Seiyuuri is now three years old!?

Time flew by so fast, we actually forgot it was our anniversary today. No joke, we were just discussing it yesterday and then Rurei-chan got an email that our tumblr turned three years old… we’re actually three years old now!? And because of that, like last year we also don’t have much to release for this anniversary, but we do have some so please stay tuned! So as usual, it’ll be the messages from our staff!

Hey~ Satsunyan here~

I can’t believe we actually reached three years. I have always been known to procrastinate on everything until it dies, but this is the very first time I’ve had an interest on something this long that I was able to keep two blogs (YuiKaori one and this), alive for the past three years (and a year for MTT!) I’m really grateful to the small circle of people that looks forward to our ever so inconsistent releases.

I think we’ve released more scanlations than videos in the past year. We want to release more videos (*coughradiogardencough*) and more scanlations (more Tamamusi, hell yeah!) I’ve been doing well so far with regular translations but the radio garden videos are still a major burden with a lack of typesetter, but I wish that the other half of the year would go well for radio garden. 

With that, Ojitan, here’s to three years of derping and rowing gays. Thanks for keeping up with my whimsical personality and going along with my derp plans in life. I’m glad to be seeing you again this year for a YuiKaori live! Let’s have fun this year as well~ 

Aside for the projects section, I am really glad that we’ve reached three years and we hope to continue on from here on as well. Please continue on supporting us this year and the coming years as well! 今年もよろしくおねがいします!


A message from Rurei!

Howdy, Rurei here!

3rd Anniversary!? Unbelievable!!! To actually forget about our own website’s anniversary…I’ll do a hara-kiri! (No, I won’t). Yes, we actually forgot about it. If I didn’t check my email and found the anniversary notification from Tumblr, maybe we just let it pass without doing anything (LOL).

2016 ended in a flash, even faster than 2015! To be honest, I can’t remember what we’ve done for the entire 2016. All I could remember is that more money flew away from my wallet. Also last year I did say that I wouldn’t be as active as before, but we did release some doujinshi and original works translations, right! Please bear with us because both of Seiyuuri Duo are moody human beings-/slapped

And with Sound! Euphonium season 2 happened, we’ve come to take a liking to Tomonya a.k.a. Tomoyo-chan a.k.a. Kurosawa Tomoyo and her partner Chikape a.k.a. Anzai-san a.k.a. Anzai Chika. Thanks to whoever linked Kumiko and Reina’s “I want to be Special!” Radio! Their radio and niconama are pretty interesting, we started to ship them while everyone raged of the sinking ship KumiRei (By the way, I’m still sailing KumiRei ship no matter what you say. I like their chemistry, okay. Call me delusional, I don’t mind LOL).

Not only that, Seiyuuri Duo actually planned another crazy trip to chase the gay this year! Yes, we’re planning to go for another YuiKaori Live! I hope we can meet new people and show them how passionate YuiKaori’s overseas fans are!

With that, Onee-san, thanks for bearing with me up until now. Let’s release and enjoy a lot of things together from now on, too! To everyone who has been following us on these three years, thank you very much! Please take care of us this year as well!

And of course a message from the Radio Garden team who continue to work hard despite all the year-long delays, I’m really, really sorry you three, but thanks so much for always being with us!

– Rurei

From Souhi-chan!

Seiyuuri turns 3?! We’ve come a long way!!! Time sure flies. I’m truly grateful to have had the opportunity to be involved in Seiyuuri’s projects. The team is also amazing, which is no surprise since it is made of amazing individuals, like rurei ojisan, sassan, nick, bin and everyone else who helped out heheh. And this year again, i shall try my best to spread more gay- i mean help Seiyuuri out however I can! To 2017, and congratulations Seiyuuri
– Souhi
Next from Nick-kun!
Wow, it’s already been a year since I last wrote one of these…
First of all, congrats to Satsunyan and Rurei for 3 years of this site! Spreading gay is their real test, gay spreading is their cause ( ͡- ͜ʖ ͡-) It was a fun year to spend with the Seiyuurians; it’s always nice to see them online, discussing gays while I’m in meetings 😛While 2016 may not have been the best of years, it was marked by many gay anime/seiyuu activity, accompanied by Seiyuuri duo losing their sides. They’ve been hard at work, staying on top of YuiKaori’s blog posts (and imagining them on top of each oth-) I hope y’all YuiKaori fans enjoy~As for Radio Garden, we now have ways to make timing faster, but we’re still in need of a typesetter to get things off the ground. We hope to move things along this year.That’s all from me; thank you to everyone in the Seiyuuri team and everyone we met in between for being great friends, and thank you Seiyuuri followers for sticking with us!
Here’s to another gay year!
– Nick

A message from Bin-chan!

