Scanlation Project Status List


[Kumicho] Heart Panic Kotori-chan – 100% Translated – Currently in Quality Check – Release ETA: February 2017

[Oku Tamamusi] Bright and Cheery Amnesia – Chapter 4 – 0% Translated – Release ETA: February 2017

[Oku Tamamus] Heart of the Girl – Chapter 1 – Looking for Typesetter – Release ETA: Winter 2017

[Kiryuuin Suruga] Nakayoshi Keikaku – Currently in Translation Check – Release: January – February 2017


[fugace] Hitsuji to Yume wo Kazoeru Mae ni – In Translating – Release ETA: July 2017 (earlier?)

[kashikaze] Sora-iro Clover – In Re-Translation (?) – Release ETA: 2017

[mushiyaki] Itai no Itai no – In Translation – Release ETA: February – June 2017

Planned Projects



[Oku Tamamusi] Heart of the Girl – Release ETA: 2017 Winter

Manga Status: Completed, 2 Volumes

Genre: Yuri, Romance, Comedy

Format: 4-koma

Summary:  The mysterious game “Heart of the Girl.” A game where in the real world, girls are rated by their ‘rarity’. Will Nozomi be able to clear her former bestfriend, Kakoi? Find out in this heart-racing story of love and skirt-chasing!