Apparently, the gay might be strong on this one.

EDIT 2014/2/20

Aisaka Yuunyan (LOL) blogged last night about the happenings of her past week. She posted the necktie photo from below and posted this comment.


Yukinko-san doesn’t tie her necktie, so I always do it for her~
During that time, she was playing with my hair… (laughs)


EDIT 2014/2/19: Today, the character single previews have been released in the official site here!

(1)Kotone’s character song is so cool, meanwhile (2)Shizuku-chan’s is all about “hug me~ love me~” The gay might definitely be strong in this one.


Yahoi! Today is Sakura Trick’s second event, “KotoShizu’s After Valentine event Day 1!” There’s a Day 2 part tomorrow! On the contrary, I, Satsuki and Rurei-chan are both dying over at twitter. It seems that, the gay might be strong on this one.

Note: Everything posted here are translations. The seiyuu do not tweet in English.

In today’s SakuTri event, the event goers and the seiyuu themselves are allowed to hear a little bit of the character songs, so Igarashi Hiromi-san tweeted this.

01Hmm~ It seems like Kotone has a cool and cute character song. I can sort of imagine that. Meanwhile, Aisaka Yuka-san seems to have her own comments about Shizuku’s character song here.

02She had retweeted, or RT’d Igarashi-san’s tweet and added her own thoughts on them. But nonetheless, the tsundere that Igarashi-san is seemed to have softened up!

03Ah~ KotoShizu’s bond is so strong~ Why is Igarashi-san a tsundere, you ask? Well, on the first episode of the Sakura Trick Ohamoniconama, it seems that she did nothing but to be ‘cold’ to Aisaka-san who was showering her with affections. Other than that, there was also this!

byeguysThis was just me, being a derp and tweeting a seiyuu my thoughts… who would’ve thought that she was going to answer it!? On another hand, I had asked Aisaka Yuka-san if she was a cat person, and she answered me with this!

00Moni! (ゝω∂)☆
I love all sorts of small animals!

Igarashi-san is a small thing too… Speaking of Igarashi-san, I shall post more flirting/ichaicha/ for everyone!

04HMM!? Igarashi-san always calls Aisaka-san… “Aisaka-kun.” HMM!? Now it has turned into Yuuchan!?

05Apparently, it has also become Yuunyan!! What is it!? It seems that since Igarashi-san is a “Moody/Whimsical Cat” her words ends with nyan!? Delusions aside, let us end this post with this photo!

n0tPVUp next is (maybe) an English subbed translation of the Ohamoniconama, Igarashi-san and Aisaka-san playing Love Jenga! よろしくハロリン(ゝω∂)☆

P.S. Our KotoShizu seiyuu have another event at Gamer’s today. They’re currently on a date in Starbucks ;D

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“Are they really dating?” Sakura Trick Interview!

Ohamoni! It’s time for another Sakura Trick stuff!

Aisaka Yuuka (left) and Igarashi Hiromi (right)
Aisaka Yuuka (left) and Igarashi Hiromi (right)

We found an interview for Sakura Trick first Event (held on January 13th, titled Sakura Trick Event.1 ~Kotone’s Birthday Commemoration! Kotone and Shizuku, are they going out?! @ Sakurada Street~). The guests are Igarashi Hiromi (Minami Shizuku’s seiyuu) and Aisaka Yuuka (Noda Kotone’s seiyuu). Thus, regarding the event title, MC asked them “Are Shizuku and Kotone really going out?” (oh, you can find the cut event on OhamoNico Nama episode 2).

Here is some parts of the interview from Da Vinci News.

Please give us your impressions of the finishing event.

Igarashi: I didn’t think that anyone would gather up to this point. I had worn a sailor uniform since junior high until high school, so I was really glad that I could wear blazer and these twin-tails. It’s really embarrassing at this age, but I was really high (laughs).

Aisaka: Really, really thank you to everyone who gathered today. It’s the first time I’ve attended something like this.  I was really happy that we could had a direct conversation with the people who loves Sakura Trick. I hope we can have these kind of events again.

Igarashi: Oh, and I realized there were a lot of girls coming,  it’s different from the usual event. I was really happy.

Please tell us the highlights of this work.

Igarashi: Maybe it’s that we could only saw girls everywhere even though it’s a co-ed school (laughs). I think Haruka (CV: Tomatsu Haruka) and Yuu’s (CV: Iguchi Yuka) secret relationship is the highlight.

Aisaka: I think there are lot of heart throbbing scenes, but the atmosphere feels warm and comfortable; it is a slice of life  packed with carefree, cuteness, and warmness.

Igarashi: I went “Uo!?” many times as for the breasts and thighs scenes. I found more interesting parts which I didn’t realize on the recording (laughs)

Aisaka: You noticed the thighs, right (laughs)

Then, the last, could you tell us your impression about the mochi “dating”?

Aisaka: I was really nervous (laughs).

Igarashi: I thought Aisaka’s pressure was really strong (laughs).  This girl is really powerful, you know? That’s why, please be more kind to me from now on (laughs)

Aisaka: Then, starting from 2014 I will kindly touch Shizuku-chan… I think. (laughs)

Igarashi: We are “dating” today, but I think I will maintain distance with Aisaka-san. (laughs)

Aisaka: Eh, why!? (laughs)

Igarashi: It’s because even now, we still haven’t exchange contact addresses, so I think we should exchange and raise our intimacy (laughs).

