Terakawa Aimi (寺川愛美, Last name: Terakawa, First name: Aimi) or Aimi (愛美) born December 25th, 1991 in Hyougo, Kobe, Japan.  She’s a seiyuu and a singer. She is well-known for her roles as Tokiwa Kazumi in the TV Anime Futari wa Milky Holmes, Toyama Kasumi in the TV Anime BanG Dream! and as Julia in The iDOLM@STER Million Live! franchise. She is the Guitarist and Vocalist  for the BanG Dream! band Poppin’Party or Popipa (ぽっぴん’Party or ぽぴぱ). She is affiliated with HiBiKi. She is often called, Aimi (愛美), Aimi-chan (愛美ちゃん) and Aimin (あいみん) by most people, but fellow HiBiKi artists, Itou Ayasa and Nishimoto Rimi often calls her Ai-chan (あいちゃん).

When she was in elementary she studied the piano a little. During her middle school she was part of the concert band. She played the Saxophone. She also joined her friend’s band as guitarist and vocalist in high school. It was self-taught. 1 She mentioned that she loved to write poems when she was in Elementary and Middle School. Even now, she keeps a notebook with her poems in it. 2

In 2008, she made it to the finals of the “Best of Singer Contest National Championship 2008”. On July 5th, 2009, she won the “The 3rd All-Japan Anison Grand Prix”‘s Osaka leg.

She has always wanted to become a singer, but after discovering the power of animation, she became curious of being a voice actor and started auditioning to become one.

On February 6th, 2010, she made it to the finals of the “Aim for Ellie! Milky Holmes Seiyuu Audition” but lost the role to Tokui Sora (Yuzurisaki Nero). She was asked if she holds any grudge towards Sora after the audition, whereas Aimi says that she wasn’t angry that it was a competition after all and that Sora deserved it. After that, she was approached by Dwango Creative School and studied to become a seiyuu. After her graduation from the school, she was taken in by Hibiki. She made her seiyuu debut in “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes” as unnamed schoolgirl.

Before her debut, she performed part-time in the Kobe-Sannomiya Steakhouse, Kagura as a location preparation for the Vanguard TV Anime 2nd season. During the time, she also learned how to make balloon shapes, since the restaurant would often host birthday parties. 3

On May 3rd, 2011, she made her major artist debut as ‘Aimi’ from Pony Canyon releasing with “Tenshi no CLOVER.” This change made a confusion between people not knowing that Terakawa Aimi and the singer Aimi is the same.

In 2013, she debuted as “Milky Holmes Feathers” with Itou Ayasa. They are then the Milky Holmes Sisters-unit in Futari wa Milky Holmes. On December 25th, her birthday, of the same year, she announced that she will since then be known as “Aimi” to unify Terakawa Aimi with the singer Aimi.

In 2014, playing her first major role outside of Milky Holmes in Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko, the TV Anime’s producer praised her for her cheerful personality. A good mood-maker during the recording sessions for the anime. She mentioned that during this year, she was made to play the guitar again, which she hasn’t played since she graduated from high school. It was like she had to start again from the beginning. She also plays the guitar for her performances in THE iDOLM@STER Million Live! live performances as Julia.

In 2015, during her 2nd one-man live, the BanG_Dream project was announced. It was decided that she will be voicing the main character of the franchise, Toyama Kasumi as well as serving as the Guitarist and Vocalist of the Band, Poppin’Party. She practiced twice a week before the very first live, where they revealed their debut song “Yes! BanG_Dream!” as a 3-person band with Nishimoto Rimi as bassist and Itou Ayasa as the Keyboardist.

There was a time between her singing projects where she was unsure of which direction she can move on. She was not confident of her singing even though people around her always praised her for it. Before the BanG Dream project was finalized with five members in 2015, she took voice lessons to fix her flaws in singing (mainly on pronunciation) and is now currently satisfied with how she sings. In the TV Anime BanG Dream it was part of the climax of the story that the main girl voiced by Aimi, Toyama Kasumi, lost her voice and couldn’t sing. This was a reflection to her when the same scenario also happened.

In Kaneda Tomoko’s show ‘Seiyuu Laboratory’ it was revealed that she likes men and women differently and cannot confirm which she likes more. She did say that she does like cute girls. It is also confirmed that she has this tendency to invite girls to her house, mostly inviting co-worker Chisuga Haruka, Ogura Yui and Itou Ayasa.4 Recently, Itou Ayasa has been staying over at her house almost everyday, that her younger sister, whom she lives with, has told her that she can move out so the two of them can live together.5 When asked if the two of them are dating, they neither confirmed nor denied the question.6 She also mentioned slightly complaining about how she was rarely invited over at Ayasa’s house and that she was not allowed to enter if it’s dirty. 6

She is the middle child in between an older brother, and a younger sister. She currently live in Tokyo with her younger sister. She sometimes envies Ayasa for being able to attend college cause she didn’t attend one. She owns a her own Les Paul guitar which she uses every time she performs as Julia (from iDOLM@STER). The very first anime she recorded for was Vanguard, and ended up having to stay behind to record her lines, it left a sense of regret that she used to improve her voice acting.

People often told her that her smile is beautiful. The reason for that was that, during her elementary days, there was a girl who really had a beautiful smile. She wanted to be like her so she practiced smiling and it has permanently become like that since then.

She also loves to play games. Her favorite series is the Harvest Moon series, and sometimes she also plays party in Monster Hunter with fellow iDOLM@STER Million Live! seiyuu Yamazaki Haruka and Watanabe Yui.

She also likes idol groups, especially Hello!Project which is a common topic she talks about with Itou Ayasa. Her respected seiyuu is Mimori Suzuko. Her BanG Dream! co-workers often praises her for her good leader qualities and how she sees everyone’s flaws and helps them through it.

Blood Type: A
Height: 159cm
Talents: Crane Game, Styling/Making clothing coordinates for other girls.2
Hobbies: Learning languages, Solving Mysteries, Playing Mystery games, Shopping, Producing people in her mind. (Like how she would sell them if she was managing their careers.)2

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