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BanG Dream! 4-koma Bandori! is an official 4-koma series by Shiroi Hakuto.


Toyama Kasumi
Guitarist and vocalist. First year in high school. A girl with an optimistic and positive personality.
Ushigome Rimi
Bassist. She wants to change her timid and shy self.
Ichigaya Arisa
Keyboardist. The pawnshop owner’s granddaughter. She is good at dealing with things, her grades in school are excellent, but, basically, she has a troublesome personality.
Hanazono Tae
Guitarist. A talented guitarist since a young age. She looks cool but also hates to lose.
Yamabuki Saaya
Drummer. While attending school she also helps at her house’s bakery. A loyal daughter with a kind heart.
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How to Play: Pretty Plant (Mobile Game) Updated: 6/18/2017

Game Update 6/18/2017:
The game server is currently having problems in regards to new player installations and updates. They are currently implementing new elements to the game. If you have updated the game before the problem, you will be able to get into the game just fine, but you still cannot play the game. The download problem only applies to new player installations. This will be fixed in a patch around next week.

Pretty Plant is a mobile game produced by Tomobako last April 30th for the iOS and May 2nd for Android. In order to download the games, you may follow this android tutorial for QooApp or simply register a Japanese email with your country settings set to Japan for iOS to access the Japanese App Store.

Get the games now! iOS / Android

Pretty Plant is about growing Cocone into Taneco (seedlings) into Conei (buddlings) then into Ohana (Flowers).  You have to grow them into beautiful flowers so you can make them come in contact with each other (fureai) in order to unlock the Ohanas bonds with each other. And in this post, as we stated in this poll, we will be making a tutorial on how to play this cute game that’s simply just relaxing.

Pretty Plant Voice Cast

Churi (CV: Ogura Yui) / Cryuri (CV: Hidaka Rina)
Chidori (CV: Hanamori Yumiri)
Raran (CV: Fujita Saki) / Roses (CV: Ootsubo Yuka)
Anene (CV: Aisaka Yuuka) / Monene (CV: Igarashi Hiromi)
Croa (CV: Uesaka Sumire) / Crim (CV: Misawa Sachika)


It will be long so go ahead and click that Read More!

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Ogura Yui to release 2nd Album “Cherry Passport” CD Jacket and Tracklist + Store Bonuses

Following the tie-up ending song with the summer anime “Tsurezure Children,” Ogura Yui’s 2nd Album has been announced to be released on July 26th, 2017! We will be updating this page as more news on the tracklist, cover and bonuses are announced. Please check back often!

Cherry Passport

Product Number:KIZC-386~7
*First Press-only Mini Photobook [A] and Three-sided case

Product Number:KIZC-388~9
*First Press-only Mini Photobook [B] and Three-sided case

Product Number:KICS-3496


【CD Content】
01. Platinum Passport
02. High-Touch☆Memory
*TV Anime “Card Fight!! Vanguard G” ED Theme
03. Baby Baby Baby
04. Honey♥Come!!
*TV Anime “Joukamachi no Dandelion” ED Theme
05. Akogare Collection!
06. Enjoy!
07. Dear
*T V Anime “Tsurezure Children” ED Theme
08. Tomorrow
09. Future Strike
*TV Anime “ViVid Strike!” OP Theme
10. Doki Doki Labyrinth
11. Merry de Cherry
12. Everyday☆Happy Day


【BD・DVD Content】

01. Honey♥Come!! (MUSIC VIDEO)
02. High-Touch☆Memory (MUSIC VIDEO)
03. Future Strike (MUSIC VIDEO)
04. Platinum Passport (MUSIC VIDEO)
05. Enjoy! (MUSIC VIDEO “Mobile Phone View”)
06. Happy Strawberry (Dance ver.)
07. Honey♥Come!! (Dance ver.)
08. High-Touch☆Memory (Dance ver.)
09. Future Strike (Lip ver.)
10. Platinum Passport (Dance ver.)

▶Making of Cherry Passport

【Store Bonuses】

Source: Ogura Yui JP

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YuiKaori to release Best Album “Y&K” and Starlight Link BD/DVD with Tracklist and Bonuses!

Following the unfortunate news that is of YuiKaori’s hiatus with their musical activities a best of album and their recently held live tour was announced to be released on June 21st, 2017.

This page will be updated with content as more are announced, please come check back regularly!