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Haruka, Yuka & The (gay) Tea

Ohamoni! It’s been the season of Spring, well not really. It’s really summer-y wherever I am, and it’s raining snow and freezing in Japan because it’s winter. But the derpy Seiyuuri duo is back with more derpy videos! And what are we featuring now? The bubbly, sweet and gay story of Sakura Trick!

What is Sakura Trick?

Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonoda were inseparable during their junior high school years, but upon entering their senior high school, they end up being seated on opposite sides of the classroom. Having to spend time with more friends, the two decide to do something to make their relationship special.

(Summary credits to: Anime News Network)

We call this series the “Yuri Anime of the Year.” Well it does go in 2013, since it aired Winter 2013, however, if you’re up for some really gay, sweet and bubbly Yuri of very pretty, cute and differently characterized female highschoolers then Sakura Trick is the show for you!

So what is this post for? Last week, Sonoda Yu’s seiyuu, Iguchi Yuka hosted a Sakura Trick special on her regular radio show, with a special guest, Takayama Haruka’s seiyuu, Tomatsu Haruka-san! Of course, we won’t be here selling this OTP to you if there wasn’t anything fishy about it!

On the video below, Haruka tells the story of what made her “fall” for Yukachi. Are you up for that?

Well then! It has been a gay day, and everything is great, with great seiyuu and yuri! Have a nice day, everyone!

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[Release] Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke Wo – IchaRabu Haruyasumi (Drama CD) – Track 1 and 2 Published!

Seiyuuri Staff presents kick off of the first project…

IchaRabu HaruyasumiSono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke Wo – IchaRabu Haruyasumi Drama CD Translations!

The staff has worked hard to deliver you the best of the best translations that could be achieved by two people. In the process of making these, the staff enjoyed translating and listening to the whole drama CD. As we announce this, the first two tracks are finally translated. We will give you surprise-updating with announcements every time we have accomplished two new tracks to update everyone!

So, what is A Cozy Spring Vacation Drama CD all about?

Some time has passed since that day from Maidens of Michael
As usual, Risa is at the mercy of the incessantly truant Miya.
There are times when the stubborn girls can really get into it, but they always seem to patch things up, making the secret Atelier into their love nest♪

And so, their first spring vacation as a couple arrives.
They spent their winter vacation embarrassed and apart, but this time…
Risa wins a pair of free tickets to a theme park, and invites Miya to come with her!
After a fun date at the amusement park, Miya comes to spend the night in Risa’s room…
The two of them share an indulgently cozy spring vacation, full of yuri goodness♪

Writing: JUN
Art/Comics: Peko
Voice Performance:
Azumi Risa voiced by Kuroi Neko
Ayase Miya voiced by Akimoto Nerine

(c) Summary credits to Petals Garden Website

So, is that juicy enough for you? Click the page at the navigation menu at the top or the one posted in this post under the banner at the top! Look out for more posts from us!

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First up! One up! SonoHana’s – Miya Quiz!

What would you do if Miya wrote somethings on your back? Would you be as derpy as Risa too? Or would you allow Miya to just touch you on your back? Or would you be as bored as hell as Reo? Well, time to find it for yourself on Seiyuuri’s first post release below! It’s not a long video, and we’re pretty sure everyone would DL it off youtube as well, so posting a download link is a lost cause, huh?

Also, this post aside, jan jan jan jaaan~ We would like to formally announce translations of 3 SonoHanabira Drama CDs. A Cozy Spring Vacation (MiyaRisa), Our Campus Life (ErisShizuku) and Golden Vacation of Risa (MiyaRisa). All the SonoHana stuff aside.


Q: What the heck of a website is Seiyuuri?
A: It’s a website where one who is a starting fan of the seiyuu fandom could hang out in! We have a lot of non-ANN and non-Japanese information about our favorite seiyuu and who knows, maybe in the near future you can request us to make a profile of your own favorite seiyuu and put them here!

Q: Do you only post about female seiyuu?

A: Given that we love yuri, and all that, posts would be mostly female seiyuu but if there are any males mentioned in any of our translations why not? We don’t mind! We all live Kamiya Hiroshi and Miyano Mamoru here! -/shot-/nuked

Q: What do you post in this website?
A: Translations of all sorts of stuff! From NozoEri radio, to OreImo radio, to Mizuki Nana’s World of M radio, to Tamura Yukari’s Kuro Usagi Radio to SonoHana radio and all those stuff! Anything seiyuu and yuri related, we’re there!

Q: What is Yuri anyway?

A: Did you  get here without knowing what Yuri is? It’s a name of flower! Lily! LILY! Ahem, sorry. To put it simple, it’s a genre about Girls’ Love, or GL. You can search more detail information about it from our dearest Wikipedia-kun.

Q: Are you looking for more people right now?

A: Of course! We’ll be glad to welcome you here!

Well then, that’s all for today, folks! Also! If you want a link back from us, we will surely want a link back to you as well! Just email at! See ya guys!

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