[Random] It was an OEPN Matsuri~☆

So… today, an incident happened.

oepn1-trans oepn2-transoepn3-trans

I cannot explain it anymore. Nanjolno, please give Hase-san a break. Anyway, congratulations to fripSide’s fanclub “Freakside!” Let’s all be freaks, guys! OEPN MATSURI TOMORROW!

Bless you, Nanjolno. I swear, she doesn’t even regret it.


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Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – My Sworn Love For You


EDIT: 2014/05/19 – Petal’s Garden has posted the translation of the news post for this release. Head over there for more information!



Fuguriya has announced on their website last May 17, 2014 that they will be releasing a new SonoHana light novel on May 23, 2014 (the packaged version will be released on May 31st, 2014). It’s titled 「その花びらにくちづけを あなたに誓う愛」(Romaji: Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Anata ni Chikau Ai-) or “A Kiss For The Petals – My Sworn Love For You” This release includes the story of Shizuku (now Eris’ Fiancee) and Eris that wasn’t included in the Snow White’s Knight. This covers the vacation they had together with the other couples but only to their side of the story. Meaning it’s an Eris/Shizuku only light novel.

The game will be purchasable and downloadable on May 23rd, 2014 in DLsite.com. Because this game is an original SonoHana title with only one pair as a focus, it will be released under Fuguriya instead of YurinYurin.

CG Previews can be viewed here. Or click the More to view them in this website.


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[Radio] NozoEri – Radio Garden – Episode 2 (January 11, 2014)

Title: Episode 2 – Animelo Mix Love Live – NozoEri ~Radio Garden~ 
Air Date: January 11, 2014


NozoEri Radio Garden is a radio show sponsored by Animelo Mix in collaboration with the Love Live school idol project! It’s hosted by two personalities, Nanjou Yoshino who voiced Ayase Eri and Kusuda Aina who voiced Toujou Nozomi from Love Live’s μ’s (Read as: Muse). Let’s refer to Nanjou Yoshino as her well-known nickname “Nanjolno” or “Jolno” and Kusuda Aina shall be referred to as “Kussun” as how most people and fans addresses her. 

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[Radio] NozoEri – Radio Garden – Episode 1 (January 04, 2014)

Title: Episode 1 – Animelo Mix Love Live ~NozoEri~ Radio Garden
Air Date: January 04, 2014


NozoEri Radio Garden is a radio show sponsored by Animelo Mix in collaboration with the Love Live school idol project! It’s hosted by two personalities, Nanjou Yoshino who voiced Ayase Eri and Kusuda Aina who voiced Toujou Nozomi from Love Live’s μ’s (Read as: Muse). Let’s refer to Nanjou Yoshino as her well-known nickname “Nanjolno” or “Jolno” and Kusuda Aina shall be referred to as “Kussun” as how most people and fans addresses her. This episode is about New Year~

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[Random] Here Are Random Subs!

Hi, there! We’ve gotten caught of a lot of stuff and I have recently started watching Magi… I wonder about the manga though, I really don’t like long manga. I forgot where I was at Bleach like was it 171? 271? I don’t remember and– I don’t want to remember now. LOL. Today we’re gonna give you three videos~ Here’s one.

Above is the Magi Maharagan Event, Nama Afureko part (Live Voice Acting/Recording). It’s a fun video that will make you love all these derpy and jokester seiyuu. Visit the video to see more info… maybe?

And then here are two more ones… YuiKaori ones!

Here below is once upon a time, Ishihara Kaori became food.

And last lightly… Ishihara Kaori teaching people how to NOT do things correctly… but survive from it! Ganbare, Kyarii-san!

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[Release] Some delicious NicoMaki and Downloads Page!

EDIT 2014/04/27 3:08PM GMT+8:00 : I just realized that the ‘Downloads’ link page redirect to our Mediafire Share Folder was broken. I’ve fixed it! Sorry for that!

Hi! We’re partially back from the dead! Not that we really died anyway. The interest with SonoHanabira is still on the lay-low but I think things will be okay–someday, maybe. Or maybe not? Anyhow, we’ve recently taken on our shoulders a few of Sekihara Kaina/Umina-san’s NicoMaki short comics. NicoMaki is a cute pair from Love Live! school idol project and if you guys have not seen it yet, please do so!

