[Release] RiriKuru – Vol. 2 – bitter honey

Hello! /u/ anon has gotten back to us, and as he requested, we’ve completed the improvements and inconsistencies on the script and has reworked on Vol. 2 bitter honey of the popular, fluffy yuri series by Particle. Today’s characters are voiced by Asakura Azumi and Uchida Maaya. I hope you enjoy it as much as we squealed and kyaa’d through it!


[Translations Here]

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(NSFW) [Release] Motto, Dear SexFX

Whaddup, man!? Here’s a surprise NSFW release from Seiyuuri, in collaboration with Rexbandit! We’ve always wondered why no one did this short 8 page doujin by MuraMura Pocky before so we’ve stepped up and did it for the world!

Motto, Dear Secrets is a short continuation to Dear Secrets previously released by Yuri-ism.


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[Release] Yui Answer?

Hi~ It’s been so long since our last update! Worry not, we’re not derpy yet! Well we’ve always been derpy. However, we are currently more active in twitter. Recently we have announced the @nzer_jolks twitter that is a weekly Radio Garden livetweet account, while @seiyuuri is focused in tweeting seiyuu news in English. So please follow the two accounts if you have a twitter!

Below is a short list of future releases from various Seiyuu we follow!

11/05 – Nanjo Yoshino’s 2nd Solo Single – Anata no Aishita Sekai
11/12 – Uchida Aya’s Solo Debut Album – Applemint
12/3 – Pile’s debut single – Densetsu no Flare
12/10 – AINA&PILE – Please&Secret – 3rd Single
01/05 – YuiKaori new single – NEO SIGNALIFE
2015/1 – Kusuda Aina’s first solo photobook “Kusuda Aina in Italy”

Meanwhile, below is a video from YuiKaori’s recently released, 10/08, BUNNY FLASH!! LIVE 2014 MC. Sorry for the quality for they are only DVD rips! I hope you enjoy this MC/teaser for our future releases as much as we loved doing the subs for it!

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[Release] A Short Akagi x Kaga Comic, SRSLY??


Yes, rly~ Well in all reality, Satsunyan the cat, just saw this post translated in Danbooru. So she searched for the original, saved it and edited it! Although it’s a really long over due for a Valentine’s story, but who cares right? EVERYDAY IS VALENTINES! BANZAI!

Special Thanks to Whoever it is that translated this in Danbooru!
Senyuu Yuuji (Tatakai no Kiseki) Pixiv
Mediafire | Read Online

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[Release] NicoMaki: Trick or Trick (Short Comic)

EDIT 2014/07/22: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICO-CHAN! Dynasty link added.

Uh huh. Nico-senpai is probably up to no good this time, again! Sekihara-san, just what do you think of Maki-chan!? A healthy and hormonal teenager!? Well that’s what she probably is. Nico-senpai is turning 18 tomorrow, and we just can’t wait to post this release because it’s Niconii’s birthday! Better early than late or worse never! Nico-senpai you need more stamina, or you won’t be able to keep up with them youngsters! ※See Private Tsunderation 2


While Satsunyan is having too much fun, here’s the release!
MediaFire | Dynasty
Here’s to Seiyuuri never translating SEXFX!

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Natalie [Power Push]: YuiKaori – “Intro Situation” Interview

Hi~! We’ve been working on this interview for over 5 days, because it’s reeaaaallly long! 3 Days Translations and 2 Days TLC/Proofreading until we’ve refined it! This will also mark as our first WordPress x Tumblr post! We’ve created a tumblr! Yay~ Yay~ You may follow our tumblr account, our youtube videos will be posted there faster, since we don’t upload videos in the website now. However, the information will still be a main-stay here in the website. Tumblr is more-like a portal, I guess? Nonetheless, please follow it!

Anyway, off to the interview!

Note: If to be taken out, please link to this post instead of reposting. Thanks!



Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori; the active seiyuu duo-unit—YuiKaori. Since May 2010, after their debut, they have constantly been publishing many songs and now they have completed a new single titled “Intro Situation”. It’s their first appearance on Natalie. This interview will be centered around the new single; about their stand as a duo-unit and also about how they deal with the music as individuals.

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[Site News] … What, What is this!?

Hi~! We’ve been a little inactive lately– but what is new!? Well then, let me tell you what is new. *aggressively points to the right side* We’d like to announce our website’s “Update Status” sidebar! You may visit us and wonder when will this release or what we’ll be releasing in a while. It will be updated regularly, like, every 3 days, unless I forgot, whenever I remember and/or update anything from out current projects!

Since we’re kind of a spontaneous group, doing everything (scanlating/subbing/translating etc), I suppose this alerts other scanlating groups too on the short comics that we translate. It has come to our attention that /u/ scans has been working on a few NicoMaki doujins, and I thought that it would help the both of us lessen the work load if they know what short comics we translate since we do NicoMaki translations!

AGAIN, we are not a scanlating group, we do not scanlate full-length doujins. We only scanlate short, fluffy, haksldalsdjd, quality yuri doujins. But more so than often, we do seiyuu radio translations/reports.

With that announcement done, 今日もよろしくです~♪ (Please take care of us from now on too~♪)



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[Random] It was an OEPN Matsuri~☆

So… today, an incident happened.

oepn1-trans oepn2-transoepn3-trans

I cannot explain it anymore. Nanjolno, please give Hase-san a break. Anyway, congratulations to fripSide’s fanclub “Freakside!” Let’s all be freaks, guys! OEPN MATSURI TOMORROW!

Bless you, Nanjolno. I swear, she doesn’t even regret it.


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