you so much, you three!

From Bin-chan

Hi hi I’m Bin (・ω・)/

First of all, let me congratulate Seiyuuri on our 2nd anniversary, time has passed so fast! Congrats! Congrats!! ヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝ

Before joining, I thought that “Hmm, they’re so damn gay, why no-one translates their gei conversation? (about NozoEli radio garden)”, I searched for English translation and found a website named, but there were only episode 1 and 2. Therefore, it made me curious and went to their twitter account for MORE (I want MORE!!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)). Since then, I became their stalker. I looked forward to NozoEli radio garden translation every Sunday. After a few months, I saw their status about looking for a timer, so I applied for this position. Fortunately, in February 2015, I was able to join Seiyuuri. At the beginning, in our first conversations, my whole body felt shaky and I was a bit scared (This was the first time I worked with foreigners). But from time to time I realized that they’re so friendly and funny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I love them all!

The most difficult thing as a timer is that I don’t know Japanese so I’ve made some mistakes, but I still love my job! In a period of time, I was busy with my school project and couldn’t time any episode, I’m sorry about that… Fortunately, it’s nearly our Lunar New Year so I’ve got a plenty time for timing, no worries! I hope that together with Seiyuuri, we can sub all the gei garden radio left for you, and for us too. It’s too bad that NozoEli Radio Geiden has ended (sob sob), so after all geiden upisodes, maybe we’ll do some Aqours’ videos? I watched a video that they announce anime this summer, they’re so adorable! (/∇\*)

Anyway, we still need plenty of your support to complete it, please cheer us up more! Thank you so muchhhhhhh ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノ

Thank Seiyuuri for letting me work with you!!
Thank Satsunyan and Nick-kun for working up with me!!!
Also thank supporters for supporting us all the time!!!!
And thank you all. Please support us this year as well!!!!!!!! (bow)

See you soon, I have to go *DE DE DEEN* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

From Souhi-chan

Chiwasu! Souhi here!

Congrats on Seiyuuri turning 2!

I don’t really know when I joined Seiyuuri… It probably started when I was dragged into the LoveLive! Hell, and fell into the black hole known as NozoEli. I realised “Hey, they have a radio show and I can’t understand what they’re saying!! Damn!”, and stumbled upon some lovely live tweeting of translations of each radio garden episodes from Seiyuuri. I probably also poked my nose in to try to translate small LL related stuff as well. Eventually I saw their post which indicated that they were looking for a Chinese translator for Radio Garden, and after much hesitation, I decided to stop lurking and just go for it. The only regret I have about this is hesitating that much.

At the start, I was a little nervous and apprehensive talking to Ojis- Rurei, and Ossa- Satsunyan, and terribly nervous because it was my first time doing translations for anything out of school. Both of them were really nice and welcoming, and it was really nice to meet others who had love and passion for translating gay things. :^)  Thank you for your hardwork, correcting any mistakes I had, and helping me to learn more! To the Seiyuuri team, let’s continue to work together!!!  ٩(`・ω・´)و

I hope we will still get along even after the gay garden radio translations are done. And yes, Aquors translations too! I am excited about all of these potential plans!! hs(´Д`* ≡ *´Д`)hs

2015 was a busy but fulfilling year, I actually got a job (which eats at my time, spirit, and soul), and even with more adult responsibilities flooding in (laughs and runs away), I will still do my utmost best to help Seiyuuri churn out more gay content!  (ง •̀_•́)ง

For those who have followed and supported Seiyuuri, thank you, and please continue to support us in 2016! ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚

From Nick-kun

Nick here  (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Congrats Seiyuuri on 2 years of gay seiyuu goodness!

I only recently discovered Love Live! in March 2015, beginning with the anime. My first impression of the LL! seiyuu was through Satsunyan’s tweets and translations about Jolks’ gay radio antics ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). One of many reasons why I love LL! is the fact that the seiyuu are as interesting and lovable as the characters and I wouldn’t be so deep in this hell if it weren’t for Seiyuuri introducing me to them.

When Seiyuuri started the Radio Garden subbing project, I wanted to help with it in any way I could. Allowing others to experience Jolks in English is a cause I wanted a part in. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very confident in my timing and it wasn’t until September that I applied for the job. Listening to Jolks so often, paying close attention to each line, makes them even more endearing. The Seiyuuri team is also great to work with, so I would be happy to continue with Aqours content after we’ve reached the end of the Radio Garden line ;_;.