Hi, Bin here! (this year again)

First of all, because of school projects, last year I didn’t have much time to work with Seiyuuri as I want to sob. But this year, I will graduate from university in September, so I hope will have more time to help our team(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Btw, last year at “idol field” in my profile (Seiyuuri ofcourse), I didn’t know any of them, so I had studied about idol and then I realized they’re truly truly gei ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), I had my oshimens too (❛ᴗ❛人)

On the occasion of Seiyuuri’s 3rd year annivesary, I wish Seiyuuri team will release more pj, be more well-known, and get more supports from everyone. ╭(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

– Kuroda Shiratama

And then a message from our frequent collaborator, Rex!

Seiyuuri, congratulations and best wishes on your Anniversary! Working with them on different projects is always a fun experience; I’ve learned a lot from them. Please always continue to do you best! Faito dayo. :3


Thank you very much, all of you!

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CompKuji presents “YuiKaori Kuji”

Lottery, or Kuji (written as 籤 but more commonly just くじ), is now a Japanese norm to leaving the fate of what their customers will get through pure RNG (and frustrations.) Similar to drawing lots, you ‘draw’ and get an item in random, and partnered with the lottery site ‘CompKuji’ a YuiKaori Kuji has been introduced!

It costs 600yen (648yen, if with tax), per draw, costing one 10-draw to be approximately around 6000yen (6480yen), and only 10,100 prizes will be shelled out! The campaign started last January 10th, 2017 (12:00 JST) and will be ending on January 24th, 2017 (17:00JST). Prizes will be shipped around mid-March!

What are the prizes?

Prize A: (1pc) B2 Tapestry that you can hang into your shrines~ ♡
Prize B: (2pc) Acrylic stands to decorate your table with gays!
Prize C: (5 Kinds) Can Badges with different expressions and gays!

Price: 600yen/draw (648yen, with tax)
Duration: January 10th (12:00JST) ~ January 24th (17:00JST)
Delivery: Free shipping, mid-March 2017
Total Prizes: 10,100
※ Product design may change without notice.
※ Images and real items may differ slightly.
※ You cannot choose prizes.


Source: compkuji

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2017 Goals, Plans, Updates

Hello, everyone! Satsunyan here! We’ve been active with the scanlating business lately and we plan to continue as we press on forward and try to keep our updates and releases as active as we could manage.

As for 2017 Goals, we’ll be announcing the changes with how our twitter and site functions starting this year!

In the present we follow updates for the following artists:

  • Ogura Yui
  • Ishihara Kaori
  • YuiKaori
  • Nanjou Yoshino
  • Kusuda Aina
  • Aisaka Yuuka

And we’d like to add the following artists starting this year!

  • Anzai Chika
  • Kurosawa Tomoyo

With the addition of these two new seiyuu, we’ll also be creating a profile for them, so please stay tuned!

As for the scanlation side:

We plan to release the following in this list. We plan to release them regularly at least twice or thrice a month, or more, hopefully. Speaking of this, we are currently in need of a typesetter/editor for a specific title. You can check more of the requirements here.

On the Drama CDs side:

We’re still on a break from doing any sort of Drama CD Translations, but we’re considering doing “summaries.” We will get back to it one day.

And on the count of Radio Garden:

I’m sure you’re all dying to find the next episode, I’m dying to try and finish it as well but 24mins of radio by myself is agonizingly difficult as of present. I have no reasons for all these delays, so I’m going to extend out to everyone and ask for help. Please stay tuned for an official update from the radio garden site for more details.

That’s it for our short start of the year update!

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[Release] Happy New YuiKaori Year!

In celebration to the new year, we have prepared two new videos from YuiKaori to accompany everyone into celebration! They’re cuts from Yorunight x Yorunight (or more commonly known as YonaYona)’s 26th Episode where YuiKaori appeared as guests. Please have a pleasant New Year! Let’s face 2017 with a smile!


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[Release] How to Eat Popcorn 101

Satsunyan here! I’m so sorry we’re delayed etc etc etc, the usual reasons and stuff. But we’ll try to catch up by next year or something like that. Anyway.

