Kusuda Aina to release 1st Blu-ray Live “Eternal Precious Wave”


Kusuda Aina will soon be releasing her 1st Blu-ray Live Tour BD, titled “Eternal Precious Wave.” It will be sold as an event-only/mail order-only limited edition item. It will be featuring the footage of her “1st Live Tour “Next Brilliant Wave” that was held in Zepp Tokyo last May 28th, 2016. The blu-ray will include the live and an unplugged version in a CD would also be packaged in it! The disc is remastered and it will have a different quality with the audio in the BD. Both discs has a charm of its own, which you can enjoy in its own!

The disc cover and other details are still pending. Come check again, soon!


Product Details:
– 2 CDs (One Bluray Live + One Live CD)
– The CD size is a three-sided CD Package + Lyrics Card
Product Code: VPXP-79009
Price: 7,000yen + tax

BD[1] Includes 17 Songs
01. Infinite Memories
02. Renai Taishou Countdown
03. Uchiki na Barbie
04. Garasu no Butterfly
05. Nameless mind
06. Lovely Genius
07. Todoke Mirai!
08. Gunjou Cinema
09. Shinkakei Heroine
10. magic
12. Heart’s cry
13. Yume no Tsubomi
15. First Sweet Wave
16. My yesterdays
17. Oh My Darling

※BD Also includes footage of MC parts

CD[2] Includes Live Unplugged Audio of the Live Concert

In Regard to the items availability.
(1) It will be sold in advance in the upcoming “KusuKusuKussun ☀ SanKussun Matsuri 2016”
(2) Kusuda Aina OFFICIAL WEBSITE “KusuKusuKussun☀” fanclub members can start pre-ordering at October 1st, 2016 until October 9th, 2016. It will be shipped out at October 17th, onwards.
Bonus: Lucky 1000 fanclub members who pre-ordered can get a signed CD Jacket.
(3) VAP Mail-order.

VAP Only Mail – First Press Edition includes a mini-flag


Source: Aina Kusuda Official Website

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Ogura Yui, Ishihara Kaori to sing OP Theme Songs for Teekyu Season 8

tweeten-1473937946299With the Fall Season kicking off soon, a new season to the short TV animation series “Teekyu” has been announced to air on October 5th! The opening theme songs would be sung by Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori.

Ogura Yui, who voices Tomarin, an alien from another planet who crash landed in Earth will be singing the first opening song, titled “Nihongo Wakarimasen” (lit. I don’t understand Japanese.) On the second half of the anime a new opening song by Ishihara Kaori, who voices Kondo Udonko will be aired, titled “Gluten Aika” (Lit. Gluten Elegy). Both singles will be released on November 23rd, 2016.

■TV Anime “Teekyu” Opening Theme Song “Nihongo Wakarimasen” 

◇Artist: Tomarin (CV: Ogura Yui)
◇Release Date: 2016/11/23 (Wed)
◇Price: 1300yen (tax included)
◇Publisher: Smiral Records

01. Nihongo Wakarimasen
02. Nihongo Wakarimasen Remix Version
03. Nihongo Wakarimasen  (Instrumental)

■TV Anime “Teekyu” Opening Theme Song “Gluten Aika” 
◇Artist: Kondo Udonko (CV: Ishihara Kaori)
◇Release Date: 2016/11/23 (Wed)
◇Price: 1300yen (tax included)
◇Publisher: Smiral Records

01. Gluten Aika (lit. Gluten Elegy)
02. Gluten Aika Remix Version
03. Gluten Aika (Instrumental)

Source: Moca News 

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Denon to cast Ogura Yui, Uesaka Sumire for “Astro Girls”


Hinted in one of Uesaka Sumire’s Line Blog from last month’s Animelo Summer Live, she and Ogura Yui had been cast to voice Denon Headphone’s unit characters “Astro Girls.” They’re voicing twins, with the energetic older sister, Amadate Mahiru (CV: Uesaka Sumire) and the prim and proper younger sister, Amadate Shin (CV: Ogura Yui). A special page from Denon’s site would be prepared for them soon.

To celebrate the birth of “Astro Girls” an “AH-D1100 Astro Girls Special Edition” will be released. It will contain a B6 Clear File and various goods; including a special download code for Astro Girls’ character song!