To Satsunyan: Thank you for pulling me further into LL! hell and for being a warm and kind friend. You’re a pleasure to work for and if there’s a project I can help with in the future, I’ll be on board! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

To Rurei-chan: You may work more on the YuiKaori side, but our passion for gay seiyuu is the same! Please continue moving Seiyuuri forward through its next year! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

To Bin-chan: I’ll be more busy this semester, so I’m counting on you to pick up my slack! Enjoy your Lunar New Year! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

To Souhi-chan: Some parts of RG seem like a nightmare to translate. Good work so far and good luck with the remaining episodes! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

To Seiyuuri’s readers: Thank you for sticking with Seiyuuri! Please continue to support us! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Thank you all and let’s make Seiyuuri’s 3rd year even more amazing!

We’re so glad to have you three as well! Let’s make 2016 a blast! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

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Seiyuuri; a summary of 2015 ~> Plans for 2016

Hello everyone, Satsunyan here! I’m here to bring everyone the summary for the past year and our plans for this coming year. Also, in 8 days we’re going to turn two years! Even I can’t believe that we’ve finally reached 2 years. Anything I manage never reaches this long, I believe it is because of the people who support us, the ever continuing fandom and of course to my partner-in-crime, Rurei-chan!

This won’t be very long so please take time to read it!

Impressions in 2015

In 2015, we were able to release a lot of new videos and we were also able to gain a lot of new people, also met new friends! We got to release a lot of NozoEri doujins, a lot of YuiKaori videos and Radio Garden episodes in English!

We couldn’t have done it without my very loyal and hardworking Radio Garden staff. Thank you very much for staying with me!

Now that I think about it, it feels like I’ve done little releases, but we were actually able to release a lot of different things the past year! It was an amazing feeling!

This year, Rurei-chan and I were also able to go to Japan and go see YuiKaori! Although this would be going into another post that would be posted a bit later.

Plans for 2016

After our new found inspiration to bring more YuiKaori things into English, we’ve decided to focus Seiyuuri into giving YuiKaori news, Love Live! (both Aqours and µ’s) and a few selected Yuri. We will continue with our Drama CD translations and other things, but for now we would be focusing in making people know more about YuiKaori.

To release summary:

  • Drama CDs (Shinnozaki-san, Iono Fanatics, AnoKiss)
  • YuiKaori videos (LisAni and others)
  • YuiKaori Articles (Natalie Power Push and others)
  • YuiKaori Blog entries. (We will be translating their blog entries from now on. We might even translate the older ones as well!)
  • Radio Garden (we aim to at least release up to episode 40 within this year!)

I’m sure more will be added so please stay tuned!

Thank you very much for always following Seiyuuri and for trusting us with articles!

See you all in our 2016 releases and articles! (*`・ω・´*)ゝ


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Radio Garden Translations website open!

OPEN okay? not OEPN, I still pity poor staff-san. Nanjolno must’ve laughed at his face. Nonetheless, in celebration to Nontan’s birthday, the website will be opened today! Although there aren’t much content yet, please feel free to visit us whenever you can! Of course, don’t neglect Seiyuuri too for other related news are still going to be here!

A short Q/A!

What’s this new site?
Visit Here!

What’s it for?
It’s for our subtitled Radio Garden releases.

Why does it have to be separated?
Because satsunyan plans to release an influx of videos in the next three months, and she doesn’t want to fill up the whole seiyuuri website with Love Live! Only content, when there are others as well.

Will the video links be public?
. Although Lantis has nothing against about Radio Garden episodes uploaded in YT, we might still get caught because Music START and other songs will still be playing in the episodes. We’re going to be uploading them and unlist them.

Can I donate?
Of course! Although, that doesn’t mean that we would be releasing faster. We’re only two people after all, with a few other hands to help left and right. However, we can assure you that donations will be put to good use!

Are you looking for help?
Subtitle Timers are welcome at the moment! Radio Garden website will be posting a listing on how to apply. (THIS ONE WOULD HELP US RELEASE FASTER huehuehue).

If you have any other questions, comment below!

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Transfer Complete (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ dayo!

Hello, everyone!

As you can remember, last April 2nd, 2015, thank you very much to donations, we were able to buy a hosting and domain, and now a site redirect! We’re now known as and our previous links “” will now be redirected onto our new site.

Q: Hm? But, what’s new?
A: As you can see, other than our new domain name, we still haven’t been able to change our theme and layout, for those would take time.

Q: Then why transfer?
A: Because we’ve got a lot of updates in store, and we need the new site in order to post them!

With that said, everyone who has us in their affiliates links, please refresh the link for easier access. We plan to be able to support the website, renew it every year and keep it alive as long as the seiyuu lovers in our hearts still live.

This year is only our second year as seiyuuri, but we probably would not have lasted this long without you guys.

Thanks for all the support, and please take care of us this year as well! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

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