Best Album 「Y&K」


Product Number:KIZC-395~7
* First-press will have a three-sided case


Product Number:KIZC-398~400
*First-press will have a three-sided case


Product Number:KICS-3502-3

【CD Content】
<CD Disc 1>
01. Our Steady Boy (Lyrics:Oomori Shouko/Composition・Arrangement:Ueki Mizuki (Shunryuu)
02. Futari (Lyrics:Oomori Shouko/Composition・Arrangement:Takahashi Nana)
03. VIVIVID PARTY! (Lyrics:Akiyoshi Fumie/Composition・Arrangement:Miyazaki Makoto)
04. HEARTBEAT ga Tomaranai! (Lyrics:Maeyamada Kenichi/Composition:Shunryuu/Arrangement:Sizuk)
05. Shooting☆Smile (Lyrics:Maeyamada Kenichi/Composition:Shunryuu/Arrangement:Sizuk)
06. Kimi no YELL (Lyrics・Composition・Arrangement:Nayakayam Masato(Elements Garden))
07. Weika!! (Lyrics・Composition・Arrangement:Maeyamada Kenichi)
08. Shiny Blue (Lyrics・Composition・Arrangement:sino)
09. LUCKY DUCKY!! (Lyrics:moyu/Composition・Arrangement:Tanaka Hidekazu(MONACA))
10. Intro Situation (Lyrics:Matsui Gorou/Composition:Shunryuu/Arrangement:Yamaguchi Akihiko/Strings Arrangement:Ookubo Kaoru)
11. NEO SIGNALIFE (Lyrics:Hata Aki/Composition:Ono Takamitsu/Arrangement:Ookubo Kaoru)
12. Ring Ring Rainbow!! (Lyrics:Isogai Yoshie・Motoki Zakuro/Composition:Ono Takamitsu/Arrangement:Yamaguchi Akihiko/Strings Arrangement:Kikuya Tomoki)
13. Promise You!! (Lyrics:Oomori Shouko/Composition:Shunryuu/Arrangement:Nakanishi Ryosuke)
14. B Ambitious! (Lyrics:7chi-ko♪/Composition:Watanabe Toshihiko/Arrangement:Ookubo Kaoru)


<CD Disc 2>
01. Koi no Overtake (Lyrics:Sizuk/Composition:Shunryuu/Arrangement:Sizuk)
02. PUPPY LOVE!! (Lyrics・Composition・Arrangement:Maeyamada Kenichi)
03. CUE the Future ~「Q」no Theme~ (Lyrics・Composition・Arrangement:Maeyamada Kenichi)
04. Kimi ga Sekai de Sekai wa Kimi de (Lyrics:Hata Aki/Composition・Arrangement:Maeyamada Kenichi)
05. Tsubasa ni Naru yo (Lyrics:Kodama Saori/Composition:Shunryuu/Arrangement:Sizuk)
06. marble (Lyrics:Kodama Saori/Composition・Arrangement:Yamasaki Hiroko)
07. Jumpin’ Bunny Flash!! (Lyrics:Kodama Saori/Composition・Arrangement:Kawata Takahiro)
08. Hoshifuru Yoru no Happy Link (Lyrics:Matsui Gorou/Composition・Arrangement:Mori Shintarou)
09. Koisuru Stole (Lyrics:Matsui Gorou/Composition:Ono Takamitsu/Arrangement・Strings Arrangement:Ookubo Kaoru)
10. Orion Kara no Message (Lyrics:Matsui Gorou/Composition:CHI-MEY/Arrangement:Ookubo Tomohiro)
11. Calling Calling (Lyrics:Eiko/Composition・Arrangement:TSUGE)
12. Baisoku∞Love Straight (Lyrics・Composition・Arrangement:Hattori Yuuki)
13. Canaria (Lyrics・Composition:Hattori Yuuki/Arrangement:Kawai Eiji/Strings Arrangement:Kikuya Tomoki)
14. Rainy Day (Lyrics:Isogai Yoshie/Composition:SigN/Arrangement:SigN・Sekine Yuki)
15. Hatsukoi Maze *Sugar time ver. *Ogura Yui Solo (Lyrics:Kodama Saori/Composition:Itagaki Yusuke/Arrangement:Ookubo Kaoru)
16. Shiny Blue *Right on! Dream ver. *Ishihara Kaori Solo (Lyrics・Composition:sino/Arrangement:Shunryuu)

【BD・DVD Content】
01. Our Steady Boy
03. HEARTBEAT ga Tomaranai!
04. Shooting☆Smile
06. Kimi no YELL
07. Weika!!
08. Shiny Blue
09. Jumpin’ Bunny Flash!!
11. Intro Situation
13. Ring Ring Rainbow!!
14. Canaria
15. Promise You!!
16. Canaria (Dance ver.)
17. Promise You!! (Dance ver.)

Starlight Link Live 2017 BD/DVD 

Product Number:KIXM-288
Price:¥6,900+ tax
* Limited Edition: Special Box


Product Number:KIXM-667/8

YUIKAORI LIVE「Starlight Link」
2017.2.11 Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium

01. Hoshifuru Yoru no Happy Link
02. Shooting☆Smile
03. Weika!!
-MC 1-
04. Koisuru Stole
05. marble
06. B Ambitious!
-MC 2-
<Short Movie>(Combi-Love Measurement Test!! Part A)
09. Orion Kara no Message
10. Mou Hitori no Watashi
11. Telephone Call (Ishihara Kaori solo)
12. Calling Calling
<Short Movie>(Combi-Love Measurement Test!! Part B)
14. Future Strike (Ogura Yui solo)
-MC 3-
15. Kakenukete Blue
16. Intro Situation
-MC 4-
17. Canaria
18. Promise You!!

