Asumi Kana

Asumi Kana (c) Official Profile (81 Produce)
Asumi Kana (c) Official Profile (81 Produce)

Asumi Kana (阿澄 佳奈, First name: Kana, Last name: Asumi), real name Harada Kana (原田 佳奈, First name: Kana, Last name: Harada) born August 12, 1983 in Fukuoka, Japan. She is a Japanese singer and voice actress, her popular roles are Yuno from Hidamari Sketch and Tachibana Miya from Amagami SS. She is under Voice & Heart until 2007 and has worked for 81 Produce since 2008. She is often called Asumin (あすみん) or Asumisu (アスミス).

In March 1999, She passed the second generation audition for Koume Five (小梅伍), Fukuoka’s local idol unit. She also worked in a radio program Heisei Animekko Kurabu (平成アニメっ娘倶楽部) of KBC radio. In April 2001, she became the fourth generation of Koume Five.
After that, she went to Tokyo for junior college opportunity. She acquired two certificate licenses for a kindergarten teacher and  nursing, and had a working experience for about a year but  she retired to became a voice actress. She did part-time jobs and a temporary worker. In October 2004, in order to avoid confusion with Harada Kana (an actress who have a same name), she changed her name to Asumi Kana.

She passed the audition for PC game Cross World ~Mishiranu Sora no Etatia~ and served as Cross World Radio’s personality; formed a voice actor unit “CW/3 (Kurowassan)” along with Iguchi Yuka and Tokunaga Ai. In May 2005, she formed a voice actor unit “G.G.F” along with Kameoka Mami and disbanded in March 2006. She joined Voice & Heart in April 2006. In January 2007, she got her first main role and regular cast for Hidamari Sketch TV animation and served as Hidamari Radio personality. At the same year, she moved to 81 Produce. In March 2009, she won the Rookie Actress Award in the 3rd Seiyuu Awards and in March 2013 she won the Best Lead Actress Award in the 7th Seiyuu Awards.

Her voice is often called as “a soft voice that heals the mind”. She has appeared in many radio programs, so she is popular among the fans.

Hobbies: Photography with a digital camera.
Favorite Food: Apple pie
Blood Type: A

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