MEGA | Direct | Dynasty | GiB Release

We’d also like to formally announce that we’ll be doing Tamamusi’s recently finished 4-koma series, “Heart of the Girl“! It’s about a game app where you must hit on girls and make their heart race to get points and be able to unlock rarer girls, but the catch is, they’re real life girls! How will Nozomi protect her childhood friend Kakoi from being ‘cleared’ by other players?

With our new projects lined up, we’d like do our best to change our release pace as 2017 approaches, so we have made a new Doujins to-do list that you may check here.

Anyhoo, happy holidays, everyone!

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School Girls Strikers mobile game to get Anime in Winter 2017!


In the “new project” niconama that aired last October 25th, 2016, the stream included Director and Producers of the game, with the seiyuu of three of the five main characters, Ishihara Kaori (lead), Hidaka Rina and Ogura Yui. They announced that game will not be ending (as feared by some fans). The game will be continuing as well as it will have additional new characters, and an anime adaption has been announced as well. It is set for the Winter 2017 Anime Season line-up.

mainvisual02_l03 With the key visual released, the show will be animated by JC Staff. It will be directed by Nishikiori Hiroshi ( A Certain Magical Index, Azumanga Daioh) and Yoshioka Takao is supervising the series scripts. It is still not confirmed if the anime will run on a different premise in the same universe as a the game or not.

“The game is set in Goryoukan Academy, a new private senior/junior high school for girls with a vast downtown campus. This highly popular school has “another face” — a secret hidden side. It organizes and trains the special unit Fifth Force to protect the world from invisible supernatural entities known as “Oburi” that are devouring the world. A team of five trained with powers against the Oburi is to be chosen from the student body to perform missions. A new team leader has been appointed to assemble the five students: Miyama Tsubame (CV: Ishihara Kaori), Sumihara Satoka (CV: Hidaka Rina), Yaginuma Io (CV: Sawashiro Miyuki), Sajima Yumi (CV: Hanazawa Kana), Namori Mana(CV: Ogura Yui)” – ANN



The PV for the anime was also aired in the niconama stream in October.

The OP theme of the anime will be sung by the five main characters, Altile Torte, with the OP Single titled “Mirai-kei Strikers” (Lit. Futuristic Strikers). It will be released in five versions, one version per character including a solo version of the OP song by that specific character + a character song. The ED theme will be sung by Sumihara Satoka (CV: Hidaka Rina) and Namori Mana (CV: Ogura Yui), the same as the OP, it will be released in two versions, a solo version of that specific character + a character song.

The anime’s first episode will be airing on January 6th, 2017 in Tokyo MX.

OP Theme CD Jacket and Tracklist

Miyama Tsubame (CV: Ishihara Kaori) Version


1. Mirai-kei Strikers / Altile Torte

2. Mirai-kei Strikers / Miyama Tsubame (CV: Ishihara Kaori)

3. Hellow!/ Miyama Tsubame (CV: Ishihara Kaori)

4. Mirai-kei Strikes (Instrumental)

5. Hellow! (Instrumental)



◆ Sumihara Satoka (CV: Hidaka Rina) Version


1. Mirai-kei Strikers / Altile Torte

2. Mirai-kei Strikers / Sumihara Satoka (CV: Hidaka Rina)

3. Okawari Shitai Mystery (lit. I Want Seconds of This Mystery) / Sumihara Satoka (CV: Hidaka Rina)

4. Mirai-kei Strikers (Instrumental)

5. Okawari Shitai Mystery (Instrumental)



◆Yaginuma Io (CV: Sawashiro Miyuki) Version


1. Mirai-kei Strikers / Altile Torte

2. Mirai-kei Strikers / Yaginuma Io (CV: Sawashiro Miyuki)

3. Seishun Spike! (lit. Youthful Spike)/ Yaginuma Io (CV: Sawashiro Miyuki)

4. Mirai-kei Strikers (Instrumental)

5. Seishun Spike! (Instrumental)


◆ Sajima Yumi (CV: Hanazawa Kana) Version



1. Mirai-kei Strikers / Altile Torte

2. Mirai-kei Strikers / Sajima Yumi (CV: Hanazawa Kana)

3. Maybe JUSTICE!/ Sajima Yumi (CV: Hanazawa Kana)

4. Mirai-kei Strikers (Instrumental)

5. Maybe JUSTICE! (Instrumental)



◆ Namori Mana (CV: Ogura Yui) Version


1. Mirai-kei Strikers / Altile Torte

2. Mirai-kei Strikers / Namori Mana (CV: Ogura Yui)

3. Manarism Manaism / Namori Mana (CV: Ogura Yui)

4. Mirai-kei Strikers (Instrumental)

5. Manarism Manaism (Instrumental)



ED Theme CD Jackets and Tracklist


1. Kitto Wonderful! (lit. Definitely Wonderful!) / Sumihara Satoka (CV: Hidaka Rina) & Namori Mana (CV: Ogura Yui)

2. roomy party / Sumihara Satoka (CV: Hidaka Rina) & Namori Mana (CV: Ogura Yui)