19. Manatsu Happening
20. Kimi no YELL
21. Our Steady Boy

22. Ring Ring Rainbow!!

★Bonus Footage★
<Making of LIVE TOUR「Starlight Link」>

Store Bonuses

Source: YuiKaori Info, King Records Tokuten Page

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TV Anime Adaptation for “Tsurezure Children” to air July 2017!

A TV anime adaptation for the 4-koma romance comedy manga “Tsurezure Children” has been announced, slated to air in Summer 2017! The cast and the the staff were announced at the same time.


Tsurezure Children tells various love story about how it is so hard to say “I love you” between various young male and female high school students in an omnibus format, although some of them are somehow related to each other. — Wikipedia

Minase Inori will be performing the OP Theme while Ogura Yui will be singing the ED Theme.

Voice Cast

  • Ishikawa Kaito as Takurou Sugawara 
  • Minase Inori as Chizuru Takano 
  • Maeno Tomoaki as Takeru Gouda 
  • Ogura Yui as Ayaka Kamine
  • Ono Kensho as Masafumi Akagi
  • Sakura Ayane as Ryouko Kaji 

The anime will be animated by Studio Gokumi with direction by Hiraku Kaneko, series script by Tatsuhiko Urahata, and Etsuko Sumimoto adapting Wakabayashi’s character design.

Source: Animate Times, TV Anime Tsurezure Project, EN Wikipedia

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Joysound presents YuiKaori Original Phone Cases!

Last time we announced about the original Ogura Yui phone cases, and after a little waiting, we finally get the Joysound x YuiKaori collaboration phone cases! Available in notebook type and hard cases! Head over to the collaboration site to order now! If you’re an android user and is unsure if the case would fit your phone, come check this size guide for more info!

Source: Joysound

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Kentucky’s “Moshimo Gekijo” featuring Ogura Yui “Moshimo Ogura Yui ga…”

Following a very cute prank(?) in partnership with Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan, Ogura Yui will be starring in a 6-episode 3-min. mini dramas for KFC’s “Kentucky’s What if Theater” titled “Moshimo Ogura Yui ga…” (What if Ogura Yui…) as a promotion for the popular chicken franchise.

The mini drama will be airing via AbemaTV‘s “Anime24Channel” at 22:57JST ~ 23:00JST on the specific days listed below.
Episode 1 – 4/13 – The Girlfriend Who Loves Classic Products
Episode 2 – 4/20 – The Pop Tutor
Episode 3 – 4/27 – The Celebrity Classmate
Episode 4 – 5/4 – The Caring Little Sister
Episode 5 – 5/11 – The Cold Secretary
Episode 6 – 5/18 – The Crazy In Love Wife
Episode 7 – 5/25 – is scheduled to be a digest of all the episodes.

We will be updating everyone in twitter so stay tuned as episodes come out!

Source: KFC Abema Campaign, PRTimes

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Announcement regarding [YuiKaori’s Activities]

As mentioned in a previous post, YuiKaori will be stopping their music activities, and will continuing as solo activities. In light to what our focus for the site, we will still be continuing in releasing YuiKaori things and updates from Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori.

Thank you for your continued support to Seiyuuri. We will do our best to stay on top of things from now on as well. Please look forward to our future releases.


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To the Fans, and to the Staff [YuiKaori Announcement]


To the fans, and to the staff


In order for the further growth of their individual activities, starting from June 30th, 2017, YuiKaori’s musical activities will be on suspension.


7 years since their debut, both of YuiKaori has been getting a lot of support and had a significant growth.

To every fan who has always been supporting us, we are full of gratitude to you.


From now on as well, Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori will continue to devote their selves in their individual activities.

We would be pleased if you could continue to support each of their activities.


From now on as well, please look after Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori.


March 31st, 2017

YuiKaori (Ogura Yui – Ishihara Kaori), King Records


It’s been 7 years since our debut, and 9 years since we first met, YuiKaori has been supported with love, at the same time we have been overcame a lot of hardships together while encouraging each other.
To every fan who has been supporting us up until now, and to the staff from various places, my gratitude is not enough to express my feelings.
This time, starting from June 30th, 2017 YuiKaori will be suspending its musical activities, but from now on as well YuiKaori’s relationships won’t ever change, and I sincerely hope everyone could engrave the existence of “YuiKaori” in your heart.
From now on, we will work harder and take more effort in order to achieve further development as an individual.
I would be glad if everyone could support us from now on as well.

March 31st, 2017 Ogura Yui


Thank you for always supporting us. I apologize for the sudden announcement. YuiKaori will be suspending the musical activities starting from June 30th. To everyone who have been supporting us up until now, please have my gratitude.
It’s been 7 years since YuiKaori has started its activities. There were a lot of happy times, sad times but because of of everyone’s love and support, the two of us were able to continue pushing forward. All of it is an irreplaceable time for me.
I am very happy that I was able to spend my youth as YuiKaori.
I will continue to work harder with my voice acting activities starting from now, moving forward.
I look forward to your continued support.

March 31st, 2017 Ishihara Kaori

Source: YuiKaori Info

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