On another note, No, we are not a scanlating group. Just like how other blogs go, we post randomly whichever we have a feeling of posting and I guess we assure you that it will be yuri related, seiyuu related, or seiyuu yuri related -/slapped. We will be occasionally doing short comics like Sekihara-san’s work, and who knew! We actually did three of them! Hooray!

Anyway, off to the downloads page, are we? Since we’ve released over 4 English Subbed videos, even though we know that you can just download the rip from youtube, a downloads page will always be nice place, right? Although please do be informed that we will not put up downloads for drama CDs. The downloads page will only contain translated short comics and English Subbed videos.

So, what do we have right now? We have 2 NSFW Short comics from Sekihara-san and 1 short comic.










Click More for the Download links.

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The Only One Allowed to Touch Ogura Yui’s Thighs

Hi guys! Sorry we’ve been dead. My internet has been having problems for over a month now, and uploading and such has been impossible. I also want to apologize for the lack of SonoHana drama CD updates lately. There haven’t been news about SonoHana lately and we’ve been slowly adding more fandom in our repertoire, such as Sakura Trick seiyuu and the duo-combi YuiKaori. However this time, I’ll be posting a new video!

Last Monday, March 31st, marked the ending of YuiKaori’s regular A&G Radio, “YuiKaori no Mi♪Digital”! on its 118th episode! However, fret not! The show has been moved to an AM slot that will be starting this Sunday, April 6, under joqr and will be titled “YuiKaori no Mi♪” to be hosted under Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, which has been the two girls’ dream since 2013 . Now they’re achieving it! They’re going to be appearing in a lot of radio shows, such as Nack5 and A&G’s Radio Show~Anisupa~ for their new single Lucky Ducky!! Amazing, ain’t it? Recently Animelo Summer Live -Flag Nine- 2013’s DVD has been released! If you love the seiyuu as much as we do and have the resources, we recommend you buy it!

P.S. Speaking of Animelo Summer Live, YuiKaori and Ogura Yui has been added to this year’s line up for the Third Day! Congratulations, Girls!

On another hand is my other hand, let’s get back to the video release! Today’s video is about Ogura Yui, an epic letter about famous female seiyuu touching her legs, and Ishihara Kaori touches her legs too!? And what is this! There’s someone who is actually allowed to touch her legs!? Play the video below and see! Ah, this person is so lucky.

Ah~ That’s so nice~ This is what they ‘usually’ are. So rabu rabu right? I don’t even know where to start fangirling about the two of them. However just in case you have seen this video but have no idea about, “Huh? Seiyuu-san are gushing over Ogura Yui?” Just head on over to the links below and indulge yourself! Special thanks to them for sharing us these translations!

Snow Halation’s Tumblr: Female Seiyuu Gushing over Ogura Yui’s Thighs Part 1 to 4 + Extra
AmbiSeiy’s Ogura Yui Tag

I hope you enjoyed watching this as much as we did making it!

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YuiKaori and the Alarm Clock

The subbed videos are back! Click play to watch the video!

So, what is this YuiKaori’s Mi♪Digital (30Minutes) ? It’s an on-going (2 years this year!) radio show hosted by the duo unit YuiKaori! It airs every Monday at 9:30pm to 10:00pm JST. In context to this video and the “DJ Carrie’s Adult Talk.” Every time the show is on, it has 3 Categories: Futsuota Choudai, Oshiete Choudai and Sodatete YuiKaori.

Futsuota Choudai:
– This is basically the first corner of the show where the listeners mails in a question and the duo will answer them.

Oshiete Choudai:
– This is the second corner of the show where the listeners tell the duo new, unique or trivia information and then the two of them discusses it.

Sodatete YuiKaori:
– This is the last part of the show, usually after the music break where they play their new songs, happens. This is the part where the listeners sends in mail about a challenge that they would like the duo to see.

In this episode  it’s their first show for the year. Last year, Ishihara Kaori turned 20 years old, which makes 2014, the year for her Coming of Age Ceremony. Since Kyarii-san recently had her’s, the listener sent mail about how ‘Otona’ or Adult-like has Kyarii-san become since she became 20 years old, and then Yui-chan will judge whether she has matured enough or she is still childish.

I hope you enjoyed this video! We will be subbing more and more interesting parts of their show, since if it’s not yet obvious, we have recently gotten into them… and too deep into them right now. We hope that you would start to like them as well!

On the contrary, they’ll be releasing their new song “Lucky Ducky!!” on April 09, 2014. If you’re a fan, please support the duo and pre-order, order the single now!

Until next post!

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