■Title: AH-D1100AG 2000 Standard Limited Edition – Astro Girls Special Edition
■No. / Price: AH-D1100AG / Open Price
■Reservation Period Start: September 15th, 2016 (Thursday)
■On Sale: Late November
■Retailers: Amazon, e☆Earphone, Bic Camera, Fujiya Avic, Yodobashi Camera

■ Main Features
・Adopting Neodymium magnet, with a large diameter 50mm driver unit
・By adjusting the balance of front and rear of the driver’s sound pressure, the Acoustic Optimizer will optimize the operation of the diaphragm
・Hybrid Metal Housing  configuration of aluminum and resin to suppress vibration
・Contour fitting headband
・ 3D draping soft skin Ear-Pads for best comfort
・1.3 m length cable and 3.5 m extension cable
・Straight type gold-plated plug with aluminum cover
・A handy rotary housing in the accommodating

①Character Song Download Code
・”Hare Kumori Ame Yuki Kaminari” (lit. Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy, Snow, Thunder) – Amadate Mahiru (CV: Uesaka Sumire) Lyrics:Reom/Composition:Fine*
・”After* Rain” – Amadate Shin (CV: Ogura Yui) Lyrics:Reom/Composition:Fine*
※File Format: WAV 96kHz/24bit、WAV 44.1kHz/16bit
② Character Special Illustration B6 Clear File
③Astro Girl Can Badge
※Image packaging may differ from the actual product.

■Reservation Bonuses
① 6 People who reserved the item would be eligible for signed autographs from Uesaka Sumire and Ogura Yui!
② People who reserved the item would also be part of the lottery for the release events.
※Other details to be announced later.
※ Reservation purchase period: September 15, 2016 (Thursday) – November 20, 2016 (Sunday)
※ Application acceptance period: September 17, 2016 (Sat) – November 3, 2016  (Wednesday) 23:59JST
※Please include your email address, name in furigana, residence, telephone number, the store where you reserved the item from, proof of purchase (receipt, screenshot of order confirmation), please be note that order forms are right here.
※As for the announced winner, the prizes will be shipped with the item.
※Prize shipment is limited to Japan only.
※One purchase = one application.
※If there is a defect with your application, your application will be considered invalid.
※The email address you will provide us will only be used for our mail magazine and nothing else.
※ Your personal information will be safe and private in accordance to our personal information privacy policy. You may visit Denon’s homepage for more information about their privacy policies.

Source: Moca News

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YuiKaori LIVE TOUR 2017 – Tour Final Yoyogi Stadium!


Today was the release event for YuiKaori’s newest single “Promise You!!” There were two sessions, the noon and the evening sessions. It was also today, where their Live Tour dates were announced.

Earlier this year, in March, YuiKaori was finally able to take one full step to their dream of being able to perform in Budoukan. Part of their ‘Rainbow Canary 2015 ~ 2016 Tour’ it was concluded in Nippon Budoukan. When the two of them first debuted, it was their target, however it does not end there. It was just the beginning for YuiKaori.

Announced today were four dates for their 2017 tour.

January 9, 2017 (Mon), Aichi-Nagoya International Conference Hall Century Hall
January 15, 2017 (Sun), Miyagi, Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
February 5, 2017 (Sun) Osaka, Osaka International Convention Center Grand Cube Osaka Main Hall
February 11, 2017 (Sat) Tokyo Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium



ykreleaseevent003Almost on par with the grandiose that is Budoukan, YuiKaori will be performing in Yoyogi National Stadium for the very first time since the start of their careers. Another step forward into their history.

Ticket Preliminary Lottery Applications will start at September 5th, 2016 MON (12:00 JST) until September 16th, 2016 FRI (18:00 JST) for Nagoya, Sendai, and Osaka Live. As for Tokyo Live, it will start at September 5th, 2016 MON (12:00 JST) until October 5th, 2016 WED (18:00 JST). For more info visit Team YuiKaoriWe will also be translating guidelines once they are available. Please stay tuned!




Ticket Details

Hurry to Yuikaori Ticket to apply.

Performance DateVenueDoors OpenCurtainContact
2017/01/09 (Mon)Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall17:0018:00Sunday Fork Promotion
2017/01/15 (Sun)Sendai Sun Plaza Hall17:0018:00News Promotion
2017/02/05 (Sun)Osaka International Convention Center Grand Cube Osaka Main Hall17:0018:00Sound Creator

※ Doors open-curtain time are subject to change.
※ Related to other inquiries, if the inquiry is asking about advance reservation of tickets, we will not be answering them.
※ Please do not ask questions about the venues.

All designated seats 6,900 yen (tax included)
System usage fee:
Per application, 300 yen
Shipping and handling fees:
Per application, 600 yen
Limited to the number of:
Per person, up to two each performance
Application acceptance period:
2016/09/05 (Mon) 12:00JST – 2016/09/16 (Fri) 18:00JST
Lottery Result announcement:
2016/09/26 (Mon) 15:00 (Planned)
Payment Settlement Period:
2016/09/26 (Mon) – 2016/10/05 (Wed) 18:00 JST
Tickets shipping:
2016 Late December (Planned)

Performance DateVenueDoors OpenCurtainContact
2017/02/11 (Sat)Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium17:0018:00Hot Stuff Promotion

※ Doors open-curtain time are subject to change.
※ Related to other inquiries, if the inquiry is asking about advance reservation of tickets, we will not be answering them.
※ Please do not ask questions about the venues.