3. Kitto Wonderful! (Instrumental)

4. roomy party (Instrumental)

Source: SGS Anime Official Site, SGS Twitter (1)(2)

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Ogura Yui to release BD/DVD for her 1st Solo Live Tour “High-Touch☆Summer”


Ogura Yui will be releasing her 1st Live Tour that happened in 2016 from July ~ August. The tour final was held in her hometown, Gunma, which was also a Birthday Live event, as to the last day was held a day before her birthday (August 15th). She fondly referred to it as the last of her 20th year as to she was turning 21 the day after. With having held her first solo live last year in July, Ogura Yui was finally able to hold a solo tour this year after she had released her summer single High-Touch☆Memory, which was also a tie-up song with Card Fight Vanguard.

The content of her BD/DVD release dated February 8th, 2017 is as below. Store Bonuses will be added later once they are available.


Product Number:KIXM-264
*Limited Edition Bonus: Special Box

Product Number:KIBM-626~627


Ogura Yui 1st LIVE TOUR「High-Touch☆Summer」
(2016/07/10 – Chiba, Makuhari Messe Event Hall)


<Prologue>“Summer Vacation”
Happy Strawberry
Tinkling Smile
Onegai Be with you (Lit. Please Be with you)
<Short Movie>”YuiYui Sanpo 2016 Natsu” (Lit. YuiYui Walks in Summer of 2016)
Get over
<Dance Battle〜Samba>
Liar Sheep
Girlish Age
<Short Movie>”Summer BBQ”
PON de Fighting!
Itsudatte Call Me!(Summer Time ver.)
Search Light
A Lovely Tea Break


Baby Sweet Berry Love


★Bonus Footage★
・Making of High-Touch☆Summer (Planned)

★Store Bonuses★

Source: Natalie (Photo), Ogura Yui Official Site, YuiKaori Official Site

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Kusuda Aina to release 3rd Album “Calendar no Koibito”


Kusuda Aina is set to release her 3rd Album exactly on her Birthday in 2017, February 1st. The theme of the album will be designed like a calendar, matching the album’s name “Calendar no Koibito” (Lit. Calendar of Love). The tracklist was revealed as well alongside the planned other content. The album will be released in Limited A (BD), Limited B (DVD) and Regular (CD Only).

Tracklist and Content below. Store Bonuses to be added once they are available.

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Ogura Yui to release her 7th Single “Future Strike” Tracklist, CD Jacket + Store Bonuses


To be used as the Opening Song to Vivid Strike! Ogura Yui earlier mentioned about a month or two ago that she took up kickboxing, and to everyone’s surprise, it was eventually to be used in the PV for the title song “Future Strike!” A theatrical Combat video was uploaded through her official youtube that shows her fighting skills.

A week later, the PV Short Version of her new song “Future Strike!” had been shown to have the two sides of one person theme! What could be the fate of Princess Yui and Fighter Yui?

Single Details:


Limited Edition
Product No.:KICM-91724


1. Future Strike (Lyrics: Hattori Yuuki / Composition: Shunryuu / Arrangement: Odaka Koutarou)
*TV Anime “Vivid Strike!” Opening Theme
2. winter tale (Lyrics: Isogai Yoshie Composition: Ono Takamitsu Arrangement: Tamaki Chihiro) All three of them are affiliated with each other as they bring music together. 
3. Future Strike(off vocal ver.)
4. winter tale(off vocal ver.)


★Limited Edition Bonuses★
All included in DVD



Regular Edition
Product No.:KICM-1725


1. Future Strike (Lyrics: Hattori Yuuki / Composition: Shunryuu / Arrangement: Odaka Koutarou)
* “Vivid Strike!” Opening Theme
2. winter tale (Lyrics: Isogai Yoshie Composition: Ono Takamitsu Arrangement: Tamaki Chihiro) All three of them are affiliated with each other as they bring music together. 
3. Future Strike(off vocal ver.)
4. winter tale(off vocal ver.)

★Store Bonuses★


Source: Ogura Yui Official Website, King Records 

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