Anzai Chika

Anzai Chika (安済知佳1, First name: Chika; Last name: Anzai) born December 22nd, 1990, in Fukui, Japan. She is a voice actress. She’s well-known for her characters as Chaika from Chaika – The Coffin Princess and Kousaka Reina from Sound! Euphonium. She is affiliated with Avex Pictures. She is often called Anzai-san(安済さん) or Chikape (ちかぺ)/Chikapet(ちかペット), a nickname she had acquired from the Sound! Euphonium nico live broadcasts combining Chika (her first name) and Trumpet(トランペット)’s ‘-pet’ (ペット).

She liked to accompany her mother and watch musical/theater performances. In 3rd grade she joined a choir group in her local vicinity and aimed to act in musicals as well. She loved to read manga as a child. She learned about voice acting when she was in 5th grade and has aspired to become one since then. She decided to go to a voice acting school after she had graduated from high school, but during her 3rd year in middle school, she consulted her mother about wanting to study about becoming a voice actress in a certain voice acting school in Tokyo. Her mother responded that it might take a lot of money, she said that if she were able to come as a special exchange student, that would be good, so she took the audition. When she told her parents about her dream that she would like to work hard to earn, they both told her to do her best and supported her decision.

After having accepted into the academy in Tokyo, because of money issues she stayed there and lived by herself since she was 15 years old. She went back to her hometown, Fukui, once a month to attend high school where she was still registered as a student.  She loves Fukui a lot, and she doesn’t want to be away from it a lot. In 2009, she was cast her debut role as Mikogami Nagisa in Animal Detective Kiruminzuu. 

She has shown proficiency in English, as to she often speaks it, and in 2016 she has attended events such as Anime North and Anime Expo in the West.

Her hobbies are taking a walk, shopping, muscle training2 and reading game strategy guide books. Her special skills are being good at item blind touches, guessing criminals when watching suspense/detective drama and doing a neck spring vault. She loves games such as Harvest Moon, Sengoku Basara, Professor Layton, Pokemon, Disgaea etc. If asked about her fetish, she’d say she likes muscles2. Her favorite part of the muscles is from the pectorals to the upper arms.

She has an older brother, who is 6 years older than her. She likes to eat boiled eggs during recordings2. She has also once said that she wanted to try martial arts; she wants to try Kick Boxing and capoeira. When she’s drunk after drinking and someone praises her she cries out of happiness5. She’s also very ticklish.

She owns 3 cats named, Chinatsu, Chiaki and Chiyuri.6

Height: 164cm
Blood Type: O
Likes: Meat, Ice Cafe Latte
Dislikes: Tea, Coffee, Black Tea, only if the flavors are strong.

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