All designated seats, 7,200 yen (tax included)
System usage fee:
Per application, 300 yen
Shipping and handling fees:
Per application, 600 yen
Limited to the number of:
Per person, up to two each performance
Application acceptance period:
2016/09/05 (Mon) 12:00JST – 2016/10/05 (Wed) 18:00JST
Lottery Result announcement:
2016/10/17 (Mon) 15:00 (Planned)
Payment Settlement Period:
2016/10/17 (Mon) – 2016/10/26 (Wed) 18:00JST
Tickets shipping:
Late January 2017 (Planned)

Contact: mail@yuikaori-entry.com
※ Please add your name and contact details in your inquiry.
※ Make sure to allow receiving of mails from @yuikaori-entry.com
※ Please wait for three days since your inquiry for replies.


Source: YuiKaori Staff Info, Moca News, AnimeVoice


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[Release] What If Your Girlfriend Got Amnesia?


MEGA | Dynasty | Seiyuuri | GiB Release Post

In a not-really surprise collab with Girls in Boxes we bring you God!Tamamusi’s new serialized 4-koma manga ‘Bright and Cheery Amnesia.’ Expect Tamamusi-tier gay, Tamamusi-tier art, and Tamamusi-tier comedy. The manga releases monthly, and the next one is well on its way within September. Please stay tuned!

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July 21 ~ August 20 – Ogura Yui Official Instagram Translations Collection

WARNING: IMAGE HEAVY. These posts are sorted from latest to oldest.

This is the last update for the Instagram Translations Collections. With everyone’s voices, the continuation of her usage of her Instagram account is currently under consideration. But for now, it would have to end.

Follow us @twitter for up to date news and updates!

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Ogura Yui – Live Tour – High-Touch☆Summer Goods Order Schedule



【Ordering Schedule】

August 19th, 2016 (Friday) at 12:00 noon ~ August 29th, 2016 (Monday) at 11:59pm


All product prices include tax.
Image and actual product may differ from color and/or design.
Please note.


【About Payment Methods】
◆Credit Card Settlements◆

We accept everything that has VISA, Master, Diner’s, American Express and JCB.


◆Convenience Store Advanced Payment◆
※Convenience Store payments must be made within 7-days from the date of order.
※Convenience Store payments will include a 185yen fee. Please note.


【Regarding Delivery】
Goods will be delivered by “Mid-November
※Goods will have a shipping fee of 432yen and will be delivered by Sagawa Express.
※Purchases of 3000yen and above will be eligible for free shipping.


【About Inquiries】
※Please note that cancellation of orders is not possible.
※Goods order is only for Ogura Yui’s 1st Live Tour “High-Touch☆Summer” nothing else is allowed.
※ Please set your emails to allow receiving mails from (@kingrecords.co.jp). After sending your email, email confirmations are sent immediately. If they are not sent immediately, please change your settings for your phone, or please use an email that can be accessed from the PC (like Gmail and such.)

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Natalie [Power Push]: YuiKaori – “Ring Ring Rainbow!!” Interview

In celebration to Ogura Yui’s birthday and the completion of her first solo live tour, we have decided to translate this interview as a present to her and to each of her international fans. Please enjoy! ※ We also plan to translate the others within the year, at least.

Note: If to be taken out, please link to this post instead of reposting. Thanks!


YuiKaori’s 11th single “Ring Ring Rainbow!!” will be released on August 5th.


The title song, “Ring Ring Rainbow!!” is an opening theme for the TV Animation “Joukamachi no Dandelion” (Castle Town Dandelion) which both Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori also appeared in. Alongside a bright guitar sound, they sing in resonance about “Please look at me properly”, “I want to respond properly”, a song made for the siblings who are candidates to becoming the next King complete with a touch of comedy. As for Ogura and Ishihara, this song is also an answer song for the fans who supported them in their live in Chiba’s Makuhari Event Hall during the end of 2014. So we ask them again about their reasons and attitude going forward.

Interview-Text / Narimatsu Tetsu

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Natalie [Power Push]: YuiKaori – “NEO SIGNALIFE” Interview

In celebration to Ishihara Kaori’s birthday, we have decided to translate this gem as a present to her and to each of her international fans. Please enjoy!

Note: If to be taken out, please link to this post instead of reposting. Thanks!


YuiKaori’s new single “NEO SIGNALIFE” has been released.

Ogura Yui, Ishihara Kaori, for both of them, the title for their first release in 2015, and this song boldly betrays YuiKaori’s image up to now, (in a good way). With a tough and quick digital beat, making it their own “new” (NEO) to “define” their start (SIGNALIZE), being a word which guides them towards the new “way of life”, it becomes a cute and powerfully striking song.

Ogura, Ishihara, which has been described in various way such as “cute”, “lovely”. While both of them had to overturn their public image midway, did they make their spirit and personal thoughts into words? And so we ask both of them.

Interview-Text / Narimatsu Tetsu

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