Aisaka Yuuka

Aisaka Yuuka (相坂優歌, First name: Yuuka, Last name: Aisaka) born in September 5, 1990, in Chiba, Japan. She is a seiyuu. She’s most notable for her role as Noda Kotone (野田コトネ) from Sakura Trick, which is also her debut role. She is also popular for her role in the Japanese mobile trading card game, Ange Verge as one of the main characters, Hinata Miumi (日向美海).  She is affiliated under Apte Pro. She is affectionately called Yuunyan (ゆうにゃん)by most of her fans and by Igarashi Hiromi, who played Minami Shizuku from Sakura Trick, when she’s being deredere around her. She is also sometimes called Aisaka (あいさか) by Fuchigami Mai, Aisaka-kun (相坂くん) by Igarashi Hiromi and Yuka-chan (ゆかちゃん) in general. She made her solo singer debut in 2016, releasing her first single titled “Clear Night Sky” (Toumei na Yozora, 透明な夜空)  as the ED song to the anime Active Raid.

Her hobbies are eating, singing, sleeping and her love for small animals. She considers her strong point is her ability to not want to lose on anything, and her weak point is being forgetful. The thing she likes doing recently are playing app games. Her favorite phrase is “Wahoi~!” (わほーい!). Her fetish is glasses fetish. Her life motto is, “Just be yourself.” (じぶんらしく・のほほん). Things that she likes collecting are stars and moon-shaped items and ribbon goods.

Her favorite foods are Indian curry, noodles, yam soba, tuna with minced Welsh onion leaves (A sushi topping), white chocolate and ramen, especially the thick broth ones. She doesn’t like dairy products such as cheese, milk and yogurt. Her favorite sports are Badminton and Swimming. Her favorite singers are KOTOKO, BUMP OF CHICKEN and Kiryuin Sho (The vocalist of Golden Bomber). Her favorite manga are Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar!, Hourou Musuko, and Card Captor Sakura. Her favorite games are Tetris, Pokemon Park, Guilty Gear, Soul Calibur and Quiz Magic Academy. Her favorite place is anywhere as long as it’s a warm place. And her favorite animals are small animals. She loves spending her holidays sleeping and her favorite colors are purple, white, aqua and pink.

If she was given one wish to come true, she’d like to become a witch. Her happiest moments are when she’s eating. If she won the lottery she will hire an Indian Curry Chef. If it was the world’s last day, she said that she would eat everything she want to eat as much as she wants to.  The blog she likes visiting is ARuFa’s blog. When she wants to reward herself, she eats Indian Curry. Her moments of happiness are when she goes into the futon. She is recently most impressed by the kindness of people. When she was a child she wanted to become a Manga-ka and/or a Hair Stylist.  If she were to have a bento a must have would be rice and fried chicken. In another life she wants to either be a boy, or a cat. The thing that she wants the most right now are cool head phones. The places she’d like to travel now is Hawaii or Germany. A thing that she thinks is necessary for her to have everyday is her music player. Food that she could eat everyday for one month, is Indian Curry. Her current addiction are blankets.

Her blood type is A. Her height is 164cm. Her younger brother was born in 2012. She has recently started living alone.1

In 2012, she graduated from the Tokyo Vocational School for Visual Arts majoring in Voice Acting. After that, she immediately joined Apte Pro.

Her talents and hobbies include, singing, drawing, playing badminton, cooking and traditional Japanese dance (Sanson-ryuu). She admitted to being bad at making eye-contact with people while talking to them.2 She is shy and wants to improve herself, in order to be able to talk to people she works with in anime recordings.3 She is always thankful to Igarashi Hiromi, the first person she was able to be close with since her first anime role from Sakura Trick.4

It was revealed that when at home, she prefers to always be fully naked.5 One of her seiyuu co-workers said that her imaginations are so strong, it is hard to follow. It is her dream to co-inhabit with a beautiful lady. She said that living with a beautiful woman would be amazing, because when you come back home, you see such a wonderful sight, and they would have good style. When questioned what kind of relationship she’d like to have with this beautiful lady, she said that she’d just like for them to live together, the setting is still incomplete.5

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